Is Luka Doncic or Jayson Tatum the best player to build around? Jalen Rose chooses | Get Up

Objavljeno 1. mar. 2021
Is Luka Doncic or Jayson Tatum the best player to build around? Jalen Rose chooses | Get Up
Jalen Rose draws comparisons between Luka Doncic and Brooklyn Nets' James Harden when he breaks down why he prefers to start an NBA franchise with the Dallas Mavericks star over Boston Celtics' Jayson Tatum.
#GetUp #NBA
0:00 James Harden calls Luka Doncic a "special one."
1:40 Jalen explains why he's choosing Luka Doncic over Jayson Tatum.
4:00 Jalen questions how in-shape Luka is and how it will affect him in the long run.
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  • Luka. Tatum is incredible but Luka is on another level imo

  • Tatum will take Luka Xfinity stones 1 one 1 cmon now

  • Tired of these sorry excuse for fans and analysts ignoring defence and efficiency. They call guys like Harden GOATS and they play 0 defence and once playoff comes and the refs don’t call them fouls, their team starts losing. Luka plays 0 defence, don’t care about triple doubles and stat padding. Tatum is a way better 2 way player imo, it’s not even close. Luka has no clamps, if ref don’t blow the whistle for him, what’s he gonna do?

  • Tatum is a way better 2-way player, it’s not even close. He can guard all 5 positions, Luka can barely guard his man. Both are elite offensively, I don’t think Luka would put those numbers up on the same team as Kemba, Brown, etc though. Look how many TO Luka gets in playoffs when teams actually clamp up and the ref don’t blow the whistle.

  • I'm a Cs fan and it's Luka but I like what we got just as much

  • Doncic should just do what LeBron does, jump on PEDs?

  • Luca is the best player to build around. No need to watch a stupid a$$ discussion.

  • I take J. Tatum offense and defense 💪

  • Luka.. because he is white

  • Luka dropped 73 points in my my league before ofc it’s him lol

  • Everybody knew the first question if you’re an NBA fan that’s like asking how many rings Jordan have 😂😂

  • One guy is an MVP candidate since his 2nd year and the other is still trying to be the definitive star on his own team. Difficult choice. Hmm........................

  • If Luka is 6'7 or whatever he needs to be good on defense

  • lol right when he said this Embiid got hurt

  • Luka yes, Tatum.. Nah.

  • Edge to Luka ? Please. Tatum is a isolation scorer. Doesn’t get to the line a lot. Luka sees all you can eat when he faces the clips. He averages most drives per game while being a top 5 playmaker.

  • Luka magic is better than tatum 😂

  • Luka is better at 22 than Lebron was at 22.

  • 100x times Luka. the thing with him is that, even if Luka is injured, he will come back and nothing changes.

  • I'm a Celtics fan but it's definitely Luka. He's just a better overall player.

  • Derrick Rose by no means was suppose to win MVP,It was LeBron by far! PO'ME COLORBLIND

  • Giannas

  • I hope Luka starts taking care of his body like MJ and Lebron did. It's obvious it took him half a season to get in shape, he gotta do better if he wants championship rings.

  • Tatum is great but he ain’t no Luka

  • Giannis is way younger then those guys he mentioned

  • He said that the age thing eliminates Giannis. Are we forgetting that this guy is 26 years old and already has 2 MVP's?

  • Zion

  • D Book so underrated

  • Also, Luka over that little boy who calls himself Dame, or Broad, or whatever. Luke just anhilated "Dame" by 40 points tonight.

  • idk why u keep talking about jt as if he is as good as luka

  • Zion is in the conversation and so is gianiass he aint too old embid is and jokic but id still prolly take luka

  • Luka, no contest.

  • Ok fat or not luka needs some defense and success, then he wins this debate hands down. It scares me that he’s so young n can’t get his body right

  • euroleague pose. man has been a pro since he was 16.

  • Giannis is 26 seems not that old to me 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Luka no doubt.

  • Luka is great but he will decline rapidly after 28 or so, just has a bad body. He is slow and he looks to be in pain alot.

  • you're an idiot if you think Luka can't get in shape. He's been this great this early in life not being shredded. he could have a tb12 glow up, but that's not even needed

  • Tatum, as much as I like Luka he don’t play defense. He’s a liability. Jason Tatum is a two way player.

  • I’m a diehard celtics fan for life but I would say luka any day! Tatum is too passive. Luka plays with grit and fire. Too bad he isn’t a Celtic.

  • if i'm starting a team today, i take Giannis. he's got at least 7 prime years ahead of him

  • If the answer ain’t Luka than your asking the wrong questions

  • Luka

  • J Rose nailed it, every word, from the uniqueness of a tall PG to Luka's need to stay in shape to it being all over if he does to Luka and Harden being similar. Bulls eye.

  • This is a waste of 5 minutes, the answer is Luka simple.

  • Is JT even better than JB?

  • Giannis not young?

  • Damian Lillard over both of em

  • Definitely Luka Magic ✨

  • Honestly, this isn't even close. Doncic for sure.

  • I feel like Zion and Lamelo should be in that discussion as well.

  • I feel like Zion and Donovan Mitchell deserve to be in that "Starting a young team to build around" conversation. Fox too, maybe. That said, I'm taking Luka over all of em.

  • Im a Celtics fan, and I'd trade Tatum in a second for Doncic.

  • Jayson Tatum is more well-rounded offensively and defensively as a whole, height & length,. He's the one. Luka is a defensive liability.

  • im a celts fan but is this even a serious question? doncic, by a mile.

  • LaMelo Ball

  • The fretful quart covalently continue because nail partially intend underneath a laughable buffet. innocent, kind board

  • Luka, and its not close.. not even worth having a discussion over.. if u pick JT ur simply biased or braindamaged..

  • If we have a weakness with our wings Ima take Tatum, if i’m lacking a pg or sg ima take luka. Would prefer luka if just building speculatively

  • Lamelo for sure

  • Giannis is 26 i would Pick him

  • Imagine of Luka has BROWN and KEMBA

  • Doncic by a MILE!

  • Zion > Tatum

  • Tatum overrated

  • Agree with Jalen 100%

  • Luka

  • Dumbest question... Switch them from their respective teams.. Dallas would be bottom of the west and celtics would be competing.

  • JB......

  • Luka JT couldn't carry his jock strap

  • If u don’t say luka u trippin

  • Shouldn’t even be between Tatum and Luka, it should be between Booker and Luker

  • Luka all day

  • Lula easy

  • Luka. Not even relatively close lol. Luka is a superstar right now. Tatum is not top 15

  • Doncic defense isn’t actually that bad. He isn’t a traditional lock down defender but has great anticipation skills.

  • The woozy lamp enzymatically sound because pike postsurgically bathe midst a evanescent locust. messy, wry punishment

  • Do you want a BTEC Larry Bird or a BTEC Carmelo Anthony, you choose.

  • Everyone keeps saying doncic is a liability on the defensive side... But he has improved a lot. Against the sours he shut down derozen two times in a row in crunch time! He's only going to get better.

  • Does anyone think this is even a close discussion besides the Boston homers?

  • Tatum defends at high level

  • Both Pisces

  • How is this even a question?

  • NBA is showbusiness, its Luka they'd choose - its for the international market. They aim big since ticket sales are down now.

  • Max Kelllerman: ANDRE IGUODALA!

  • Why is this even a question? Luka makes his teammates better and Tatum doesn't.

  • Imma go with Ball.

  • Lol y'all really running out of things to talk about huh? It's clearly Doncic

  • Disrespectful to even have this conversation.

  • Luka

  • Everyone forget luka has been playing professionally for a while? He developed early and he’s either really close to good peak if not at his peak currently. Tatum has a higher ceiling than luka.

    • I'm mean they've been saying the same thing every year since he was drafted. He's as good as he gonna get. But every year he comes back better. The guy has so much talent and basketball genius in him I would like to fast forward to when he's 27 just to be amazed. But I'll just enjoy the ride till then with all the bumps and learning opportunities he's gonna get.

  • Kendrick really thinks he can’t lose a lil weight 😂 “wack body” god KP is grasping for straws to criticize luka 🤡

  • tatum

  • Luka easlly. Look what hes doing with no real 2nd option on his team in the west.

  • I don’t get the whole body talk , why does he need to cut weight ? I feel like if he does it’ll take away from some of the strength on his drive. Paul pierce was never super “ in shape “ And he was always affective

    • but why on earth isn't he leaner with more muscles? Is he afraid of the weight room? It would take his game to the next level and if he doesn't it surely looks like they said, he doesn't invest enough energy and effort into his shape.

  • This isn't even a question lmao fck outta here with that trash

  • If Luka have teammates like Jalen brown, Marcus Smart, and Kemba Walker there is no doubt he can carry the team to the finals.

    • involved. He doesn't make his teammates better

  • Excuse me, the answer is Jaylen Brown. It's not just physical talents, my friends. The Mental matters so much. It's what separates the greats from the champions. LD Luka Doncic got it all day in that department. STRONG mental. As for Tatum, as a Celtics fan, I'd take Brown. Trade JT for a full cupboard, get a veteran big man. I like what Timewalker Williams III is doing, he's gonna be a stud. I don't think you can afford to pay both Brown AND Tatum. Love to my BBALL fam--go Rondo, go Celtics! (when my number 1 hitter SMART comes back, it's over).

  • Luka and It’s not close

    • will go up but rebounds and pts down