Tetris® 99 - 19th MAXIMUS CUP Gameplay Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Objavljeno 7. jan. 2021
The Tetris 99 19th MAXIMUS CUP event runs from 11 p.m. PT on January 7 to 10:59 p.m. PT on January 11. To participate, you’ll need to be a Nintendo Switch Online member* and play the Tetris 99 online mode during the event period. You’ll earn event points based on your placement in each match. Once you’ve accumulated a total of 100 event points, a new theme will unlock, featuring art, music and Tetrimino designs inspired by Kirby Fighters 2!
*Nintendo Switch Online membership (sold separately) and Nintendo Account required for online features. This game includes an in-game purchase option for users who do not have a membership. Not available in all countries. Internet access required for online features. Terms apply. nintendo.com/switch-online
Tetris® 99 Available Now: www.nintendo.com/games/detail/tetris-99-switch/
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  • Please bring Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 as the next theme for Maximus Cup 20! This month is Puyo month!

  • I MISSED THIS ONE ARGH. The only Maximus cup I have is Mario All stars, and I didn’t play enough to get the Super Kirby Clash one.

  • Nice 👌👍

  • I need a Nintendo Switch for play this game but i have no money :'c

  • Dang one day left. I'm gonna have to hurry on this one.

  • Would be great on Smartphone instead of the switch

  • All the other players in that game must have been like: "Dang, he is good"

  • nice

  • Continue believing Tetris 99 matches are this slow paced, Nintendo.

  • Bruh am I tripping it doesn’t show it on my game is it in America 😭😭😭

  • I got first place in a Tetris 99 game for the first time earlier this week. My co-worker now calls me Tetris Paximus. lol

  • Nintedo and Hal please for the love of God make a new kirby game that has more then 3 new abilities throw all the old one out the window and give us a game that has a bunch of them like the n64 version

  • Dont like my comment

  • I don't get tired of asking about where the heck the new SUPER MARIO 3D WORLD + BOWSER'S FURY trailer!?!?!

  • Nintendo Pokemon brasar

  • Hm pq vc coloca o super Mario maker 2 no plastory só pra Android ok

  • Not avaible in all countries ? More like "Only not avaible in Turkey"

  • Eu queria que tivesse mais promoções Nintendo, por favor!

  • Day 5 of giving a random Nintendo fact and asking for Paper Mario All Stars. A version of Kirby called Evil Kirby appears in Link's Awakening.

  • When are you guys releasing information about bowsers fury in super Mario 3D world on Nintendo switch

  • Tetris effect on Xbox is better

  • Nintendo should add karlson

  • Nintendo of your reading this I bought Min Min and Steve and I did not get them so please help me if yall cant help me unless give me my money back

    • Never mind i got my Min Min and Steve

  • As in give them a hat and clothing like in let’s go

  • Can you plz add in Pokémon shield/sword to make it so you can customize your pokemon

  • Well this year going to be great for kirby

  • give us wauigi for smash

  • Sure hope this doesnt get banned as well.


  • This theme looks awesome in action.

  • One thing for MR.Skurai can will Enter smash Bros ultimate 0 from katana 0

  • Awesome! Love tetris!

    • Never knew I would see an 11 million subscriber account here.

  • *when it’s midnight* BRUH ITS CST TIME FOR ME AHHH

  • Nintendo please tell my why my Nintendo doesn’t let me download help wanted fnafon lite

  • Everyone is waiting for mario odyssey 2 and Mario galaxi 3

  • Now Kirby is a Tetris *nice*

  • 3ds joycons?

  • Whoever is the unpaid intern that's playing this Tetris game is REALLY good.

  • Y E S

  • a good game could be mario kart all stars with double dash mario kart wii and Mario kart 7

  • Tetris against 98 is the scariest thing I've ever experienced... Can't wait to get that Kirby theme though!

  • Kirby tetris

  • Can't wait

  • Nintendo has made switch online more worth it in the past couple years with the huge virtual console library of classics and this game.

  • あのー、本編とコラボしてくれてもいいんですよ?

  • 5th video of 2021

  • So nobody’s gonna talk about how that person played for the trailer?

  • We should have more videos of just Tetris 99 gameplay

  • Can you guys make a game called Mario maker 3 with ice flower scale terrains and moving terrains and super Mario galaxy selection

  • Playing some of the switch games are fun but the only thing that I really don’t like about the switch is that every game that I want is $60

  • Nintendo, where in the Super Mario Galaxy 2 on 3D -All stars Waluigi on smash Geno on smash Earthbound is my Splatoon 1 port?

    • @Hey Luigie!! I just want more nostalgia

    • Do not overdo this

  • kirby 35th in 2027 better happen

  • trailer 1 sec to put the blocks me : takes 10 sec to think where it should go

  • This looks fun

  • Nice my NSO just expired


  • Anyone els think Nintendo should develop something for the switch a way to play 3ds games

  • they should split up the theme's different aspects so you can have a mario background with kirby blocks and fire emblem music. maybe even custom pick what songs play at different player counts

  • music name for the song played first? 00:08

  • This is so satisfying

  • Mario 35: where's the love...?

  • Petition to put Galaxy 2 on switch

  • Why is this so satisfying

  • Does anyone know the name of the second song? I can't seem to find it at all.

  • Can you also replicate a wii sports spevie on the Nintendo Switch? Please I really liked it

  • Wow well coo Nintendo game

  • Sweeeet

  • Can you update the LEGO Mario app

  • Not sure if it was ever done in a previous Maximus Cup trailer, but I hope they put in a T Spin in a future trailer.

  • Please put out some games that won't get boring in an hour, I haven't bought a switch game that was good since Smash, ik this probably won't go anywhere but it's just an out cry for now

  • Sadly I missed most Cup events until I finally started playing Tetris 99 myself, my first one was a Pokemon one followed by Super Mario All-Stars. The OG Kirby theme is one of my favorites because of the music and nice background. I won't be missing this event either. I am hoping that previous event themes will make a return like the Pokemon one.

  • I love you Nintendo

  • **Screams the word poyo constantly and aggressively**

  • I'm still missing the Xenoblade Chronicles theme... ... Also the Gameboy one but to be honest I couldn't care less

  • Thank you Nintendo for making all these games all year for our entertainment. Thank you again.

  • Nintendo. Can we get fnaf (five nights at Freddy’s) into smash? Please?

  • Announce new games.

  • I love these gameplay trailers cause it's like... nothing has changed but still, they'll show us how to play a really slow game of Tetris 99

  • Wanna see Caillou

  • The sound effects are so good, shame I like Tetris without the 99

  • Can I remake the Wii u

  • Nintendo plis make other mario galaxy 3 or make super mario 3d word 2 plis

  • HEY Where's the toad version? jk

  • I have this game but the controls are hard for me to master lmao


  • Day two asking for tomodachi life sequel

  • Please Donkey Kong Country :Kremlings !!


  • Put epic Mickey on switch

  • I'll Say This Who Ever Is With The Controller Is Popping Off

  • the hyrule fox approved this game aswell as a turtle did

  • nintendo, give me customizable themes for the nintendo switch

  • POYO

  • thanks. can you make updates for Kirby fighters 2 now?

  • Bops

  • At least music is kickass, as a Kirby game should, usually Nintendo games tend to have... safe soundtracks, but Kirby always stood up being kickass, I really hope this one becomes available to unlock for us offline users at some point, Nintendo hasn’t updated those since forever.

  • 👍

  • @odd1sout

  • Squads when ffs

  • Why does this have to start at 2 AM Eastern time?!