EXPOSING MYSELF with @Drumeo's "Ultimate Drummer's Timing Test"

Objavljeno 21. apr. 2021
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Intro Cadence - “False Hype” by EMC
Background Cadence - “White Boy Smooth” by EMC
Download these beats here - slnumber.info/wiev/kGTYft9sf2SEqcw/video.html
EMC Free Sheet Music Catalog - drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QiBKp_e8JyBjhZy1XuyKkOITxJgBVn0c?usp=sharing
0:00 - Intro
0:49 - Drum Set
3:53 - Bass Drums
6:39 - Tenors


  • This was a fun challenge! I even got to show off my drum chops AND push-up chops in the same video.

  • 1:23 sounded like Pocket like it‘s hot

  • That was the living embodiment of When In Doubt, Roll. 🤣🤣 Bruford would be proud. Great job!

  • Great video

  • This guy seriously deserves more likes and subscribers for the amount of effort and skill he puts into his video.

  • I was practicing paradiddles while watching this and we played one at the same time, it was magical

  • It wasn’t the timing or the click that messed you up. It was all them push-ups. Your arms were jello man. Yeah. That’s it.

  • "I lost the count, what i do?" "PLAY ALLLLL THE NOTES"

  • Clever way to make it through them e's and uh's lmao just run a diddle pattern, cant fck this up!

  • Where's the snares?

  • If you really want to check your timing, go check out Casey Cangelosi and get his book Technical Timing. So rather than the click shifting, as in the Drumeo version, in Casey's book, the click stays constant and you shift against the click by playing the exercises a check measure followed by a 'shift' measure. Quite a challenge especially the shifts 'by 4'.

  • Push-ups while drumming hahahaha

  • This proves humans are shit and computers will rule the world

  • Do d and cadence please

  • This dude is so cool.

  • Nice mental chops bro

  • Nice job on the 4 empty bars! That's a ton of space and you were right with the met when it came back in. Very impressive!

  • You know Eric, you've said several times that you're not much of a drum set player. You're of a hell of a lot better at double bass than I am lol.

  • Can you react to drumming videos Titled “worlds worst drummer” Specifically drum set drummers I know you do mainly Drumline stuff but I it’d be cool to see that video, it’s ok if you can’t I understand Also I really enjoy your reaction videos so yay ^^

  • Where have I heard this before?

  • Emc if you do not respond to my comment then you do not like chickens

  • Wish I learned to play drums rather than brass. Err.. or in addition to? Yeah. That.

  • Heels together

  • I watched this video and I made this comment.

  • Mr.Krabs?😎

  • Nice

  • I don’t drum, I don’t band, but I still love your videos regardless!

  • I could tell that you were doing a bunch of long shreds waiting for the down beat, I know that because I’ve done something like that before😂

  • Having those countoff bars makes it too easy...

  • 30 pushups?? But you're a marine, you need to do a 4 count push up and I only saw 1 count:p

  • Can you play diddles for decades at a medium tempo and then a fast tempo?

  • It’s kind weird how this showed up after my bd told me to do this with my marimba solo

  • Should have used eastman.... Lol

  • This man really did 90 pushups for this video

  • Awesome

  • I love the shirt man.

  • Nice bro ur funny lol


  • Holy smoses those pushups were ugly 😐

  • That sounded better than my bass line tbh

  • That metronome gives me headaches.

  • Wow

  • So he finally wore his glasses

  • Them push-ups looked soup sandwich tho 🤣🤣🤣

  • Like the vid and sub

  • I was planning to like the video but it was at 420 So I didn't, please forgive

  • We did this all the time at CATALYST Percussion. It really helped a lot with our timing


  • Vid two of asking you to make a Spock snare

    • I’m on vid 2 of asking for marching timpani quads, I think we should collectively pick one if there’s any chance of him making it

  • EMC: “a very severe punishment” of 30 push ups. Also EMC: *literally went to BOOT CAMP with people going into the military* And also marched drum Corp for a few years.

  • I buddy, I love the vids.

  • This was top notch quality drumming entertainment! Awesome stuff! Also great edits

  • no one: most high school basslines: 4:07

  • Why did you just thumb down your own video?

  • "collectively a bag of butts" has officially entered my lexicon

  • man that was awesome

  • How many could actually tell when and where he got lost through the tenor solo, i could

  • 5:31 jeez... sounds like the bass line that i'm in

  • Video 3 of commenting until EMC makes an entire battery percussion section out of spocks and 8 inch splash cymbals

  • Tbh this is what a marine musician should be doing.

  • Awesome!!

  • But can you do it on a triangle or cowbell?

  • Don't let your kids watch this. emc exposes himself and it's not pretty!

  • How much to make you play come up with a drumming technique to play with your feet?

  • Yeah it’s way too easy to feel the Es and As as downbeats!

  • Eric, you should increase the difficulty. Make your own click track without the quarter notes between shifts.

  • Video 2 asking you to make marching timpani quads

    • @rotflmaopmpqxyz 2 timpani then

    • @Rawhide Lamp single marching timpanis exist tho

    • That would be way too heavy, a single marching timpani would be best, and hopefully not back breaking

  • That's a very tricky exercise...... It's likely there's going to be imperfections even for experienced good drummers.

  • Meow

  • I was confused the whole time watching him play the bass drums

  • Good thing you are in good shape! The original Drumeo guy really struggled! (with the pushups!!!) Barely could make it to 30, and you did 90 overall!

  • Your bassline sounded like mine! Lol!

  • i love how the bass section the unisons are great but then fall apart and come back. great times

  • he did one pushup then looped it

  • Video 3 of thanking @emcproductions and @rdavidr for making a gong hi-hat

  • F in the chat for the Braincells Eric lost while doing the bass drums

  • Not bad 10 /6

  • Hopefully those xymox replacement tenor rims will come soon!

  • That tenor solo was pretty sick 🙌

  • you need to train fills. they suck!

  • It’s so satisfying watching him play the bass drums

  • Eric: "i'm going to play that the whole time." also Eric: immediately plays something else

    • @EMCproductions i'm a huge fan of your videos. i was a percussion major who marched with Phantom Regiment. watching your videos takes me back to a time i truly enjoyed. keep up the fantastic work because it is appreciated.

    • 🤣The plan was to play it the whole time. But I quickly realized swung 16th-notes wouldn't line up with the 'E' and 'A' clicks.

  • When will you come to Brazil?

  • Good morning! It's 12:05am in Australia, I can JUST say that 😬

  • I'm doing my state tests rn. Well not at the moment I finished already.

  • Hi

  • Dam I’m early

  • Last time I was this early, I um Well idk I kinda suck at this ngl

  • 3rd

  • Guten Morgen

  • Wut