The Napoleonic Wars - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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-Napoleon and Alex on raft © RMN-Grand Palais / Art Resource, NY

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Marty Gets A Plan
Hard Boiled
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Fast Talkin
Pina Colada
Face Off
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Sneaky Snitch
Faster Does It
Constance The Descent
Exotic Battle
Covert Affair

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Ian Post - Eminence Landscapes
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Kevin Graham - Autumn
Maik Thomas - Bonus Track
Ian Post - Futuristic War

Audionautix - Temptation March

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  • 0:30 ohh man, She does not have a good day

  • Napoleon's father = b**a. Napoleon = b**a. They were very similar but were different at the same time. Crazy how they didn't get along.

  • Whats the french army music at the start?

  • We need an Ottoman Empire Video

  • Okay, OverSimplified. I've got only one little question for you: Why Napoleon Bonaparte in your animation, looks like Richard Nixon?

  • I like how Napoleon didn’t cry when every woman he met called him ugly but as soon as that camel called him short he loses it 🤣

  • 🇫🇷🇬🇧🇦🇹🇮🇹🇪🇬🇨🇭🇷🇺 🕊 ✡🇺🇸🇸🇪🇪🇸

  • 0:34, what the actual F is that

  • Demonitised

  • 18th France= Now Azerbaijan

  • Hitler: blitzkrieg Napoleon: am I a joke to you?

  • Sacre Blueee

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  • The absolute B A L L S on this man

  • 10:35 is that really true

  • in the room of monarchs Napoleon is the shortest guy in the room. The attention to detail and joke of him being average height is great

  • Idk why but I was rooting for Napoleon not to lose.

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  • Hey, you should do Vietnam: Oversimplified when you get the chance. Was rewatching a bunch of your old videos, and I got excited when you mentioned it

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  • 17:20 is where u came for

  • It would be awesome if you did a peloponnesian war video

  • Lol our miss showed this us in class this is how i came here

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  • Hmm no wonder i found a musket from the early 1800's during the battle of the bulge

  • In a nutshell: Freemasonry screw3d everyone over. The End.

  • Like 120 billion of them

  • I need a general

  • How many here stopped to read the newspaper?

  • Next mongol empire?

  • Boinking for 2sec

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  • do you remember you saying in the cold war episodes about the veitnam war is that coming?


  • The beginninig is even funnier the third time!

  • Oversimplified please do Vietnam war I love all you vids ❤️

  • the fact that many people came born in 2 seconds

  • At the beginning I just lost it

  • Me watched every video it's time to stop [later] makes video after 2 weeks me:ARE YOU KIDDING ME

  • 0:38

  • Napoleon and his army was born 🤣🤣🤣

  • Napoleon's marketing team: "I think 'Little' Napoleons is a good name for our pizza chain" This angered Napoleon, who punished them severely

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  • When we needed him he returned

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  • Napoleon: being king is cool, but I wanna become a God. Tons of ambitions.

  • Something which nobody observed: They dont have legs

  • can you do the balkan wars?

  • Napoleon would say '' *PARFAIT* '' if he would see this.

  • I just watch the first video and pretend he never got deposed😭

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  • If napoleon would watch this he would have said "No Ingles por favor" but in French

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  • 5:43 Legend has it that Napoleon still hasn't kissed Josephine

  • Does start look known?

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  • no wonder napoleon was so good he was born on a 69

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  • 8:56

  • Nice video

  • Next : Ottoman Empire

  • So basically European countries trying and failing to catch Napoleons hands.

  • oh my god

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  • No one: Man, your hella ugly grow a beard or something to hide that face Napoleon: What did you just say to me little prick!?

  • The intro is delicious 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Que rico

  • She's loose asf lmao

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • We meed an average height for the time shirt

  • Pog

  • 17:27 👍

  • Napoleon: I'm average in height!! Britain: *Screams the word "No" For 1000000000000 times*.

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  • No pizza franchise, but a bunch of bakeries in Hawaii... for what it's worth.


  • Next you should do the franco-prussian war

  • anyone else noticed how scuffed it is that at the scene where he crowned himself emperor the german national anthem was playing in the background

  • Austria: *Declares war* Napoleon: "How many times do I have to teach you this lesson old man?!"

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  • Austria declared war on France this angered Napoleon, who punished them severely

  • 15:25 Now THAT is how you integrate a sponsor

  • Imagine being so badass a war and a historical period was named after you

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  • 🏳️🥖🥐🧀

  • Fun fact in France Law: Never name your pig Napoleon or you get punished

  • Should've added jacobin plotting in there as well


  • if one country try to conquer entire Europe they easily do it. Rome, Napoleon, Hitler. Europe bad in defence

  • i hope i didn't hear BS about russian winter... Edit thanks God he didn't do it. At least he didn't say winter heal russians ank kill frenches.

  • France won with…. NORDVPN

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  • i love the fact that my history teacher is trying to teach my entire class history and still the grades are so low and then oversimplified is teaching me more history than my history teacher. youre doing an incredible job

  • 19:37 germany national anthem background ? ok...