Elon Musk EXPOSED! (Shocking TRUTH About The RICHEST Man)

Objavljeno 9. jun. 2021
Elon Musk: Space Genius or Elitist Billionaire Jerk Face? In this video, we take a deep look into Elon Musk’s past and show definitively that he is not all he says he is. We’ll pry open the secret playbook that Elon and the other elites are using to push YOU out of Bitcoin so they can keep it all to themselves.

Grab a bag of popcorn, we’re going IN and telling you why Elon Musk is BAD. We’ll cover the history and the rise of Elon Musk. Find out all the details about the shady things Elon has been doing his entire life.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Assumptions
1:55 Screwed Tesla Founders
3:52 Screwed Fisker
5:07 Tesla's Impact on the Environment
6:44 SEC \u0026 Pumps
10:55 Errol Musk


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  • Scammers are getting much worse guys. They are now using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMS. They are scammers 100%. I do not have anyone who trades for me and manages others money. Be careful!

  • Fear the Doge

  • Electric car batteries can be recycled Bitboy, but we need to develop the infrastructure.

  • Elon’s going to be the next Bill Gates and I say that with concern

  • Big fan of your channel but you're just so wrong here. Concentrate on giving good crypto advice

  • Elon’s father had a baby with his step daughter!!! Look it up !!! Elon and his family are evil

  • Confinity is all you need to know !!! Elon musk is a fraud

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  • Yes well done Ben took balls to put this video up, I salute you!

  • Who thinks Elon follows Bitboy??And So should we be selling dodge???

  • Awwww Elon got me into crypto.

  • How is nobody talking about the fact that 90% of US electricity is coal powered? Meaning a tesla driven I the US is still fossil fueled...

  • Elon the #douchefather

  • Very well said BitBoi - BUT - ANONYMOUS says it best! ...hardworking people have seen their "dreams liquidated" by "public temper tantrums' from Musk

  • Aqua metals on the stock market Recycles lithium.

  • HOLD egld. elrond is the next bitcoin

  • How does this rant help anyone?

  • Brilliant 👍👍👍

  • Yikes, someone is still sore from all those mills lost 😂 accept it like a man and stop bitching about it.

  • Great video!

  • haha you mad cus bitcoin crashed and just makes shit up about elon haha salty boy

  • Elon is a lunatic

  • Elon Claun

  • Finally someone exposing this Fraud !!

  • Respect. I just unfollowed him on Twitter.

  • The article says that you can recycle Tesla batteries? www.tesla.com/support/sustainability-recycling

  • THANK YOU FINALLY SOMEONE SPEAKING THE TRUTH! he does not care for us, he may pretend to but really cares for himself only!. remeber ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THEN WORDS!

  • Elon can no longer be trusted! He tricked and used all his fans and supporters!

  • Well said Ben!!

  • You nailed it. Very good video and I call him elon the CON. elon is a EVIL SUB HUMAN CREATURE

  • Elon is only eligible for gold diggers, he can't get anything better! Elon is a poor man! Elon has psychological issues! Elon is an old child with hunger for attentions.

  • Tesla is a scam!

  • Excellent report and many thanks.

  • This was amazing. I thought it was a vengeful reprisal, but you've done proper homework and got to the right conclusions.

  • 1:37 Vsauce.. haha👍

  • F-ELON also stands for FELON

  • I'm with everyone who goes against elonshit

  • The point is bitcoin is a store of value that reacts to one man's tweets. Go figure ,

  • I'm wondering why no one has mentioned Nvidia and how they purposely locked out the hash rate of there cards. In turn causing mining to have half the efficiency. Shouldn't they be held partly responsible for making BTC less green.

  • Alon shot first at all of us! Well said Ben 🍺 thx

  • Thank you BitBoy, it feels good to hear it outloud as he tries taking us down. Thank you BitBoy💐🤗

  • Ellitest billionaire jerk face 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ok so let me get this straight, a "con" artist has managed to not only weasel his way into one of the biggest car companies in the world leading the way in electric car manufacturing but also, sending rockets to space for 1/10 of the price, is well on his way to provide internet for the entire globe wherever you are, builds a tunnel to help traffic, makes a flamethrower company for the fun of it, promotes bitcoin until he realizes it isnt what he thought it was and is honest about it in media and now you manage to find the balls to call him out on these shocking truths? every company he is involved in is trying to make lie easier for you, even if he was a "bad" guy you cant argue with what he has managed to create and how those things will impact your lifes! bunch of salty crybabies you all are! and to clarify i also have a stake in bitcoin so dont try that bs! i know a decentralised currency is the future Elon just pointed out bitcoin might not be it

  • About time Elon Musk went to Mars. And stayed there.

  • Elon is a drama queen! Clearly, Elon is not smoking the good stuff. Odd for a billionaire. What a douche!

  • Their is an Australian company that can recycle lithium batteries on a large scale -slnumber.info/wiev/j2K8j6-Ia2eXeLI/video.html

  • Take away all the subsidies and Tesla will fail like Delorean and Bricklin. Germany and China build these plant for Tesla with the promise of GREEN energy cars but no politician looks at the energy cost of vehicle inputs--battery, fiberglass, copper all are not recyclable. By the way-- keep those coal fired energy plants running to charge them cars. As I learned in University--bullshit baffles brains !!!

  • I have never heard such a reach for at least 50% of this video. How much are u down in bitcoin my dude? did you buy at the top? poor guy. As someone els said. I think elon has some free relestate in your head my man

  • Nice expose Ben! The guy is a douche!

  • So true

  • Dang ❤️ Bit boy...Elon jerk face...hehe🤣🤣🤣

  • Mining using child labor is not green? What are the children farting methane when mining? Their might be other issues that come about due to using children to mine but green energy is not one of them.

  • Elon sucks

  • Respect Ben!!! That's why crypto is a game changer,and they don't want it!!!Power to the many and not the few!!! I bet there shiting themselves... Great job Ben. I hope those cunts understand that the people have had enough of there bullshit..you have big arhidia!!!(greek for balls)

  • All these jealous fkn people!! Lmao

  • There's 2.4k people that should unsubscribe. Also to those 2.4k people Tesla sucks, Elon sucks, and your Tesla stocks will be penny stocks in no time.

  • I vote for “ billionaire, elitist jerk face “

  • There’s a great argument for every single thing said in this video. If people do there research it will show you the truth.

  • Just wait until other nerds, who simp for these people, find out that this story can basically be applied to every billionaire ever.

  • Elon left a bad taste in my mouth when he started to sabotage the crypto industry!! He cost a lot of people a lot of money. As he thought it was some big joke the whole time. I have no respect for him

  • Wow, you are mad at this dude!

  • love the Bitswap ad 😅

  • He's not that famous in South Africa, infact he's done nothing for poor livelihoods in South Africa and Zambia, where his wealth came from. He's busy FUDng Bitcoin, the only asset that will save us as Africans and the world from these kleptocratic politicians😡 Bitcoin and Crypto 4ever baby

  • wow man. your panties are in a bunch. Elon DID COFOUND an EARLY COMPANY and made it what it IS TODAY!!!!! gimmie a BREAK.

  • Unnecessary

  • we live in a shady world were billionares have a big say, very good video. guess elon is a very shrewd business guy, we gotta be aware.

  • Curious about how would bitboy react if Elon were a big Bitcoin fan. Let’s have respect, you didn’t expose him until he is not in your “best friends list”

  • Elon Musk is a South African Trump

  • Don’t forget his open support for a government coup of Bolivia to gain access to the worlds biggest lithium mines!

  • Cancel culture at it’s best!!! Let’s delete Elon Crust from existence!!

  • Cancel Ellon..

  • I've said it all along exactly what Elon Musk is. Nice one Ben. Tell it how it is.

  • R.(NOT).I.P ELON, one of the best videos I've ever watched that is related to crypto. Kudos bb

  • Most of the world still using Coal to power they local electricity, Yes the Car use Electricity, but to power it up, need Coal and many other polution. And what about Space X that burn tonnes of dirty gas just for fun and make test. What about the Boring Company that burn Gas just for fun in a Lame gun, what about Start LINK that Polute atmosphere............

  • Totally right Ben good video!

  • This is what I had twitted on one of Elon Musk twits (May 23rd): "Now if you think that one man can affect the value of the all the crypto then yes, he is right to think of him as being Jesus. If you think that he is only an influencer that you can listen but not necessarily follow and believe then his comments will not mean more than yours." This guy may have great skills but uses them for the wrong purposes. What a waste...

  • I think this was always going to happen. Things were great while Bitcoin and crypto were relatively new and still. ‘Babies’ so to speak. When it got to a certain size it was kind of inevitable these big money people were going to come in and screw it up in some way. If you ever believed these people were our friends or a real benefit to crypto then that is possibly a little naive to a certain degree.

  • I am not taking sides here I am trying to stay impartial. However It could also be said. Like Elon was championing Bitcoin when it suited him, and you then were championing Elon. He then turned on Bitcoin when it no longer suited him, just as you are turning on Elon now as he no longer serves your purpose. Shallowness all round comes to mind!!! And I love both of you guys, let’s be clear on that!!

  • Ben you are brave doing this as I think you may have lost a lot of followers as, like it or not, the guy is still very popular.

  • Who cares.

  • I wonder how long it will take before Elon wants to bring a lawsuit against Bitboy and he makes another video titled "I'm Being Sued!!" Sadly that might be the world we live in now where we just try and tear each other down instead of just becoming be people in general.

  • This guy's a hater. Poor guy.

  • # unfollow elon

  • finally ben hit it..the trust trader around the world need to digest..stay away from elonshit..how many billion dollar small trader money got liquidated because of elonshit..


  • Dogecoin 2 the moon 🌝💎🤲

  • Tanks, great one

  • The love of money is the root of all evil. People love Bitcoin because they’d made money off it. Right, Ben?

  • Holy sh1t man.. I’m gonna pray for you not to get killed... what a video 😂😂😂

  • Well said

  • I always wanted an electric car, but it won't be tesla. If electric cars are all that great, why in the world are they more expensive than the very complex internal combustion cars we have now? It's crazy, its batteries and electric motors, yet prices are insane.

  • I've seen all these accusations before just not all in the same piece. Thanks for putting this together.

  • Bill Gates ,the computer guy now the vaccine pusher never did invent anything much I think ..The media portrayed him as the average guy who invented stuff in the garage and his mom and dad were hard working middle class types but were friends with Rothschild and they had ties to CIA and Planned Parenthood ..Bill Gates was given inventions to patent for himself by other real inventors who were paid off because he was the boy of the club connections ,,Elon possibly has the same story about him being the average kid with no privileged ties but that is not the case and now he is the rich kid of the world like Bill Gates and they all get all of he credit for being so inventive and hard working but it all is just an act from the play script to feed the heads of the masses of sheep to be fooled and to not think about the truth about who these actors are ..

  • $SHIB is strong of almost 500k holders. Big release soon

  • Get him! #cancelElon

  • Pressed like even before watching

  • Listen, I understand the lack of enthusiasm for Elon Musk. But suggesting that Tesla would have made it to market without him wouldn't have worked. I'm certain he was an ass to the founders, but he got the job done. Fiskar WAS a deceptive bastard - I don't blame Tesla and Musk for damaging his reputation. The situation with battery resources is NOT Elon's fault - and he is working on find ways to get a better battery. I think he's a little smarter (and trickier) than you think...and it's not necessarily a bad thing for crypto in the long run.

  • Not making excuses for him but he said it on Saturday Night Live about people who criticize him. He said loosely quoted that, "I'm a billionaire with Aspergers and you expect me to act normal?"

  • Let's save crypto together from dangerous big whales and sharks . We must support middle class people to invest in crypto in safe environment. Plz continue exposing such kind of mankind's killer.

  • You are brilliant and brave like lion. Infact my words are very small to applause you.