Reacting to Luka Doncic's development on display in Mavericks' OT win | The Jump

Objavljeno 8. jan. 2021
Rachel Nichols, Robert Horry, Zach Lowe and Paul Pierce discuss what's changed for Luka Doncic after a slow start to the season to the Dallas Mavericks recent win against the Denver Nuggets. The crew also discusses what has changed for the Nuggets so far this season.
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  • Just remember Doncic last season lost 18 pounds and he achieved mvp numbers, imgine how scary he's gonna be when he becomes more athletic

  • Idk why, but i imagined Horry’s voice being a bit different lol

  • Where’s all the people who were calling him overrated, over hyped, all hype because he was a white boy, etc? 🤔 y’all better keep that same energy all year

  • MVP

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  • Yack that's not fair man...Giannis won 2 MVPs without being able to shot both 3s or FTs if we are honest...

  • if he stays healthy he's gonna be one of the greats

  • steals and a block last night).

    • I hope big shot Bob will be a regular host.. he has a lot of insights of the game.. with no hate from the present players

  • Someone get Paul Pierce a lozenge!!

    • the nuggets are just coming off of an insane post season in the quickest turnaround in league history, they'll get right

  • rachel is aging horribly

  • L QAooopoooooooooooooooo.

  • Robert, lay off the donuts.

    • If he gets any better, they'll be accusing him of cultural appropriation.

  • Robert horry sounds like Roy Jones jr

  • yo give tim hardaway jr his credit too. mans averaging like 19 with 4 threes made a game on 44%

  • Him, Jokic, and Harden are all out of shape. They have decent numbers but they are sucking in air towards the end of the game. I can’t stop thinking they’d be soo much better if they took the offseason seriously


  • I think mavs are the only team to have their best players as one of the slowest, but the most skillful.

  • Spit it out Paul..

  • remember when westbrook did this for 3 straight seasons.....

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  • Man, Will Smith has put on some weight...

  • the nuggets are just coming off of an insane post season in the quickest turnaround in league history, they'll get right

  • I hope big shot Bob will be a regular host.. he has a lot of insights of the game.. with no hate from the present players

  • Horry is so smooth with this role

  • If he gets any better, they'll be accusing him of cultural appropriation.

  • when 24, 6 and 6 is considered "bad" lol....

    • He had triple double with "only" 20 points. Disappointment lol

  • Kp isn't enough for luka winning a chip

  • Luka and Harden dominating the stats while being obese is the highlight of the season so far.

  • Luka JRich Dorian Maxi KP Is the needed starting 5.

  • Paul Pierce was a good analyst in here, gotta give him props every once in a while

  • Bro they calling 24,6,6 a slump. ALL STAR NUMBERS are a SLUMP for this man, MVP otw

  • 💯💯💯💯

  • He will not be the MVP or have a MVP season. His team will barely make the playoffs and the best player on the team, Porzingus, is still hurt. I know certain people want him to be a "Great White Hope" but in a league with LBJ, KD, Steph, Kawhi, AD, Dame, PG, Kyrie, Trae Young, the Miami Heat, Giannis etc. yall will be hoping for awhile. The narrative is already laid out for him but he isn't great enough YET to beat out all of those guys. He will need the 7'3 Unicorn (best player on the team)to even compete with the best teams in the league for a whole season.

  • Why do ppl want to make luka skinny, i think having weight helps him battle through contact better

  • If the mavs can get a great big man that play inside, good post moves, good pick n roll, they will be a lot more dangerous. IMO Porzingis is not really suit with Doncic

  • We are witnessing greatness from the beginning. Enjoy while you can.

  • losing Grant for nuggets will show to be critical....

  • Why his face looked puffy tho?

  • Rachel so annoying for some reason

  • does Zach have a VK Jug (waterpolo club from Croatia) memorabilia on his shelf?

  • Robert Horry sound just like Roy Jones calling a fight lol

  • Love horry on the jump. We need more of this.

  • He perfectly masters the basic fundamentals of basketball, he is a great passer, he dominates the shoot with step back, with pump supporting one or two feets, with catch and shoot, with fadeaway, directs the game as a point guard, and goes very well to the basket looking the contact of the rival to unbalance him

  • Have Robert Horry on the show more!

  • Luka's slump is 25 per game. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Said it once I'll say it again....he's the best white boy in the league right now💯🔥

  • Theres always a blackman hatin on this white boy. Really dont know why. Maybe black cant accept a white boy is going off in a black sport.

  • Luka future hall of fame. Gonna be a champion in the future if him and the unicorn have chemistry

  • Horry right on the money, losing grant hurt

  • If he and KP can become healthy this season they will be amazing and exciting to watch. 👌

  • Robert Horry sounds like Roy Jones.

  • It’s sad being white and disliking a white basketball player but I can’t stand how much he whines for fouls...reminds me of lebron

  • It's crazy how his game is still elevating.

    • yes, he is like Goku, always improving

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  • Rob look a lil healthy don’t he?

  • Finney smith lol

  • MVP candidate this season

  • I’m so ready for kristaps to be back, Lukas already winning without him, imagine how amazing it’ll be once he’s back!

  • ESPN say Doncic is mvp avg 32pt in the past 3, then what about Curry who avg 35pt in last 4?

  • I think highest lineup ceiling or our closeout lineup is Luka Kp Jrich DFS Maxi

  • Why is the media hyping Doncic as the MVP??

  • Love Lukas Game !!! ❤️

  • You can see Luka is living his best life! Baby Goat never mind baby bird. Man's a baller

  • He'll be real good when he stops crying to the ref every play.

  • The voiceless fire equally spray because thursday concurrently snore off a tiny area. ruthless, dusty pig

  • I really think that kleber should be at least in the conversation for defensive 3rd team

  • Luka’s fans are worse than LeBron’s fans lol.

  • Future GOAT. Period.

  • The guy on the webcam sounds exactly like Cenk Uygur. I have to skip his monologues.

  • Not sure about this Robert Horry guy. He probably doesn’t even have any championships rings.

  • Robert Horry needs to be on the panel more!!! PLZ Rachel

  • The one

  • Its hard to be impressed when everytime he drives, he whines for a call if none is called. He whines as much as lebron for a foul.

  • Smart, efficient, clutch. Very important elements to a loooong successful career.

  • Is that Horry or Horries?

  • If he becomes a decent 3pts shooter... its over.

  • It’s only been 7-8 games! Let the season marinate!

  • Donkic is white magic Johnson. I like to call him white magic because that's the closest parallel to his passing game and style of going to the rim with all those floaters. Anyhow he's a great player. You never know when these European guys come into the league how they'll respond. You know that they can all hit the three but they've had a lot of influence of people don't think about. The step back three is 100% a European thing and they even have a thing called the Euro step now. If donkic doesn't get hurt he's going to have an insanely good career. He's also got to stay in shape in the off-season because he's come out flat the first four games this year but seems to be turning it on now with that time off belly getting flatter. you can't jump if you're fat or if you're out of shape so you're three point shooting becomes erratic. Plus you just have to have your arm muscles working well too. Either way we're seeing the real Luka right now

  • Luka Legend!! Just a matter of time before he starts stacking rings

  • Horry has a rapper voice.

  • i remember when i was young. the moves,the scores and even the looks we are both the same luka doncic!!

  • Luka is so good at hiding his next move. His change of speed is amazing. He’s playing chess out there.

  • For Kobe

  • JG is a really good player and showing it in Detroit rn...Denver should’ve traded Porter jr for a haul, they needed the defense more than what Porter’s ceiling offensive game is (because he’s got no d).

  • Luka loves pressure he's living for that in game.... under it he shines like diamond and cuts like that 2 =)

  • Imagine being called out of shape by Robert Horry^^

  • If Luka does win MVP, he'd be the youngest MVP depending on when they announce the winner.

  • Robert Horry has been eating good

  • Luka is a true G.O.A.T not like Mrs excuses, miss lebrick James.

    • @Yo Gabbaabba Yeah his size

    • I mean MJ is but Luka is gonna make everyone forget about LeBrick in a couple of seasons...hes so clutch and has always been about it

  • I'd like to say it's nice to hear Perks talking on this show for once.

  • Development lol dude been playing like this against grown men since 16 stop it

  • If Luka focused on getting lean and more athletic he'd be a serious beast

  • I can't help but make Brandon Roy comparisons when i see Luka (obviously with more upside) and keep praying he doesn't suffer the same fate

  • Horry needs to be on The Jump more, the way he talks and explains things is really great

    • 100%

    • Yes!! Great insight and really smooth delivery 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Losing Jerami Grant is huge for Denver.

  • love Paul Pierce!! Denver Nuggets always find a way !!

  • 256th comment

  • Remember when Kevin Love got in shape back in the days? Imagine such a performance improvement for Luka...

    • Yeah got in "shape " and never got a 30 rebound game again lol

  • Suns kings hawks should be feeling guttered

  • Dang!!! Big Shot Rob got real big!!!!