UEFA want to ban European Super League players from their competitions

Objavljeno 19. apr. 2021
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UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has warned the players from the 12 breakaway clubs that they could be banned from all UEFA competitions.
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  • Who needs domestic leagues, UCL, and UEL when you have ESL?

  • Imagine getting banned for damage caused by your superiors 💀

  • We need the current players in those teams to speak up, not just for the better of football, but for careers in the national teams.

  • Ceferin and Co need to be careful where they go from here. They really do not want to upset those top 12 Clubs too much. Or they will be dishing out consequences of their own.

  • This feels like watching a coup in a movie play out

  • This feels like watching a coup in a movie play out

    • Ban the players who are innocent and see how many fans will watch uefa competitions...

  • This video was sooo goood .

  • We need the current players in those teams to speak up, not just for the better of football, but for careers in the national teams.

  • The players need to stand up and say I don't want to be in these clubs... they always say it's not about the money... TIME TO PROVE IT!

    • UEFA is a joke the only reason they are this invested is because of what they have to lose financially

  • So glad my team Bayern Munich will NEVER sell their soul for money.

  • finally, a group that takes power away from uefa and fifa... btw, these two groups will quiet down when the new SL gives them a cut of the profits.

    • @sotuur aeei bot account lmao

    • Cant blame the players it's the owners or clubs who are at fault , fine them all 30 million and they cant play in champions league for a decade

  • The clubs are directly responsible for the situation they're in. It's them who've allowed player wages to sky-rocket. It's them who've allowed transfer fees to sky rocket. Why isn't anybody talking about this?!?? Most of them have no Financial Discipline or Diligence. How are players allowed to earn 300,000€\£ every week as direct Salary?!? Regardless of whether they play good or bad?!?? How?!? In what world is that ok?!? Bear in mind I'm not talking about Messi/Ronaldo/Suarez here. We as fans need to have this conversation because it's the elephant in the room. It IS the ELEPHANT in the Room Let's consider Liverpool as an example simply because they have players who "arguably" have had the highest work-rate/output in the last 3/4 years under Klopp in terms of distance run per game and other statistics. Who in Liverpool gets paid above 250k directly as Salary? Only VvD and Salah. The rest them earn very reasonably when compared to other clubs. There was a study done on this comparing the salaries of players at different clubs. Imo, Liverpool is one of the most financially disciplined clubs in Europe. Let's put aside the fact that Jon Henry was one of the main party to initiate this ESL. The rising Players Wages and Salaries is the main underlying issue that's at heart of this ESL that nobody wants to address. Cristiano makes about 100 million because of sponsorships every year. Who decided to give Messi 500 million as a direct component of Salary?!? Who was the donkey who made this decision?!?? Now that Barca is in fukin Debt they are planning to monopolize the competition along with other Idiots. Believe me as football fans (not club fans) this is a conversation that NEEDS to be had. Players need to be paid a fixed component of Salary, and a Variable Bonus Component based on their performance output ( Goals, Saves, Clean Sheets, Assists, Pre-Assists, Chances/Opportunities Created, Key Passes, etc) This Conversation needs to be had sooner or later. Those fuking owners and executives are fuking incompetent who dress up in fancy suits. Dortmund, Liverpool, Leister, Athletico Madrid are some of the most Financially Disciplined and Well -run clubs. You don't have divas & Super-models like Neymar, Pogba, Ozil, etc. I'm not even going to address Rmadrid and Barca because they're a disaster. That Bartameo idiot gave Messi half a Billion as Direct Salary. When Laporte and Fiorentino Perez start talking about their crap of trying to save Football, What they're really saying is: "we need this to save our club because we are bankrupt. We fuked up. We have bad investments in players like Eden Hazard, Coutinho, Ousmane Dembele, Malcom, etc. In the past these multi million signings were a marketing ploy for merchandise and sponsorships but our model is broken now. "

    • Cant blame the players it's the owners or clubs who are at fault , fine them all 30 million and they cant play in champions league for a decade

  • UEFA, FIFA and the worldwide fans are stopping this so they can save Arsenal and Tottenham from being the punching bag 🤭🤭

    • Want to ban it because they’re not making any money from it frauds

  • I wonder what they are planning? Normally when an organisation asks for an insane request, they then suggest something more reasonable. People are then more willing to accept it. It's a well known tactic in negotiation I wonder if UEFA or ESL have another plan?

    • Still enjoyed the video topic though. Keep up the hard work!

  • That Juve rep couldn’t win one so he took his ball, left uefa and went home to make his own tournament with some friends.

  • and this is exactly the reason why uefa needs to go

  • One greedy lot trying to keep out another greedy lot. 🤷

  • Why are players being punished for fulfilling contractional obligations? They could get sued for boycotting the super league had it gone through. The players had 0% to do with the decision to play in the league

  • So if you actually did some homework and didn't talk out of your ass. You would realise they can't do that legally and UEFA would lose a lot of cases in Court. UEFA should not talk about anything about money. They changed the format to include more garbage team's and to make more money. And you idiot's believe anything coming from corrupt UEFA. Most of you don't know that those teams removing Chelsea spur's and city. Actually started champion's league and UEFA stole the tournament changed the name to champion's league and then they did what they do best be corrupt just remember plateni got band from UEFA for his corruption with blatter. But non of you actually don't know football history.

  • Keeping the sheep busy

  • Ban the players who are innocent and see how many fans will watch uefa competitions...

  • One thing you will get clear papa Perez want both mbappe and halaand

  • Fifa and uefa talking about greed, wow

  • UEFA is a joke the only reason they are this invested is because of what they have to lose financially

  • Good.

  • Cant blame the players it's the owners or clubs who are at fault , fine them all 30 million and they cant play in champions league for a decade

  • This makes no sense it’s like your lil brother broke your mom’s favorite vase and your mom comes to ground you after she beats you like... WHERES THE FAIRNESS IN THAT???

  • Want to ban it because they’re not making any money from it frauds

  • If they eliminate the best players from these twelve teams, what fun does uefa want to sell us without them? want to kill the goose that lays golden eggs? They are office mobsters.

  • The bloody lawyers are standing by with huge smiles on their faces, rubbing their hands!!

  • I don't understand banning players, this isn't their doing, it's the owners and chief exec's who need banning

  • It’s sucks when you realize your leagues are worthless without the big clubs huh?

  • So typical, can't touch the owners so punish the players

  • yes i agree. those greedy bastards

  • Question: was this breakaway Super League created because the smaller clubs were facing possible bankruptcy and the big teams didn't want to bail them out?

  • all these money angry players need to be replace young people dont play because of these people that block them from having they first start ...now this perez man said football is boring they take all these players somewhere else then ...but clubs will remain the same tho ..

  • Tottenham not only lost Jose ahead of their finals, they're also sealing Harry Kane's fate regardless of this season's outcome. Good job.

  • The bloody lawyers are standing by with huge smiles on their faces, rubbing their hands!!

  • Thank you SUPER LEAGUE for making ed Woodward resigning ♥️ ... i know you had planned this all alone ♥️♥️♥️

  • Ignorance. Without Super League = RIP Futbol

  • I'd rather have these rich greedy clubs in their own league. They make top flight national football boring for the rest of us. Also these 12 teams have global followings so I think it just levels the playing field for the rest of the teams. Second tier leagues are more exciting anyway (only my opinion)

  • Deduct the 6 teams 20 points each & give the other teams a chance of European football.

  • Then no one watch fottball

  • This proves that uefa is either greedy or foolish. If u ban these players, people are gonna move to esl, to watch their fav players and clubs. At this point I neither support esl or uefa, it has too much control on the format and the game. Ucl is becoming boring year by year and every new gimmick has been the worse for the game.

  • Don't punish the players, they Did Not make the decisions

  • If they are banned from UEFA they might as well play for the Super League? I mean this is just feeding the dragon. Isn’t it?

  • Now it’s clear that football is now political

  • Fair enough!

  • Can anyone tell me Why UEFA and FIFA are against ESL means why they don't want this competition

  • Game OVER.. New game. GREEN RESET.

  • The Directors of these Big 6 can join all you care. Just don’t bring the players and staff with you. Then we’ll see what you can get from that decision. Greedy Hogs.

  • I am an American who loves football. The heart and soul of football will always live in England! Thank you English fans for saving our beautiful game.

    • This English fan thanks you.

    • Same here well spoken👌🏾

  • Take action to the owner of the super league or the the organisers....not the team and player

  • If u banned those players..then the super league will be form...because that is what they want..they cant play in eufa comption..so they build they own league..be careful eufa..😀

  • This didn’t last long 🤣🤣

  • “Its a f*cking disgrace”- Didier Drogba

    • Imagine getting banned for damage caused by your superiors 💀

  • Levy out...it was his idea .. disgraceful

  • im against the esl but uefas description of it sounds like there describing themselves lol

  • It would be illegal if uefa did - arguably and legally it would be a restraint of trade and as such illegal. Plus Uefa would be up for a breach of competition law possibly. Its none of their business.

  • I don't understand why the British people are upset about club owners wanting to make money on their investments? I am confused, what am I missing here? You sold your "beloved clubs" to these Sports investors, they are looking for the best platform to maximize their profits and you are upset about it? Are you for real?

  • UEFA is a joke

  • Klaus Schwab: Your moniker sounds like you can understand how money can change things quickly: Drop a few million more on the SKY systems, media, television professionals, and SLnumber babblers, like the likes of Mark G. from the United Stand, etc. They would rush their chameleon hearts into the burning brush fire of root launching evil.

  • Well idk about you but i want to watch Messi and Ronaldo at the WC

  • Let’s not forget about sky bt Amazon footballers uefa fifa all money grabbing sick people picking on the poor people

  • Lets not forget fifa and uefa don’t serve best interests of football as well

  • Banning players doesn't help, as if the Presidents of the respective ESL Clubs will care for them. All they care about is money.

  • JP Morgan (financer) and the involved clubs will definitely gone through robust legal analysis before agreement and declaration.

  • This guy just talking some major bs dude needs to shut up

  • In the future years, UEFA will make their games pay per view I wish I die before that happen but they have way too much power and they are making y'all fight their wars for them they just want to stay on top of the hierarchy in the football world and they control FIFA like puppets when the power balance starts to fall on one way which is the UEFA way I'll be long gone but your grandchildren will have to pay to watch football me I will make mines watch American football as soon as their mom is pregnant with them sheeeeeeeeesh

  • Well city and Chelsea are gone so that’s great

  • I'm tired of seeing big teams always winning the league eg:bayern,psg,juve,barça,city we want s super league to make it unpredictable

  • This super league is simply outrageous, greedy and stupid

  • Hilarious! How many would watch their tournaments without the best players.

  • Supposed JP Morgan can present solid calculations to other clubs outside 12 breakaway clubs that playing in ESL can be more profitable than playing in UCL And what if their legal team win battle against UEFA legal team regarding UEFA act of prohibition Honestly these legal and financial wars are more entertaining than soulless no-fans-in-the-stadium post-Covid football hahahah

  • i only can imagine how much security the super league will have to pay to there soulless players xD i would spit on every one who plays there in the furure.. (and i don't watch football since years)

  • Want & Will are two distinct things. Uefa can say they want to ban them but Will they????

  • people supporting FIFA and UEFA really shows how we've been brainwashed in a lot of things that we get used to it without considering anything that could even be better or different ,imagine if someone was getting the bigger part of your earnings ,i am sure if there is a way out none of us would hesitate , let us stop this nosense and hear first what ESL brings to the table before we even start bashing them , at the either UEFA,FIFA OR ESL they all want money if it was not nothing would be worrying for anyone

  • I dont want the super league

  • Yep real Madrid can kiss mbappe goodbye because he won't join this trash leage

  • English Football collectively should warn the CEOs of these six clubs that they will face complete expulsion from the domestic game if they persist with this plan. If the ESL wins the legal argument with Uefa then all the 14 remaining clubs in the EPL have to do is agree to form another top domestic league dissolving the EPL, excluding these six clubs saying that they will not be invited to participate in it. What is sauce for the goose as the saying goes... These 14 clubs could possibly then apply to rejoin the Football League and it could adjust the newly formed four divisions accordingly, inviting say the top four or six in this seasons' Championship into a newly formed New Division One, with the rest reverting to their pre-Premiership status as Divisions 2, 3 and 4 with the appropriate relegation and promotion criteria worked out to rebalance the number for next season and subsequent seasons ongoing. This I feel would basically destroy the ambitions of these greedy six renegade clubs and hopefully force them to quit this mad idea. I'm sure their fans would not want to feel like pariahs looking in from the outside as the domestic game carries on merrily without them. Money of course will dictate what happens in the end I expect. But what I have outlined is what I feel ought to happen to teach these self-entitled arrogant bastards a lesson. Personally, I feel desperately sorry for the fans of these clubs because this could all end rather sadly for them as they see their clubs wither and die or moved franchise-style to other accommodating locations to play their exhibition football.

  • FIFA and UEFA are just threatened because they know that their money is being taken away from them. Why don't they just carry on with other teams? Fact is that UEFA and FIFA are old and are not adding value anymore. They need the big clubs. Who will watch the FIFA world cup and pay the ridiculous amounts of money if the best players are banned. Please man. These idiots are just showing everyone how corrupt they truly are.

  • "Disgracefull and self serving" I think UEFA was talking about itself.

  • It will never happen. It's just a bunch of failed clubs that want more money from UEFA. Jp Morgan is not really involved.

  • Ban them and those clubs I still have Bayern, Napoli, Leicester City Ajax Dortmund Roma Lazio PSG Lyon Merseilles Valencia as favourite to win champions league. Too many to cheers for

  • Football is over....

  • Elitism trying to maintain an elitist status quo... How surprising..

  • Imagine working for a company for years and when you finally decide to take action and quit to start your own business you get bashed by you boss for not thinking about your coworkers and the better of the company... smh Good for them. About time the corrupt EUFA & FIFA get what they deserve

  • Sky is the enemy of the people

  • So... They're trying to make F1 out of football?

  • I don't understand why you'd punish the players for a companies greed. Mental

  • finally, a group that takes power away from uefa and fifa... btw, these two groups will quiet down when the new SL gives them a cut of the profits.


  • Hahaha... To hell with UEFA. Couldn't even handle the qualies for the World Cup :)))) not to talk about their referees :))) what if we scrap them as well for international competitions and let the countries make their money. UEFA pfff always acts like a shaby middleman.

  • Being real here, it’s not the players fault. They can’t really control where they go it’s the clubs decision. I think just take away a lot of money from the clubs that have joined the ESL and deduct points like Gary Neville said

  • If the majority of fans particularly the fans of these big clubs are against this, then its really simple. Don’t pay to watch the super league, don’t pay to go and see your team, don’t buy the kits. No fans, no money, no existence. It’s not that complicated.

  • Ban them all for 5 years. Let the fat cats starve a little

  • Atleast let the two football goat's retire in football🙏🙏

  • It would be a very rash decision to ban players from their competitions for a choice that wasn’t ever theirs to make. The top dogs couldn’t careless if you ban their players from playing for the national teams etc. They have even admitted that they want the “ESL players” to play fewer matches. So the ban would only hurt the players.

  • "These hoes ain't loyal'' Chris Brown voice

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