Gallinari to Hawks, Harrell to Lakers: Woj recaps Night 1 of NBA free agency | SportsCenter

Objavljeno 20. nov. 2020
Adrian Wojnarowski joins SportsCenter to discuss the biggest signings in Night 1 of NBA free agency, with Danilo Gallinari agreeing to 3-year deal with the Atlanta Hawks and Montrezl Harrell joining the Los Angeles Lakers on a 2-year contract.
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  • Lmfao LeGM putting in work right now! 😂🤣

  • Shannon was right when he told skip that the Lakers have something cookin in the kitchen!😂

  • WOJ checkin his phone the whole vid lol

  • I am a 76ers fan 🏀 Gallinari is a good player

    • 14.8 points per game for Harrell is 4th best in the league?


    • my mind after this video: okay, okay, oww kay

  • Sad to see Dwight go.... I would’ve love to see them run it back, see if Dwight can go back to back.

    • Lmao Kentucky alumni association will defi easy reach out to him

  • The dragon!!

    • Lmao Kentucky alumni association will defi easy reach out to him

  • I wanted Gallinari to go to Miami Heat🔥👑🏀

  • Atlanta should be a playoff team next year with Gallinari, Bogdanovic and Rondo. Lakers seem to separating themselves further from everyone else in the West.

  • nothing new to lebron well its another boring upcoming season..

  • No ones talking about how they're showing gordon heyward highlights for Danilo gallinari

  • 14.8 points is 4th best in the league?

  • Lakers need one more athletic 7 footer

  • This nba season is gonna be wild . It’s gonna be so weird seeing him on the Lakers

  • Imagine getting a bag and never making the all star team

  • Fox getting paid!! 🔥🔥

  • Clippers got clipped!!!

  • this is alot of money for garbage.

  • 14.8 points per game for Harrell is 4th best in the league?

  • Check out my highlights

  • Lmao Kentucky alumni association will defi easy reach out to him

  • The Lakers getting the clippers player's man is it me or are clippers looking like their about to break up after this season

  • lakers have 0 depth lmao

  • I’m tryna see if the Hawks wanna sign me next

  • In all honesty this was a snake move by Harrell.

  • Hawks will be the new Spurs!

  • Yup, Dwight is “bouncing around the league,” but with a Championship ring now!

  • Lebron better gm after he’s done

  • Danilo Gallinari running like Shaq

  • Praying Lakers get BOGGY

  • why you're showing Hayward while speaking of Gallo??..

  • Lebron is a better GM than most GMs in the league I swear. I mean it helps he has his own agency that helps him bring players to whatever team he is on.

  • First Dennis now Montrezl

  • Lol the Lakers lol I am telling you that they get more stacked

  • what's wrong with dwight howard? Why not stay and winmore championships. the guys just so fickle.

  • My Clippers just got Serge Ibaka. One of my 2020 predictions that actually came true! Yay! Been a bad year for a lot of us. Clippers got a superior player for the same price as the Lakers got Trez.. 🤣

    • Pat4Clippers congrats on finally being right. Parade worthy! But y’all got to really sit and think... is Ibaka going to really clamp down AD?

  • Montrez, Bron, and AD in the starting line. There’s a 95% chance Lakers repeat.

  • freedawkins playboicarti dndstories upchurch qiyana

  • What were the Clippers thinking 🤨 ? They already off to a bad start. Loosing Harrell and throwing money at Morris.

  • Man, Dwight made Montrezl look like a boy...the Lakers will miss him.

  • Marc Gasol --> LAL

  • Woj with those casual socks tho

  • Laker have a better bench than my Knicks starters. So sad

  • The Rockets got a steal with Wood he's nice. Harden needs to stay and give it another shot but trade Westbrook if he wants to go.

  • Some people may find this funny but I play the game NBA 2K20 a lot and my team for season mode is the LA Clippers, so i know that team very well now and Montreal Harrell is a good centre/power forward. The Clippers have Zubac at centre and Morris Sr who is similar in size to Harrell at power forward. Crazy how playing NBA 2K makes you know teams so much better. I litterly know everything about the LA Clippers now, including who comes in off the bench first usually and who they replace and how many minutes each player plays usually etc. Anybody looking for a good sports game i 100% recommend NBA 2K20. Don’t get NBA 2K21 because the shot meter is way to hard. 2K20 is perfect. Really excited to see what they do to perfect the game even more in NBA 2K22 now that they know not to mess with the shot meter. Even Damien Lillard tweeted that the shot meter in NBA 2K21 was to hard to nail down and he’s one of the cover athletes lol

  • Montrez Harrell goes to the Lakers. The Los Angeles Lakers have put Steve Ballmer's Clippers in a complete hole,. In one word what have the Lakers just done to the Clippers! I will read every word. A tactical move by the Lakers, have made their chances significantly better. The Clippers are a far inferior team to that which Kawhi Leonard envisaged. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander for Paul George has turned out to be a dreadful trade. Claiming it was for two players is just not an argument that lands with me, especially when one of those players is still to show up.

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  • Am I the only one waiting for the sport to be filled up with fans? I hate empty seats it is so sad to look at 😔

  • Howard gonna show embid .that embid plays like a little tiny girl

  • Bad trade for Montrez they had big line up now smaller

  • Who on the lakers will guard joker? We messed up getting rid of dwight

  • Two bench players for.. LA pelinka get them at very cheap.... Monterz get more money.. If he resigned with clippers..

  • Why was Montrezl quick to sign that offer when he could have gotten more somewhere else?

  • Who cares, ship them all to China....

  • Bandwagons have jumped to Lakers

  • Could we see a Bynum comeback???

  • Clippers are still deepest team in the league they had no playing time together the shut down crushed that it helped the lakers and lebron lakers wont win next year and golden state ain't no slouch people

  • WOJ is the goat if we being honest

  • NBA would be better with a hard salary cap like NFL

  • Doing garbage man big sad he love floof pup , but floof pup be so meany

  • Woj keeps looking at his phone 🤣

  • Lebron tryna create another super team 💀💀💀

  • Dwight trying to play for every NBA teams


  • Montrezl at a discount seems fishy, but good pick up

  • Montrezl Harrell going to the Lakers is the move of the offseason. The league's Sixth Man of the Year and All-Star with a high energy level, the Lakers have gotten that much better.

  • Somebody tell Skip Bayless nobody wants to play with Kawhi "Im going to hold up the whole plane" Leonard

  • When I found out Trezz went back to Rich Paul, I had an idea Trezz would go to the Lakers. None of it shocked me. I actually laughed when it happened. Montrezl was easily the worst Clipper during the 2020 playoffs.

  • Overrated

  • Honestly, I would've been more ticked off if JaMychal went to the Lakers. But Montrezl? Good luck with him, Lakers. You can overvalue him all you want. Clippers needs TALL TWO-WAY PLAYERS with range. Trezz isn't one.

  • How is 14.8 ppg 4th most in the league LOL

  • Montrezl was misused by Doc just like Landry, JaMychal, and even Reggie were. But even if Vogel uses Trezz correctly, he won't space the floor for you and will miss FTs. He's an archaic 80/90s backup PF. Shorter DeAndre.

  • Harrell to lakers caught me off guard but I like it

  • I'm going to miss Montrezl but he got lazy on defense and rebounding at the end. He seemed more concerned padding his point total during garbage time against bad teams. He's a good reg season player. Unproven vs elite bigs.

  • Harrell coming to the Lakers just killed Clippers chances. With Klay out of the season, there is no one in the west that will take us out.

  • Clippers have FOUR 2nd rounders from Detroit. They can package all of that to trade for Bogi. Jokić, Ginobili, and MGasol were drafted in the 2nd round. They're not completely worthless.

  • I'm ok if Clippers don't get Bogi. I know Lakers needs him more and Kennard is just as good. But if we get Ibaka and Rondo and get MGasol for the vet's min, everything is looking good. Don't care if we lose Trezz, JG, PatBev, & Lou.

    • i kind of agree there. except for jg. i think green is going to show serious chops, i hope the clippers keep him.

  • Even if the Nets added James Harden, the Lakers still beats the Nets.

  • PG: Rondo / Jackson SG: George / Bogdanovic SF: Leonard / Kennard PF: Morris / Patterson C: Ibaka / Zubac / Gasol = 2021 🏆

  • Clippers are playing the waiting game. Patience, ClipperNation. Like to all these Trumpers, we got this. Let them celebrate too early for nothing! 🤣

  • Marcus Morris and Serge Ibaka is going to be a tough-minded front court. Ibaka doesn't back down to anybody like Marcus doesn’t. We've seen Ibaka get into fights. I kept telling y'all for 2 months Serge goes to my Clippers.

    • i hope so bro. serge is can defend, rebound, AND hit 3s. marc g looked done in the playoffs. he simply could not get it going in any way.

  • Leonard-sKennard sang, "Sweet Home Alabama." I'll laugh if Clippers end up getting Bogdan too! 🤣 We lost Lou for him. We lose PatBev to have the money for Rondo. We let Trezz and JaMyke walk for Serge.

  • LePrincess gets his new malibu barbie beach house 🤣

  • I think it's fine if the Clippers are a little less deep than before. Guys get more minutes. Trezz was stealing minutes away from Zu when Zu was more important come playoffs for his size.

  • I don't mind if the Clippers keep Reggie Jackson around. Doc Rivers basically misused Montrezl Harrell, JaMychal Green, and Landry Shamet and they're all gone. Doc is easily the most overrated head coach in NBA history.

    • more overrated than mike dantoni? or thibs? not in my mind. i'll give thibs one last chance, with my knicks. yes, pity me.

  • PG: Rondo / Jackson SG: George / Williams SF: Leonard / Kennard PF: Morris / Patterson C: Ibaka / Zubac / Gasol

  • If the hawks get Hayward they low key looking nice with the right system

  • Trade paul george for Westbrick?

  • My ideal scenario is Clippers get Ibaka, Rondo, and then we get Marc Gasol for the veteran's minimum. We can still keep Lou but trade PatBev away. We will be a less deeper team but a more balanced one come playoffs.

  • Ibaka isn't going to Brooklyn. They just paid Joe Harris a ton of money. VanVleet just got a ton of money, so Ibaka may just leave Toronto. And Hawks have been splurging that they're running out of cap space.

  • I got a great feeling Clippers will get both Ibaka and Rondo. The other teams are running out of money. But I believe Lou and/or PatBev need to be traded to make the salaries work. PatBev makes $13M per and Lou is $8M.

  • Clippers GM, Mike Winger, is known to never let out any leaks to the media. If there is an NBA organization that can pull off an Ocean's Eleven heist, it's the Clippers. My team of 28 years is keeping us under suspense, aye? 🤣

  • Type "Clippers quiet" on Twitter's search bar. Go on the latest ones. LakerNation getting paranoid that the Clippers are quietly up to something. They're letting Trezz and JaMyke walk for a particular reason... 🤫

  • Laker fans: 🤣 @ Clippers. You lost Trezz to us and JaMychal to Denver! Laker fans' true feelings from the Clippers' radio silence: 😰 😓 🙀

  • This host is annoying AF. Not woj

  • Smh 76ers just are relentless with the L's

  • Danilo Gallinari and Gordon Hayward are the same person lol

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