Måneskin (Italy Eurovision 2021) “I Wanna Be Your Slave” & “Zitti E Buoni” | Wiwi Jam at Home

Måneskin - Italy's Eurovision 2021 act - perform their original song “I Wanna Be Your Slave” and the Sanremo version of “Zitti E Buoni” during the Wiwi Jam at Home concert.

You can watch our entire Wiwi Jam at Home concert here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TLgp...

In case you missed it, here’s our interview with Måneskin following their first rehearsal at Eurovision 2021: slnumber.info/wiev/nKrRoZp7q1-cZKI/video.html

Video editor:
Cinan - cinansdl

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  • You can watch our entire 2.5-hour Wiwi Jam concert here: slnumber.info/wiev/ZoSul9WylH5mrsg/video.html

    • @Zeroxx32 s

    • You better bring MÅNESKIN back!!! Look at the views 😏 cmon bring them back to sing more songs pleaseeeee

    • Saulės kliošas

    • You are not normal Man🤮🤮🤮🤮 where this world going to?

    • Iconic comment

  • Thanks for putting the italians back on the map again..

  • подождите, я одна что-ли замечаю как он громко вдыхает?

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  • Qadani alım özüve gəl

  • I dare giving out hints about their inspirations: New York Dolls (guitar riffs), White Stripes (drums rhythms), Pearl Jam (density of sound), Marylin Manson (David's wild shouts), rap music (David's singing), Tina Weymouth of Talking Heads (the way she moves)....more to follow !!

  • 2:56 this change...

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  • Soy el comentario en español diciendo lo terriblemente sexy y carismático que es Damiano

  • Too good to be true! :) In love with everything and everybody in the video! :)

  • everyone simping damiano while i was desperately trying to zoom thomas's face. good choice myself

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  • You teasing me nati nati you teasing meeeeee

  • comunque quando parte Zitti e buoni e' come se ingranassero la quarta.Chiaro che in classifica all'estero salira' I WANNA BE Your Slave. Pazienza, la produzione in italiano,che e' 100 volte migliore di quella in inglese, ce la godremo noi

  • He gives me yungblud vibes

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  • Они иллюминаты?


  • Why did i find these just now. 🤯

  • Their talent and stage presence is literally out of this world

  • Incredible voice omg, it's just like the original one or even better

  • Mmmm

  • The whole vibe is vampire sexy and I'm here for it

  • This is my favorite video ever

  • Entering an English pub/bar "Slug & Lettuce" and seeing English people humming the lyrics in Italian of the Maneskin song "Zitti e Buoni" and then "I wanna be yr slave" with the beers in their hands is priceless!

  • My 3 yo is pretending to be Ethan, wearing headphones and playing kids' guitar, and I love it!

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  • Are the girl and boy playing guitar and bass bro and sis'? idk why but to me they look like each other

  • cover Take Me to Church by Hozier please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • 20 mill views INCOMING 🤩

  • I love the positivity that Trio Mandili spread.

  • How does this have dislikes

  • At first I was like 'Mmmm Måneskin' as a joke ... but bro I don't think it's a joke anymore...

  • love him ... op

  • Слишком идеально🤯😍


  • He sounds so northern

  • 0:59 ....👁👄👁😌

  • *Me: watches few vids with Måneskin in it* *SLnumber: so you like Italy, huh?*

  • I learned the personal pronouns and the verb 'to be' in Italian thanks to Zitti e Buoni xD

  • Группа обалденна)) и кроме звука, внешне вылитая компашка вампиров)))

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  • Это лучшее что я слышала!🔥

  • Amazing strong voice! 🥰😘😘 from Poland!

  • Gets better everytime i watch it!

  • Need more songs like this

  • I either wanna be them or be with them....

  • It's literally in the middle of the night and I have this on repeat while I'm on my bed like: 🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗

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  • 1:00 thank me later ;)

  • 19M views..I confess to 5k of those..🤪

  • Stage Animal

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  • Måneskin

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  • At first i was like "Mhmm... Måneskin" As a joke, but bro i don't think it's a joke anymore...

  • am i the only one who understands hallejulah when he says i'm a lawyer

    • I hear loyal

    • I keep hearing I am tequila...Quite like it, opposed to the actual I am a killer

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  • i used to search for fan edits of them in january but i only found few vids. i'm glad they are now more recognized internationally aaaa (they rly deserve it)

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  • Tutto d' un tratto...Il Bel Paese fa parlar ancor di se' ..con l'arte! Bella storia....vuol dire che non si e ' morti del tutto! W la France!!!!

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  • In 1:01 I SCREAMED

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