Game Recap: Mavericks 104, Hornets 93

Objavljeno 13. jan. 2021
The Mavericks defeated the Hornets, 104-93. Luka Doncic led the way for the Mavericks with 34 points, 13 rebounds, nine assists and a career-high four blocks, while Kristaps Porzingis added 16 points and four rebounds in his season debut. Terry Rozier tallied a team-high 18 points for the Hornets, while LaMelo Ball added four points, seven rebounds and five assists in the losing effort. The Mavericks improve to 6-4 on the season, while the Hornets fall to 6-6.


  • luka is always mad and rarely no respect

  • Haters:Luka cant play defence Luka : 2 steals 4 blocks sry

  • cool don Luka 77 ! FCT

  • Luka going to be serving it up to Lamelo for the next 10 years

  • If only Porzinguis didn't get hurt so often.

  • What was with Kleber?

    • @Andrej Cigan really? He played a few days ago. Thanks for the information.

    • Corona?!

  • Hornets should be built around Lamelo if they wanna compete against the likes of Dallas who got a Giant by the way. 😭😂👀

  • 16 pts in 21 minutes.. thats efficient

    • @Somdude Dat dude and??? That doesnt make a 6-16 magicly efficient which was what Jayson said xD

    • DavidG yes and no gotta remember he’s coming off an injury

    • That's not how efficiency works... It was actually 6-16 fg which means: thats INefficient

  • bust lamelo not even showing up hahah

  • I think these highlights should always have a Boban moment even if he didn't play!

  • Who was Luca so mad about at the end?

    • K Martin was trash talking Luka because shot an air ball three, only a clown more.

    • @Matheus Lima Some bum that will be out of the league in a few years

    • he was pissed off after being pushed by a hornet player, sorry about don't know the name a hornet player

  • luka is always mad and rarely no respect

  • Luka magic with KP!

    • @Maxwell Hughes Yeah, in 1 year or 2 with bron fall they will be the first!!

    • Second best duo in the league 100%

  • Music?

  • When KP is healthy, Dallas is scary!

  • Yup!

  • What is Luka angry

    • he was pissed off after being pushed by a hornet player

  • Naaa duet maut sudah lengkap

  • Tingis Pingus is back!

  • The tricots are terrible

  • Good to see KP is back