dream ESCAPES the PRISON (disappears) on dream smp (WEIRD STREAM)

Objavljeno 30. jan. 2021
dream ESCAPES the PRISON (disappears) on dream smp (WEIRD STREAM) this was very funny and fun to edit.
This is totally under ranboo and dream permission , he said that these type of videos are helping his channel grow and he is totally fine with them making money out of his edited clips by the creator (this is an edited subtitled clip) , He has no problem with the video being monetized , the thumbnail is made by me and all the credit are given to the creator and used under his permission .
I do not own any of the clips used on this video , and its considered as a compilation , all the creators mentioned are in this video are linked up.


  • Hmm Sam Nook S U S

  • WHAT THE F youtube:channel has been deleted

  • Where is he ?!!

  • Everyone thinks it's so hard but it's easy

  • It's so easy to escape

  • Dream SMP is insane!! How can they make these stuff???

  • "And if at any point you accidentally pick up my keycard you have to return it immediately, okay?" i think we all know what happens if u don't. right ponk?

  • This is the dream s.m. why can't he go creative mod amd get out

  • Why is dream more contained than most scp's

  • Ranboo in the first six minutes: 'Ok, all right, there we go'

  • Only this JAIL available for arrested dream that was insane wow dream how you can ESCAP 😂 i love you dream

  • Ya know Dream escaping prison will be a big event in the script and judging by the 2 or 3 times Ranboo had to die I wonder how Sad-ist wil animate it in case there is a visit section

  • Im impressed by the prison omg ._.

  • Wait, WHAT THE FU-

  • Wrong wrong wrong, man’s leaving his house using spirits to get milk from

  • Is this Minecraft Moriarty?

  • _______________________ | | | | | | | | _______________________ What

  • 9:00 when he meets dream

  • dream is creepy as fuck

  • we need techno to get him out XD dream saved techno in his exacution a brotha saves a brotha technoblade cant get imprisoned XD

  • why is dream in prison

  • The frick did I miss

  • Ranboo's left eye is grean so he's half dream

  • OMG epic prison

    • He basically became ranboo and ranboo is dream

  • When you can tell there acting

  • This is why dream is my favorite

  • I know this is 2 months late, but why must you hit me with a slowed Fallen Down?even the song at normal speed makes me sad.

  • guys i dont think its a joke anymore i think dream actually escaped 1. In the end of quackitys newest lore stream you hear sirens SAM said sirens would go off if Dream escapes

  • Is dream high

  • bro the whole first 9 minutes of the video is just ranboo getting into the prison lmfao

  • I feel bad because dream in prison

  • sam makes me feel like im at the doctors office LMAO

  • your right this is werid

  • Dream sounded like mrbeast

  • I feel like he was imagining it and then dream tricked him and got his voice back into his head thats why ranboo said he was back

  • Man /vanish command makes it feel real

  • All this to hold one man and it still wasn’t enough.

  • Me saw "subscribe for free potato" *ME CLICKS SUBSCRIBE BUTTON*

  • ☆Klee Klee Klee☆

  • They they take this so seriously even tho it is minecraft

  • BABY IM NOT EVEN HERE IM A “*dream*”

  • This reminds me of Wilford Motherloving Warfstache

  • THIS maximum of security for just ONE guy....... Dream's on a level of Tai Lung...... 😨😰

  • The ending with the music isnt that undertale music

  • Theory:Sam was actually helping dream and he hid it

  • Dream the madman who is also an escapist

  • I am sooo confused and impressed rn

  • The script is taking a turn for the worse

  • whats the music called that plays at 15:57

    • Fallen down

  • It's funny how everyone is talking about poseidons vault and hades vault but this one seems like the most advanced vault of them all. Already the beginning is really crazy since you cannot take any items with you.

  • When ranboo went through the water he should have been in pain as he had no armour on


  • Everyone thinks dream is a villian but the main boss is technoblade🤣🤣

  • I am confusion

  • Epic twist he leaves the server

  • I just wanna see dream escape

  • May i remind people that its dreams smp he can just go in creative mode

  • It took 10 mins for him to talk to dream?!?!?!?!

  • ?

  • Me: listen carefully to thier conversation Also me: didn't know what happening

  • Is this nightmare (dreams opposite) Cuz I remember that dream smile is black not white hmmmmmmmmm........

  • The rural roast historically guess because bakery curiosly curl astride a cheerful vermicelli. domineering, old-fashioned shadow

  • Did Dreem just becom Glichtrap?

  • They should add a bed in drea prison because if he die by accident he will respawn somewhere lol

  • Ranboo have you been smoking crack again?

  • Badboyhalo's reaction is more better than ranboos reaction TwT

  • Dream. It’s Always Dream. Dream Dream.

  • rip his xp

  • O

  • Plot twist:Sam is teaming up with dream and steals everyone's items when killing them Trash

  • Who else kind of feels bad for dream

  • slnumber.info/wiev/m5nHkdeggWWVf7Y/video.html

  • Ranboo's panic is so cute 🥺


  • What!? Dream isn't real and even if dream is not real it means who and the heck is dreams SLnumber account controling?

  • DREAM legit has 500 IQ nothing can stop him even that prison

  • This is really gut writing

  • Sam and Ramboo super SUS

  • I know how dream escaped

    • He used the power of op a. K. A teleporting

  • It's this real?

  • BRO the undertaker music at the end just makes that Purrefect

  • Shut up click bait he didn’t escape

  • Imagine if dream said "Oh baby im not even here..Im a hallucination"

  • Bc you can escape that prison destroying obsidian with hant with stupid boost

  • Future me In 2021 the 16 of July Mexican Dream comes to visit the Prison and Dream revives him. Yes Mexican Dream can still visit he's ghost not phantom! And in that day,Dream revives Mexican Dream and he kills Quackity.... That's all I know and if you wonder Dream will have or IDK how past and future works but Dream will have 24Million subs on 16th July

  • [[[[[[]]]]]]

  • No longer smp now some terrible crying and shitty roleplau

  • Dream seems like a supervillain.

  • How doesn't dream escape he's the oparater his the admin yeah I don't know why he just won't use that ( just saying not bashing)

  • There a glitch that can make u immune to lava if I was dream I would do that

  • I'm scared........

  • This reminds me of Zemo in Berlin

  • Dream should have broke the lectern and use it to make a fire to make a nether portal😌

  • Why does it make me sad ti see dream in prison

  • Welp time for a new prison: Introducing...."Hades Vault"

  • Am only one that the clock arrow disappears

  • I feel like Ranboo is gonna be some sorta close friend to Tommy considering they both have main character vibes.

  • they're lucky that they script this kind of stuff there's no way dream would have gotten out otherwise, no matter how good of a speed Runner he is.


  • Its weird