Geography Now! SLOVENIA

Objavljeno 6. jan. 2021
Dragons, honey, accordions and wine. Not in that specific order.
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  • #Slovenia the Bridge between the Slavic, Germanic and Latin worlds. Try not to fall too much in "Slove" with this episode. You'll be "Pušt-ing" your luck.

    • hi. i

    • @Dark gamer Shadow also it is spelled da but we say ja

    • I bet half of you are not slovensko 🤦

    • 8:11 Bratislava, 8:29 Bratislava, Slovakia

    • Growing up in America, I had a friend whose grandparents were: Slovenian, Russian, Austrian and Italian - all also spoke English, since their children had grown up in America. The fluidity with which they switched languages at the dinner table was baffling and enviable. Such a rich and warm experience.

  • Very nice video, representing my country! Very good effort on pronounciations too :) Good job guys .. and girl.

  • Love Slovenia from Serbia 🇸🇮❤️🇷🇸

  • You put Roglic's picture in the first mentioning (15:28) of 2020 Tour de France. Also Roglic won both 2019 and 2020 Vuelta. So Slovenians won 3 editions of Grand Tour in total at the time this video is posted.

  • 0:30 you're welcome 😘❤️❤️❤️

    • 8:11 and 8:29 is picture of Bratislava in SLOVAKIA, not SLOVENIA :) Chvala

  • yep you got Čatež right :)

  • When is Sweden coming? You’ve done all the nordic countries except for Sweden :(

  • Just a correction about slovenian music; the "styrian" accordion was invented in Slovenia, not Austria. The head thing for womens folklore costube is called AVBA, not ABVA. Its true about the drinking when a child is born, you have to get super drunk for the child to have a good life.

  • paedar's new graphics coming in HOT!!! they look so great!!!!

  • Greetings to my Slavic brothers and sisters from Slovakia. For a moment I thought he is speaking again about my country. As much as we have similar and share, it is unbelievable. If not distance we would be BFF.

  • Slovenia is not slav

  • My mom climbed Triglav

  • I’m from Primorska wHich where I’m from veryyyyyy communist where I’m from

  • You finally did it Barbs you made a geography now vid on Slovenija btw greetings from Slovenija 🇸🇮 love your vids

  • @Geography Now Did you like geography as a kid, did you only start liking it when you were older, or are you just doing this for buisiness/a hobby?

  • Love to Slovenia from *slovenia ig*

  • @6:20 the ine for the Sava river is really off from Ljubljana downward. Otherwise love from Slovenia

  • went to slovenia in 2007/8 for xmas and ney year. I couldnt believe how pretty bled and kranjska gora was , and ljubliana too. had a wild nye in ljubliana lol

  • I did erasmus in this lovely country during pandemic.

  • 8:11 and 8:29 is picture of Bratislava in SLOVAKIA, not SLOVENIA :) Chvala

  • True we Austrians are Smart

  • Do you wanna see something slovenian words ok Zdravo ime mi je smrtno železo kako si in hvala da si prisel do slovenije Hello my name is DEAD IRON how are you and thanks

  • 4:56 - Top left castle is actually in Slovakia (Bojnice). Just sayin'. :)

  • I have been to Slovenia twice and I would like to move there for a new life.

  • No, Hannah, you did not pronounce klopotec correctly.

  • Kosovo 🇽🇰

  • First time in a long time i’m watching geography now The last time i was here was when the Philippines episode was made

  • Hi, I'm Luka from Slovenia and I must say that it is so funny hearing you american guys trying to pronounce slavic words! HAHAHAHAHAA

    • Yes and I'm a little offended because you needed so many years to make an episode about my country. I know that we are few (< 2 milion) but we are not so irrelevant.

  • Slovenia is terribly underrated, I need to go there someday!

  • I hope some people who watching this video come to the Slovenija!😉👌😃

  • they show to primož roglič cringe

    • Yeah...we're pretty cool😂😂 although it was kinda funny hearing you guys try to say some of our words I appreciate you trying

  • we dont call that thing oml we call them človeška ribica

  • m8 you got the čatež

  • Luka Dončič ?

  • Another fun fact: We have Hot horse! It's a fast food restaurant chain, that serves horse meat burgers! Americans: you have 5 seconds to be offended!

  • Jan Oblak and Samir Handanović: Are we a joke to you.

  • I've been there!

  • Lots of spelling mistakes in this video... Also feel like you could tone down the dormroom fun vibe, it's kinda distracting and I feel excluded lmao

  • It really is a weird country...

  • Dude I've been waiting for this episode for literally YEARS. And now that it's finally out, I missed it by a week... totally forgot about your channel too. Tonight is going to be a good ol' Geography Now trip * grabs popcorn *.

  • I am from slovenia and you got the names pretty right... Thy tell our langueage is very hard

  • Make the Croatia on again. The first one was so fast and rushed.

  • Slovenia is one of those mad places no one ever speaks about but it actually seems like such a beautiful underrated country!

  • Slavs? Hope next episode will be about USA or Australia where you´ll say they´re Germanic pals, from one big Germanic´s family!! So stupid.

  • ON the video 5.28 that where i live it is called Kranjska Gora come and visit you gonna love it :)

  • Yeah...we're pretty cool😂😂 although it was kinda funny hearing you guys try to say some of our words I appreciate you trying

  • “Borders Austria-Hungary “

  • Barbs: Slovene grammar is confusing because they have the singular, plural AND dual tenses. Me: *laughs in Arabic student, begins sobbing*

  • Finally!!!!!! Been waiting for Slovenia for 3 years :D

  • It's so nice reading the lovely comments about Slovenia and Slovenians. I'm a Slovenian, couldn't be prouder about that and it's really nice to hear others have good opinions of us. :)

  • As I'm Slovenian, it's fun watching this video. Sure I would add some stuff, people etc. But you did a great job. Don't know if it was a joke, that you heard people start punching one another at the top of Triglav, but it's not really like that. The one who climbs to Triglav for the first time, has to put his/her head inside Aljaž tower and the other one has to spank his/her butt with a rope haha.

  • Idk if it's just me but barbs doesn't seem as energetic as he used to be earlier in the alphabet... hopefully I'm just mistaken thou.

  • Beautiful country! I hope I get the chance to visit someday. And great video, Paul. Very funny and informative.

  • 0:41 lol

  • I show my 4 and 6 year old daughters your videos and they love them. Keep up the great work, I've been learning a lot too!

  • Why .. did .. you .. show .. zagrebška kremšnita and not traditional slovene one ? are you try to start a riot down here

  • We also have Lana Rhoades😌

  • Keith ''fought with a bathtube and won'' :D :D :D

  • Did they mention Zizek?

  • ez pešeren

  • As a Slovenian this video is a honor.

  • 8:13 and 8:29 the moment when you relised that the picture is the capital of Slovakia (Bratislava) and not Slowenia😂

  • Portoroz. No wonder you guys deserve a lot more coastline haha Love from Hungary to all Slovenians! 🇭🇺❤️🇸🇮

  • HANNAH SAID ,,, SPEAKING OF ALL THE WORLDS PROBLEMS, HERES... that has to be the funniest thing I have heard on this show from countries A to now.

  • wow, we acually At Slovinja. Cant wait for Sverige!

    • I’m from Slovenia😃 Zdravo vsi slovenci, ki berete ta komentar😂

  • SLOVENIA? Oh shoot. I've been here since Bolivia but missed a couple of months of videos now and soon it's time for my country so I gotta make ready some research and package...

  • Slovenia love šnopc🇸🇮

  • Ah mate, you cannot say you‘ve visited Düsseldorf once when you‘re talking to Austria... ;) Better give Graz a visit, drop me a message and I‘ll guide you through the best parts of Austria that are near to Slovenia. Being fully drunk and having fun like you never had before included, just dropping „Buschenschank“ here - all the peeps in Styria will know what I mean :)

  • Great Slovekia episode,

  • To confuse people more, the historical part of neighbour Croatia is named Slavonia.

  • How tf do you know all these things, some of this stuff you can't find on the internet

  • 'Spherical liquid crystal lasers' - Keith's next metal band.


  • Famus Slovenia people are also Luka Dončič, Anže Kopitar, Goran Dragič, Tim Gajser, Ilka Štuhec...

  • I live* in Dolenjska but im in Ljubljana rn

  • 25:30 The picture shows the churche of St. Martin in Baratislava in SLOVAKIA.

  • Im acctually from Slovenia and in waching* this rn and im like wow

  • Ok, I'll say it: When it comes to their best friends however, when it comes to their best friends however...

  • I live in slovenia 😍

  • I’m from Slovenia😃 Zdravo vsi slovenci, ki berete ta komentar😂

  • Omg I CAN'T with your accent hahaha Also idk why I'm watching this cuz I'm slovenian Yeah... Don't judge...

  • As an Austrian I can say that I didn‘t know Slovenia loves us so much ❤️

    • Well we do look up to you sometimes as our most developed neighbors and we can't forget that 700 years of common history, but love is overstatement.

    • it‘s because they don‘t

  • Bruh, both the Slovakia/Slovenia didn't even have any music (including the flag fridays for these countries)

  • I am from slivenia

    • I wonder if he mentions Laibach Edit: yes he does

  • Dyk that the creators of talking tom are from Slovenia

  • Ꭵᗰ ᖴᖇᗝᗰ ՏᒪᗝᐯᗴᑎᎥᒎᗩ

  • LA Kings forward Anze Kopitar is also Slovene

  • Is pust not pušt

  • Slovenian here❤️🇸🇮

  • Welcome to the country with 200 dialects. If you move to a different region you can have a hard time understanding people.

  • Im in sloveni 🇸🇮

  • Slovenia is a simp for Austria

  • Eyes do creepy

  • Ok, I’m Polish and does Slovene language sound easy or what?

  • As a Croatian, I can say your pronunciation is not awful 👌

  • Anyone notice the large amount of errors in this video?

  • Im from slovenia

  • Slovenia seems similar to Suriname, where they're small but they're rich in cultural diversity with their ties to Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia similar to Suriname's ties to the Netherlands, Africa, Indonesia, and China. In a way, it makes them seem like a special nation to be a part of.

  • I wonder if he mentions Laibach Edit: yes he does

  • I'm really sorry to mention, but yuu spell every second word WRONG. Sorry.:(