NINEYARD - Create Playgrounds | Fabio Wibmer, Kai Haase, Viki Gómez

Objavljeno 9. jun. 2021
Taking over Frankfurt city with Fabio Wibmer, Kai Haase \u0026 Viki Gomez in pure NINEYARD style.

No matter where you are or what you do, the essence of NINEYARD is to make everything your playground.

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Music | ASAP Ferg - Floor Seats
Filmed by | Alexander Osmalek, Marius Prell, Cinequads
Edit | Marius Prell
Photography | Hannes Berger
Sound | Adrian Zielinski
BTS | Alexander Schöll, Lisa Allihn

Thank you guys!


  • wow, men, it's amazing, 👍🏻

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  • Eins der geielsten Videos

  • Warum ist die Stimme so übersteuert richtig nervig xD

  • 2:20 can anyone explain why his paldes are not rotating backwards?

  • 1:07. My friends while I’m trying to clutch a 1v4 in COD

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  • I'm happy I saw this masterpiece thank you swaggered out people for hooking this up . SUPER SWAG 1:33 Hot rod to the next level 1:47 friends 4 ever 2:04 going our way?

  • the quality of this video is unparalleled. fucking incredible in every aspect, well done boys🔥

  • Hey Fabio I would like to thank you for all your amazing videos. I suggest to you Sir to read about Islam and the adventures of the prophet Mohammed as I think you will find them interesting.


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