Singers Who ACCIDENTALLY Became Famous

Objavljeno 24. feb. 2021
Artists who rose to fame by chance!
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  • Listen to Breathe me or Girl you lost to cocaine by sia

  • Joel don't get a spray tan 😐 I'm sorry if it seems like I'm hating but I'm just being honest


  • That girl's face when Pharell was listening to her music 😂 she looks so worried

  • david guetta life

  • Sorry i cant stand Bhad Babie, (seems she cant spell simple words ether) Her speech and enunciation drives me up the wall. Its not even "Getto" or "Trash" its just LAZY like she cant use her tongue. Cant understand anything that she says, before on Phil, or After in the song. In fact, that is one of the worst songs ive ever heard. This isnt enjoyable at all.


  • Sia's imperfections such as cracking of her voice is what makes it absolutely perfect.

  • Joel, you may listen to bhad bhabie or Good baby, But do you listen to.. Dababy?

  • congrats joel, that was a good video

  • my favourite story of a singer becoming famous is caravan palace (technically a band but shhh), they were originally contracted to make music for porn but they were so impressive that they got signed to a label and began to make actual music

  • roomie's water bottel looks like a ketchup bottel


  • random fact i just lost my tooth

  • I love ur vids ur better than black griffin

  • Totally agree, thanks David Guetta for using Sia‘s vocals, love her voice so much ❣️

  • to the 197 that unike from the 42,770 yall finna lose in tug o war

  • Rihanna: makes a ton of songs that are absolutely freakining amazing. Me: Rihanna is this generations Whitney Houston Yes you forgot her I bet

  • Tom Scholz started Boston by recording in a basement studio

  • “Why why why would you wear a jacket with no pants on” Me: *chuckles nervously in Canada where multiple people in my district wear winter jackets and shorts in the middle of winter*

  • No one : Literally no one : Roomie : Rihanna get your clothing habits together

  • I saw jimi hendrix and went hol' uP

  • Joel: Dance Monkey is the most annoying overplayed song ever! Also Joel: Gotta love this song (Dance Monkey)

  • Roomie aren't you the same person who said that dance monkey was annoying

  • the way he pronounced These Heaux

  • My favorite song is closer

  • The thing about Hendrix's concert in this video is that this is Woodstock actually but lineup was all messed up and Hendrix appeared on stage as the last one performer, at morning of Monday. So people are leaving there probably because they needed to rest or go to job. And Hendrix's performance was iconic anyway.

  • 1969... nice

  • The views rn are "555,515"


  • I was in 2nd grade when “Baby” came out. I remember the biggest thing was my aunt joking around with us, asking if we “think he’s cute” or “aww are you a belieber??” It wasn’t funny back then, but it’s hilarious to think back on😂

  • There’s a video of David Guetta explaining the SIA colab.

  • Honestly, i was waiting for AURORA in this video :) Im kinda sad she's not there, but im not suprised :D Roomie, you should listen to her ♥ I would like to hear your opinion on her... And also... on Us the Duo :) they are amazing ♥

  • "play bowling"

  • BUT WHERE IS BILLIE ELLISHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Omg what the hell about sis

  • Pronounced Bay Jan.

  • guessin he hasnt heard sia's hey boy ft.burna boy yet?

  • 7:00 today is bhad bhabies bday

  • no one: absolutely no one: Joel and Maggie Rogers vibing at the same time

  • I just love how no one is mentioning that Joel said "Play bowling". I hope I'm not the only one who found that funny.

  • "Don't stalk me, I'm trying to play bowling." 😆😆😆

  • No offence but get a few zits and you will look like the school nerd

  • Am a Jamaican and "pon" is equal to "on" in Jamaican's dialect.

  • Internet: Joe is funny Joe: David Guetta stop being a buffoon Internet: 😬

  • Roomie makes me laugh so hard!! 😂😂

  • I didn't know about Maggie Rogers! I love that song alaska. and a lot of her other music

  • Hey Joel, please read this! If you want you can translate this. Ragazzi italiani della community, questo è un messaggio per voi. Joel non ha MAI reagito alla musica italiana! So che molti di noi non ascoltano musica italiana ma dobbiamo fare qualcosa. Copiate e incollate questo commento. Joel, we want to see Italian music on this channel! So che insieme ce la faremo.

  • Hey roomie( or Joel) I like your music and I think that I would enjoy it even more if you associated your incredible rap skills into your songs somehow, hope you found this helpful! I’m such a fan of your music and your channel

  • Forgiving ppl: it’s amazing Unforgiving ppl:it’s awsome Pharrell Williams: just wow✨ Even Simon fricking Cowell: 👍 Roomie:meh it’s a lil pitchy

  • Halseys career is like the biggest fuck you ever to her parents

  • Sia's voice is a gift to the world. Happy David Guetta did what he did. She deserved it.

  • Lol


  • Justinnnnnn

  • catch me outside girl 6:37

  • My ears bleed when I hear dance monkey

  • All started because of Guetta. Thank you Guetta.

  • i call Halsey Hasley (has-lee) Lmao

  • Ngl when roomie said “she was discovered by a dancing monkey” I almost died 😂😂

  • why they do Bieber like that he has so much better music now lol.....

  • Dylan Scot is now a country/pop singer. His songs are awesome too

  • Dylan Scot is now a country/pop singer. His songs are awesome too

  • not Sia grooming Maddie 😑🤚

  • why did i think james bay sang let it go from frozen when i saw let it go the first thing that popped up in my mind was frozen XD

  • Did you know that sia is making a movie called music with Maddie Ziegler

  • 8:30 what is so bad about yummy, I have no idea

  • Sia is just perfect

  • A lot of people just get likes by saying random stuff so crocodile eating a banana

  • I would've suggested Adele. A friend of hers uploaded an audio clip of her singing on MySpace, even though Adele didn't want that to happen. Look where that got her.

  • Hot Take: I actually like "Yummy" and hate "Baby" from JB

  • 11:32 "ugh" hahaha

  • James bayyttyy i loveee u he is legend for me a true legend

  • 9:44 the guy on the bottom right

  • So. . some people have used my music sia being famous that way. . I wonder if she was unhappy he did that.. If there was a legitimate reason he might not have been welcomed to using it.. 🕵

  • Fun fact, titanium was filmed in deux-montagnes/ sainte-marthe-sur-le-lac, two small towns in Quebec. I remember, comming from there, how much we use to talk about it at school

  • Spiritual awakening in the French dance scene also known as xtc.

  • 6:26 lets blame adam kluger

  • 6:06 dr.phil it means what i siad, you idiot

  • Whenever I listen to yummy I feel like putting my finger inside my ears and my eyes at the same time and swirl it around And I am a beleiber lmao

  • I love dance monkey😂

  • Hasley parents: crap we were wrong

  • Joel: *takes a sip from his red water bottle* Me: *stares at my red Viking Line water bottle* Me: Mkay we have similar water bottles

  • wHaT aBoUt BtS

  • This video makes u more liberal 😀😀

  • Why do people not know the Sia before titanium. It was the best Sia and did not need David Guetta. She was a successful artist before that song.

  • "It's got an explosive power down there" somebody use that for a RoomieOfficial out of context video

  • I’m a good Christian boy hahaha

  • Title: Singers Who ACCIDENTALLY became famous Me: Suga was tricked into joining BTS and JIn was casted on the street for his hansom fayce so

  • i love you new image Joel.. so nerdy, so you!

  • Sia: *sings Chandelier* David Guetta: IMMA CANCEL THIS WHOLE WOMAN'S CAREER!!!

    • This is stolen 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • how did i know the song ghost from halsey

  • Meanwhile, Sia just successfully imploded her career by making a really bad movie about autism.

  • Can you do a cover of Let it go I think you will sound great singing it.

  • Me accidently watch at roomey and realize that he's wearing a glass 👓

  • Plz do brunei national anthem 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • for all this time I thought she was saying "we found love in a homeless place"

  • # bever

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  • "There are no accidents." Master Oogway