Coffin Dance but it gets harder and H A R D E R

Objavljeno 22. apr. 2020
⚰🕺 Coffin Dance was easy. Let's make it next-level. 😎🎵🎹
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Learn how to play Coffin Dance but it gets harder and H A R D E R by Vicetone \u0026 Tony Igy on piano with this Synthesia piano tutorial! Please enjoy!

How far can you make it through these versions of Coffin Dance? We suspect 90% of you can do the easiest version, but 0% can do the hardest. Let us know! Just keep watching to see the Coffin Dance get harder, and h a r d e r and H A R D E R... Coffin Dance is a song by Vicetone \u0026 Tony Igy called Astronomia, popularised as it was included with meme videos of Ghana's dancing pallbearers when people are experiencing impending doom. Enjoy these awesome versions!

This piano arrangement of Coffin Dance but it gets harder and H A R D E R is fantastic to play! You can learn it with our Synthesia piano tutorial, or from our official Sheet Music Boss sheet music at the top of the description!

Arranged by Rafał Bienias
Edited by Samuel Dickenson
Produced by Andrew Wrangell \u0026 Samuel Dickenson

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  • 🤔 Learning piano means that some things get easier and E A S I E R. 🎵 Learn how to play with Skoove!

  • 1:27 5. Impossible At least there's no way this can get harder "Music sheet boss, why is there still 1 minute and 33 seconds left in the video ?"

  • geez! i felt like the ground is shaking

  • Lol a simply piano app

  • How many hands you have

  • Im not die....My hand doe-

  • Well, the MOST epic music video till date and that's after being a Marshmello fan

  • oh sheet music boss your pro????

  • when your crush comes in the music class 1:12

  • 2 people maybe Machoke:

  • Hiii

  • The nightmare one is going to be played at my funeral

  • Awesome

  • Lol

  • And of course this is insane

  • Are you okay wake up already

  • yo whaaaaaaaaaaat!?

  • Pianist be like :- I have brought the whole piano and I will use it fully 😎

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  • guitar hero and zone fun on mall dance lefft the chat

  • 1:50 best part ever. but that's a monster part aswell


  • Huooooooo me gusta i liked thia song in piano

  • 1:38

  • 8 actually sounds good even tho there’s a lot of notes

  • TVs crashing be like: what the fuck happened

  • I can hear Despactio xD:

  • legendary piano

  • when kids who play fnf shaggy 21 key challage try a piano and say this is easy (tho I've seen more insane songs on this game lol)

  • People: no one will play it! Spiders:

  • why doni always find people playing the coffin dance on piano differently to howni do

  • 7 : the 6 notes played at a time super human mode

  • Oh wow

  • easy starts me: can't play it *gets to work* day 1: can hardly play the first line day 2: is able to play the whole song but with a "lot" of mistakes day 3: can play decently at slow speed day 4: can play very well day 7: can play excellently even at the super-fast speed

  • Daora

  • Lol

  • Play n.8 at my funeral

  • You know actually the last someone actually can play it

  • love you music!! keep up the fun time and rock that piano😎😍

  • -привет-

  • When you have AI you don't need anything.

  • Me :I can learn at 5mins After 10second Me: why this is so hard >:(

  • Super 😎😎😭😭joyful tears

  • I love it so much

  • i wanna learn how to play piano now, i only know how to play the minecraft theme song

  • Ling Ling? Is that you? Oh, you're just warming up...

  • *That was only the tutorial. The REAL fun begins*

  • You are Alien ?

  • 2:23 It is only possible for a man with 100 hands and 5M years pf experience

  • that last one is like off the chart if I have one

  • Bro i like what u commented in level 6

  • Do I look good I need to go to my grandpas funeral

  • ...

  • ???

  • ?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Hey did u do this on ur piano???

  • that point where he says 5 is impossible and it can't get harder yet it goes till 8 😂

  • I Love it and my dad to.

  • wow its great i love it i wil be dead now ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ) ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ) ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ) ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)

  • Number 8 sounds like an anime battle.

  • The coffin dance meme came out a year ago. feel old yet?

  • Super Vera lvl

  • can you make this into a file to play on black desert online hahahaha

  • Vav is level 2 easy

  • 😨😨😨😵😵😵😵

  • I just could 3rd😅😅😅can anybody do 8th?😅😑😑😑😑

  • The other hand is from coffin

  • lol i like what he puts

  • no doesnt sound like despacito

  • i mean tongtiep lee sorry

  • my friend yong chen hong is better go search tieptong lee

  • because i play Coffin dance whit harder notes then level 4

  • my level is 4.5

  • "PLAY THIS AT MY FUNERAL" "OR I'M NOT GOING" There would be no need for a funeral, then.

  • I honestly would wake up if someone played level 8 at my funeral

  • wow

  • I m 10 and already done playing !!! Stage in 8 dAyS!,🎹😎😀

  • I agree with what he said at number 8

  • ummm i think after impossible is nightmare, right?

  • Level 8: Toes, knees, every body part has joined the lobby.

  • omg is so hard

  • is my favorite music you are so cool

  • Me with good practice = can play impossible mode.

  • People: have two hands, I can’t play level 8 This guy: *I don’t have such weaknesses*

  • level 8 could fit perfectly in a fantasy anime

  • that was INSANE

  • "Gets to good part" youtube: WERE HERE FOR THE BTS MEAL

  • Don't use headphones 🙏🙏🙏

  • no mames al principio es fácil luego imposible xdxd

  • lol took me 2 weeks to do this with my wife but e did it lol PS sadly dont have footage :(

  • change the playback speed to 2x

  • Pov you're watching this from the most viewed category

  • My level is medium in this song

  • 7: is good and 8:

  • Is this song popular or death i think popular if u too then reply to me

  • 0:57 yes

  • 👍

  • This is truly epic! I was like it for sure!!!!!🥰

  • 머야?

  • But I pratise 1year