1 Dollar Sushi Rolls | But Cheaper

Objavljeno 10. jan. 2021
Sushi is commonly one of the most amazing yet expensive items on a menu. BUT if you make it at home using these instructions, I think you can shave it down to around 1 dollar per serving. Sounds like a win to me.
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Ingredients you'll need:
Fried Shallots:
- 3 shallots thinly sliced
- 2 cups vegetable oil
Herb Salad:
- 1/4 cup fresh mint
- 1/4 cup fresh cilantro
- 1/4 cup fresh thai basil
Pickled Carrot:
- 2 carrots julienned
- 1 cup water
- 2 cups vinegar
- 1 tablespoon salt
- 2 teaspoons sugar
Sushi Rice:
- 2 cups sushi rice
- 2 cups water
- 1/4 cup zu (plus more to taste)
- 1 cup rice vinegar
- Kombu
- 3tbsp sugar
- 1 tbsp salt
Vegetable Temaki:
- 1 avocado cut into quarters
- fried shallots (Total cost this from above)
- 2 portobello mushrooms
- 3 tablespoons vegetable oil
- salt to taste
- herb salad (priced from above)
- 1 cucumber cut into sticks
- 1/4 cup soy sauce
Spicy Salmon Temaki:
- 1/2 lb sashimi-grade salmon
- 1/3 cup mayo
- 3 tablespoons sriracha
- 1 green onion thinly sliced
- salt to taste
- 1 clove garlic grated
- 1/4 cup sesame seeds
Pork Belly Makimono:
- 2 lbs Pork Belly
- salt to taste
- 1/2 cup hoisin sauce
- pickled carrot (pricing from above)
- herb salad (pricing from above)
- 2 thai chilies
- 1 bunch green onions


  • The title makes it sound like your making $1 sushi cheaper

  • Im a native texan, dallas,,,, love when you fall into the accent..

  • the main problem I have is idk where can I buy sushi grade sashimi ... i mean i can't really go to sushi restaurant and buy from them .. I live in Cleveland Ohio btw

  • dis nigga think salt free

  • how can it be called cheap if I have to buy a whole rice cooker just to make it? Apparently I get fucking murdered if I use my insta pot

  • It's crazy to think that salmon is cheaper than fresh tuna there! My dad enever bought fresh salmon due to the high price,so we only have fresh tuna

  • Aren't they cone shaped?

  • 스시롤이면 회가 있어야.. 이건 김밥에 가까운데??

  • Josh: "You wanna know what else is a thick log that's full of surprises and ready to be consumed?" Tell me, papa. LOL

  • 4:06 he says semen instead of salmon

  • you gona get mad if you see and taste how they doit over here in Mexico! ':D they fry the sushi with panco!

  • I eat 4 - 6 rolls...Ooof

  • im not even into cooking but just watch your videos cause the production value

  • I would say the third recipe is more a 김밥 just needs a little egg

  • I was already thinking of making some cheap ass rolls tomorrow. Mostly just to practice making the rice, as I have two ripened avocados waiting to be used. Now I have a whole bunch more ideas on how to make it interesting.

  • Something about you making sushi is so hot 😂😍

  • 김밥 kimbob

  • How do you know if salmon is safe to eat raw? Brand, source?

  • Where is the link to the julienne peeler

  • Remember to actually use sushi/sashimi grade salmon as raw salmon has parasites that need to be killed by freezing it or cooking it. My guy is not joking. Another note would be to use Japanese mayo which I believe he did use but worth a mention

  • i hate it hereee i want sushi now

  • Could you just use thick cut bacon instead of pork belly?

  • Step 1: Make dollar sushi rolls Step 2: ???? Step 3: Profit!

  • I love you papa

  • The narrator is pleasant. The on-camera personality is irritating. I don't even want to comment on subscribers.

  • Great video! But there is a slight error to the title. Sushi is a japanese food. Rather in this video your meal is close to a Korean food called "Kimbap"

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  • YOU LIAR! The link is not in the description!

  • I cringed when he didnt wash the cucumber

  • it was $20 for a pound of sushi grade salmon where I live...

  • Just be patient OKHAYYY

  • this dudes gunna put all restaurants out of business

  • "You'll need 3 shallots" * shows five * hmmmmmm

  • Hey man do you ever plan to sell the aprons? I looked at the website and I didn't see any. After watching this video and seeing how perfectly it lined up as if it was peeking at your food was hilarious and sold me lol.

  • If it was $1 I’d have it rn

  • I can buy 4 rolls for 20 bucks, and theyre really good. Im pretty sure im too lazy to do this anyways lol. 6 pieces for 4.95 is too good to resist for how infrequently i want sushi

  • those 3/4" portabellos were 1/2" and the 2" pork belly was 1". making this bs tomorrow

  • SoY sAuCe HaS fIsH sAuCe I know it's probably been said, but to add to emphasis. I worked at a paleo place, tbh I think that's worse than veganism but bison is good as fuck and so is making your own bacon without suguar. Torn.

  • is there anything i can use instead of pork for the rolls for religious reasons

  • Ima start eating sushi now

  • Can u have sushi with well done stuff. Ion like raw. Wait I see he cooked it well. Ayeee


  • $1.25 per roll still seems like a lot. What's making it so expensive?

  • can the hand rolls be served as "standard" sushi? Like would it work if they're sliced into bites?

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  • What kind of sushi are you people getting. A roll of sushi in Australia is like 2-3 dollars.

  • Bro I Paused It Just The Right Time To Catch A Good Looking Moment Totally Not Lying- 3:43

  • www.sushifaq.com/sushi-sashimi-info/sushi-grade-fish/ For those curious, but who don't want to read the entire article, here's the important part of the article. "The only concern any inspectors have is referred to as the , which is accomplished by ‘freezing and storing seafood at -4°F (-20°C) or below for 7 days (total time), or freezing at -31°F (-35°C) or below until solid and storing at -31°F (-35°C) or below for 15 hours, or freezing at -31°F (-35°C) or below until solid and storing at -4°F (-20°C) or below for 24 hours which is sufficient to kill parasites."

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  • slnumber.info/wiev/e3aretWAlWKlfdQ/video.html

  • Josh, don’t worry about the vegans/vegetarians. They don’t deserve your attention. In the words of Gordon Ramsay: “I’m allergic to vegetarians”

  • 4:06, Im sorry whats fresh????

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  • by the time i buy the stuff and make it i could of already had 3 rolls for $10 and be watching youtube



  • Love the channel, but maybe chill on the money ching sound effect, it’s a little much

  • in korea we called that kimbab i feel ike americasn copied koreans in that because it isnt sushie

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  • How do I know what's sushie grade fish? My mom buys wild caught alaskan sockeye salmon. When frozen for a week can that be considered sushi grade?

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  • I see, but I just dont want to spend the entire goddamn day in the kitchen, and then another day of cleaning up

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  • that's kimbap not sushi. and no, it's not a "korean sushi roll". sushi is japanese.

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  • if the total is $14.03 for eight then one does not cost $1.29 it actually costs $1.75 am i wrong?

  • the only vegans/vegetarians i have a problem with are the ones that say "you eat meat? you know youre killing poor innocent animals right? you disgust me"

  • Also yea, don't stress over people who don't want to do it, if you want to do it, you'll do it, if you want to just do it once, you will just do it once, and that will show a huge lack of experience, but if you really really love it, then it will be a growing passion

  • To slice you cut the roll in half, and then in 3s or 4s, depending on the thickness of the roll

  • well i don't know about the rest, but your rice rocks dude!

  • “One dollar”

  • Since when does $13.68 for 6-8 rolls = $1.24 per roll? $1.24 is less than 1/10 of $13.68. Also supposedly $14.03 / 8 = $1.29.

  • Heheheheh CHEEKS

  • Before we start playing with our meat..... 😨😨😨😨😨

  • we have a sushi kanon at home it is so easy you just put in your rice and topings and then you push it out and it is a prrfect roll and then you roll it on your seewead

  • What is the rice cooker he uses? I cannot figure it out and I feel absolutely dumb about it!

  • Next video: But I don't have a rice cooker nor a bamboo sushi mat nor a flame torch, not even a brush and I can't find nori seaweed at the grocery store! I guess I'm gonna eat rice and pork from a plate :c

  • The best dollar sushi come from a vending machine on that lonely stretch of highway from Arizona to New Mexico. You'll never be the same.

  • 3:43 good Lord that sound

  • Just a note, "sushi grade" fish is a label to indicate the fish has been frozen to temperatures required by the FDA to ensure pathogens are killed. It doesn't have anything to do with the "quality" of the fish itself

  • There’s no such thing as 1 dollar sushi rolls

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