Songs You Totally Forgot About! #3

Objavljeno 18. apr. 2021
Listen to Lil Pitchy's new song "Just For You":
ADMIT IT, You Totally forgot about these songs?!
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Songs You Totally Forgot About! #3
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  • 3:06 Forget about a Daft Punk song? Couldn't be me 😌

  • Me even matje in de summer, corona dressed ? Alemaal be me

  • More artists who do the same thing over and over again? Like most mainstream artists who in 95 % of their songs sing about romantic love and sex?

  • i didn't forget about Hall of fame

  • It's big enough right- joel 2021

  • 6:13 ...was that planned..?

  • never say never is the only song i listen to from justin bieber cause he isnt my favourite artist and every i hear one of his songs i just wanna skip it

  • 6:14 Joel says that’s so sick than the next song is called so sick

  • At 1:16 I remember it bc of the KFC add

  • here's my results: 1. never even knew this song existed 2. PFFFT WOAH yeah I forgot lol 3. WOAHH YES I DID, I LOVE THIS SONG 4. yeah... I forgot 5. idek what this song is 6.I know this from a distant memory, recognizable, but idk I just don't know it ig 7. Nah I remember this CLEARLY 8.sheee I don't remember this 9. :O I HAVENT HEARD THIS IN SO LONG WTH 10. :I idk this song either 11. never heard it... 12.PFFFT yeah I remember this lol 13. :I don't know this song 14. how could I possibly forget 15. don't know it :I 16. haven't heard it in so long wth 17.I hear this EVERY day in practice omg 18. idk this song 19. lmaooooo yeah I remember XD 20. idk this either :I 21. idk that song 22. idk this either 23. how can I ever forget lol 24. Woah I have forgotten bout that 25. don't know that's all imma do for now

  • That face on the mic tho

  • So i either remembered these songs or i've never heard them in my life

  • Lol like half of these songs are on my nostalgia playlist 😅

  • Am i the only one who thinks the song Euporhia by loreen is also a forgotten song? Or did i just miss it in the 3 video's.......

  • lol 0:00

  • Lady Gaga has the weirdest music videos

  • When he says that’s “so sick” 6:14 and the next song is called so sick😎🤨

  • All the songs I knew I never forgot. But all the songs I didn't know I think never really made it into the Netherlands. Also I think a lot of these are generation based because there is is no way anyone of my age would forget "Drop it like its hot " it's like THE Snoop song for my generation

  • Original Song VS Remade song (example: Falling in Reverse - The drug in me is you VS The drug in me is reimagined)

  • Lol never heard a lot of these.

  • I believe I always thought "Never Say Never" was by Taylor Swift, so whenever I searched for it months ago, I got so confused with life.... o-O

  • You have too be honest though Daft punk went out like legends

  • Can we all agree ‘summer’ is such a banger? It’s so good

  • 6:11 “that’s so sick” next song: So Sick

  • he said he forgot about this song on like 4 songs that still play in LA constantly.. lol

  • I never heard of the Kanye West song and several others I had forgotten 5 and just hadn't ever heard the others. I remembered about 50% tho. Alejandro was a HUGE hit and one if Gagas best

  • Likes boy bands but has never reacted to big time rush 🤭

  • I did not even know these existed!

  • No one forgot about hall of fame , the amount of motivational speakers use it in there presentations 😒, Yeah, by usher is deffinately not a a forgotten song , plays every Friday and Saturday night 🙃 p.s I haven't forgot any of these songs but I didn't recognise the song he was confused about to be fair

  • 6:15 that timing lol

  • “Ugh. Ne-yo has a fricken voice” - Joel from RoomieOfficial 2021

  • Joel: Nah, you can't forgot We Can't Stop. Me: *Uhm-*

  • I love it is the best

  • Bruh I’m called Alejandro and I didnt knew Alejandro song existed lmao

  • So airplanes was on there but so many people forget there was multiple versions of that song and the version featuring Eminem was so, so much better than the one everyone remembers.

  • Beauty and the beat's expiration date is in 3012

  • Nobody: Not even the haters: Roomie: So sick Next song: So Sick

  • “That is so sick” *so sick plays* Me; 👁👄👁 WITCHCRAFT

  • I love how the first one shown was Beauty and a Beat and I was just listening to it (after I unironically looked it up on SLnumber 😂😂)

  • I remember most of these songs😳

  • Cant name the song since ive forgoten the name

  • Replay!

  • Alejandro was number 1 on that year on our local station. How could I forget it???

  • Man idk how to feel i got most of those songs in my playlist

  • I just got rick rolled

  • This guy can litteraly sing!!

  • I never forgot most of the songs and I still listen to today... But the kanye west song I never heard of and i never heard the daftpunk song. Also never heard of skeelo song... And I don't know a lot few other songs... But I forgot the gallery song and actually liked it haha

  • 6:12 It's funny that Joel didn't notice that the last 2 words of his sentence were the name of the next song.

  • I love hall of fam

  • Perfect song for this before I forget by slipknot

  • I remembered half and forgot half.

  • I honestly forgot maroon 5 was a thing and they were my favorite band when I was younger 😂

  • I came to this channel because of the pandemic boredom plus like music. I’m staying cause Joel is AWESOME: Witty, funny, talented & entertaining. What more could you ask for? 💯🤩

  • Fun fact I went to school with lauv

  • You should of had shut up and dance with me lol

  • You don’t know how hard I just slapped by nostalgia

  • Half of these songs are in my playlist so...JOKES ON YOU RAMI

  • How do you not get copyrighted how does possible

  • That's what he said 😂

  • is Joel getting more handsome?

  • hey brooo everytime i hear joel singing i get FAT goosebumps joel ur AMAZING! WOW

  • To be honest, this summary is pretty bad or I have the memory of a god. And I refer to myself as an idiot :D Forgot 7, got 28??

  • 2:14 Android users: Well actually...yes

  • 8:29 During the summer before my freshman year, I went to a summer camp at my university and a few classmates and I sang a parody of this song for everyone to hear 😂

  • 2:00 i remember finding out that this part swore after i said "oh sh!t!" as a 7 year old thinking it was a cool slang word to use LMAO

  • Lauv songs are sooo amazing

  • Who is in school right now?

  • lmao half of the songs in the forgot were in like other videos from last week like u just saw them lat week

  • 1:38 just slides and sounds good

  • If u hear this and saw dark desire ull remeber

  • 1:17 I never forgot hall of fame since that is one of the song that encourages me

  • in the harlem shake video i never noticed the dude who fell out of the window

  • am I the only one that thinks joel looks a bit different

  • alejandro was actually pretty succesful lmao it was VERY contreversial

  • The first two were like this for me Joel: remembers the justin one Me: doesn’t even know it existed Joel: doesn’t remember the marron 5 one Me: still listens to it sometimes Edit: i also still listen to hall of fame and joel forgot it?? We’re going total opposite rn lol

  • A lot of these are actually on my massive uni drinking playlist titled “down it fresher” 😂

  • NO NOT COOL KIDSSS AND LIGHTS😭 so much nostalgia from this video

  • I literally jumped when he said "Especially you, Margaret." xD

  • I only forgot ten and four was simply because I hadn't ever heard them before.

  • My school made the Harlem shake our school dance

  • 3rd song I definitely remembered 4th song which add is that from- like i remember it from an add 6th song, i have heard before, but i never knew the name, same with the 8th one 10th song i have heard recently, 11th song was the same 12th one i feel like i've heard but i dont know 13th i have heard before recently 14th yes heard i think 15th dont know but maybe? 16th i habe heard many times 17th one i heard like a week ago 18th, maybe? 19th YES I THINK SO 20th and 21st, i dont like nor heard before 22nd i feel like i have heard 23rd i have heard 24th one i have heard but not recently, i recognise it but, no i forgot it 25th i didnt hear- like ever? 26th heard many times 27th YES TOO MANY TIMES 28th maybe i sont think so 🤔 hmm 29th i feel like i have heard 🤔⭐️ 30th probably 31st one maybe? I think i forgot but i have heard before.. 32nd yes i forgot ;-; 33rd I remember (I didnt record the rest) 34th I remember DEFINITELY

  • I dont forgot all of them cuz i dont know any of the song

  • Holy crap, the amount of flashbacks I got from the songs in this video.

  • 5:25 didnt forget bc im a little monster not that anyone cares

  • You should have had one more category, songs you remembered but want to forget

  • 1:33

  • I felt crazy for not liking the song lights but couldn’t place why. Nice to know I’m not alone 😂

  • As an irish person it's pretty much impossible to forget about any song by the script that made it even somewhat big

  • I will NEVER forget Gallery by Mario Vazquez. SOO GOOD

  • That Sydney girl was a mixture of Anna Kendrick and Rachael Platten

  • Jason Derulo wrote Replay by Iyaz

  • They got skiing equipment thats so sick *LITERALLY 1 SECOND LATER SO SICK PLAYS*

  • Cool kids still plays almost every week in clothing stores at the mall

  • 7:05 SLnumber rewind flashbacks

  • I could never forget hall of fame, replay and it girl because i loved them at the time and honestly would still listen to them now....i am kind of surprised i forgot down because i think it was also one of the first songs i had on my phone. That was the time we send each other songs via bluetooth during break time in school. Also apparently Joel doesn't know hardly any spanish/latin american songs...

  • Joel! ❤️Please react to the best songs of the ✨80s✨!!! please!! (Note to editor: you have to add 🎸rebel yell by billy idol🎸, its the BEST song ever!!

  • 11:06 Oops, you did not censor that.

  • Tik tok has revived so many of these songs

  • Am i the only who either remember a song or don't know it ? 😂

  • I don’t care, is my jam since like baby an still now