Life-Changing Moment For Bitcoin (Amazon All-In On Ethereum?)

Objavljeno 3. mar. 2021
Today we discuss the most recent cryptocurrency news and prices. We’ll talk about the potential of Netflix buying Bitcoin, and Amazon going all-in on Ethereum as Amazon Web Services is adding support for Ethereum. What does it mean for the crypto world as these MASSIVE companies move toward crypto adoption?
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  • For noobs, long term bitcoin is easy to predict, short term is impossible

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  • It's just a matter of time before major organizations adopts to crypto. Decentralized finance system is bound to get popular, all just a matter of time. Decentralized finance ecosystem is still at its infancy. In these huge time of adoption, I truly believe cryptos like dafi protocol will be the game-changer for the entire space. A new wave of change, adaption is coming as it keeps on expanding

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    • "Specially designed for Bitcoin but usable in all financial markets." Under the About at their website.

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  • The real reason ETH ain’t at the the price it should be is because of EIP 1559 UNLESS MINERS AND ETH come to a AGREEMENT over this implementation . And the high gas fees. ETH by the end of this year could fall from second grace

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  • Loving the channel... Would be awesome to have an indication of how low the bear market could go, in order to buy the lows sell the highs and accumulate more Bitcoin over time.