Taylor Swift - Love Story (Taylor’s Version) [Official Lyric Video]

Objavljeno 11. feb. 2021
Official lyric video for “Love Story” (Taylor’s Version) - off her upcoming Fearless (Taylor’s Version) album. Pre-order the album here: taylor.lnk.to/fearlesstaylorsversion
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Music video by Taylor Swift performing Love Story (Taylor's Version) (Lyric Video). © 2021 Taylor Swift


  • when I grow up I wanna be like Taylor Swift

  • 😍❤️❤️

  • It's a wonderful song 𝗜 𝗟 𝗢 𝗩 𝗘 𝗜 𝗧! The pictures are also awesome and so sweet ♡︎♡︎♡︎ It's a wonderful voice and I love you Taylor ♡︎♡︎♡︎

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  • So sweet

  • This is a great song to Listen to

  • I am also called Francis Robinson Nek, as well as FrancieRobin.

  • I love Taylor swift

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  • Wow you took me off top fan even Fine I am not trying again

  • You ar more best dan bad bunny I don’t like bad bunny he’s songs are uglie

  • I love yours songs

  • Taylor has Love and Gratitude written all over her 😘❤😘❤😘❤😘

  • Taylor ❤

  • Is this like the cutes love song?

  • You are the best singer in the world :)

  • I'll choose for My wedding LOVE STORY

  • This song never gets old ❤❤

  • Every Thing For👉 . Taylor Swift.🌈❤️ We are Love You🌹👥

  • let's not lie and say we've grown along with this song. listen to this song again and see all of Taylor's old pics and vids made me cry so baddd

  • I just realised this was released on my birthday

  • this version is just so delicate and precious. her voice reminds me lullaby and one can just sleep by hearing it. it reminds me of sad things and makes me cry and feel lighter.

  • Taylor te amo mucho, gracias por todo

  • 💛🌻

  • 大爱

  • Am I the only one wonder how tall she is 🙄

  • 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

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  • I wished you never grew up🥺🥺

  • Taylor I have bad news for you Bart Baker is back.

  • Okay so fans present in this video,ArE tHeY eVEn aLIve RiGhT NoW!!

  • Taylor really came back stronger than a 90's trend!!

  • Respect Taylor Swift

  • i can't wait to hear you belong with me (taylor's version)

  • Never heard this song when it came out but makes me feel nostalgic anyways

  • My favorite song!! I rellay love Taylor & song

  • Yall whats new about this😭😭

  • Please remake you belong with me

  • I love you and that's all I really know 😭

  • This is my favorite song by her still to this day

  • Queen swift

  • Damn she already rerecorded this song and my romeo still isnt around 💀

  • when i am sad: sing love story to make me feel better, when i am angry: sing the man, when i am happy: sing happiness xx

  • Taylor Swift then 'oh I am just a girl' Taylor Swift now being a queen of her Taylor Nation.

  • Lo ves ? 🖤 You see it ? 🖤

  • Queen!!!!

  • 😭❤

  • This is one of my favourite songs ever. I’m glad she re-recorded it. ♥️♥️

  • I feel love while I listening her songs... sad story with happy ending. Proud of her, of be a Swiftie since 2006!!

  • Poreotics always comes to mind when I listen to this song

  • my top1!!

  • 7년차 swiftie 입니다.. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ진ㅁ짜 눈물 나려고 함ㅜㅜ 한국인 손🙋ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  • Slaylor Swift !

  • no but 'we were both young when I first saw you' feels different ILY TAYLOR FOREVER AND ALWAYS


  • My favorite 😍🥰🥰

  • Taylor Swift= flawless beauty.

  • this ver made me cry even more loved her version she's always be that 'Juliet' waiting for her Romeo to came and swept her feet

  • She got it near perfect, I think there were additional harmonies in the original from background singers that were doing the “oooos” and “ahhhs” at least to my ears. It gave it that warmth that lacks in this version. It’s amazing she’s able to sound exactly the same despite how her voice has matured over the years from the original. I like that this version is more raw compared to how polished the original sound.

  • forever swiftie


  • Swiftie forever

  • Still str3aming!!!!!

  • Str3am taylor's version

  • Str3am love story

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  • We were both young when I first saw you

  • This queen deserve to be star

  • I love you taylor.

  • 𝚂𝚑𝚎 𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚎𝚍 "𝚌𝚕𝚘𝚜𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚎𝚢𝚎𝚜"...😍😄🥰


  • 10 M : checked 20 M : 30 M : 40 M : 50 M :

  • That is awesome Honeyy🥰

  • When you will give your next song

  • This just remind me my childhood

  • ❤️❤️❤️🔥🎶💞👑👑👑✨

  • “Who clicked on the video and came straight to comments?😂”

  • Suddenly it's 2009, and I'm on the school bus listening to this on my mp3 player

  • The little girl in the first photo was my daughter, Gracie. She was about 5 when that was taken and she was in treatment for leukemia. She survived leukemia, but developed a brain tumor when she was 18. She passed away October 28th, 2019, at nineteen years old. Taylor was a so sweet to Gracie and treated her like a princess. Taylor was just as delightful in person as she is on tv or on stage. I will always be grateful for the kindness she showed to my little girl. Gracie was an inspiration to countless people and I'm so thankful her memory lives on!

  • This song aged like the finest wine.

  • And she is the only person that gave Romeo and Juliet a happy ending.


  • فرح الهادي؟؟

  • Where's my Romeo ?? 😩

  • I had numerous strokes. I'll end the joke there as my last comment.

  • 😽

  • Whenever I listen this song I fall in love with taylor🤩

  • Fallen in love with song

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  • Freak.

  • You would think that if there is over 40 million subscribers that there would be at least the same number in views that is the least everyone could do is watch this video at least once !

  • I have not met Taylor swift till date. But I hope to meet her one day.

  • ❤️❤️

  • We were both young when I first heard you ❤️ This was the first song I heard of hers ☺️

  • Taylor... I did love her but now is just hate... I forgive... I want to be forgiven... I would love to play the roll of Romeo n Juliet... My dreams are to take her far away from ct... I always thought you were singing to me but thats not the only thing you did for me... You told me what to do when you in love... I feel like starting over but i came too far to give up... Im going to keep my word... I waited 10 years for her...i think its time to do something... I got a 10 year old boy with her n i haven't seen him since he was like 3 or 4... Im finally getting myself up to see him after being in n out of the hospital for the past 7 or 8 years... If you ( Taylor swift) get to read this message, please let me how you feel about what im going through...

  • I don't hear any difference honestly.

    • @Ali Assad She still owns it, no one is taking it to her. She still sounds like her old self.

    • That's the point She is rerecording all of her old songs so that she can owns them