UFC 259 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 2

Objavljeno 2. mar. 2021
Presented by Hyperice, Jan Blachowicz visits Hoover Dam. Petr Yan, Islam Makhachev and Aleksandar Rakić put in time at the UFC PI. Israel Adesanya arrives in Las Vegas. Aljamain Sterling impresses his teammates during a training session. Visit hyperice.com/
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  • I am Jan Blachowicz and I am lots of fun follow me come come

  • 6:30 "And I ask for *WOLF,* because I like *WOLFS,* you know."

  • Jan is a chill guy izzy seems like an entitled prick I’m very happy Jan won!

    • Izzy isn't entitled, he is a still a great champion and has great potential ahead of him. On the night he just met a good man who is an old master, and was humbled. It's a beautiful story for both.

  • “The man in which this card was build around, Jan Blackovich” Jon Anik

  • I love this video, it's fantastic

  • Jan is like that foreign friend you never understand but u always agree and nod ur head cause he's cool af lol

    • lol, good way of putting it!


  • Jan is like that foreign friend you never understand but u always agree and nod ur head cause he's cool af lol

    • I came to see islam makhachev but there showing these bums instead

  • Hallo

    • didn't even know Rakic was on this card. This is as stacked as it gets.

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • I'm a Izzy fan, but Jan is so damn likeable

  • Jan is like that foreign friend you never understand but u always agree and nod ur head cause he's cool af lol

    • Thought he was gonna buy the ball, or the hat. He bought a cactus, a tiny one. 😂😂😂

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    • Jan knock him clean out brother respect from Ireland

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  • Dead guy hanging in the forest Nobody: Jan: Hey man. Are you OK? lmaooo

  • "It was my first dead man in the forst" :) Jan is brilliant!

  • Holy fuck Rakic is such a bug guy

  • "I think no matter how it goes down, he's gettin his hand raised" - Al "Mystic Mac" Iaquinta

  • It seens like sterlings team has no confidence in him winning lol

  • I'm a Izzy fan, but Jan is so damn likeable

  • I came to see islam makhachev but there showing these bums instead

  • didn't even know Rakic was on this card. This is as stacked as it gets.

  • Jan on his Logan Paul beat in the woods LOL

  • Thought he was gonna buy the ball, or the hat. He bought a cactus, a tiny one. 😂😂😂

  • That's a cute cactus 🌵😍

    • Jan loves it. He said his next job is to make it grow big, like him, haha.

  • I love Adasanya and domt want him to lose but I am beginning to like Jan too and he better be nimble fighting in a smaller cage with a power puncher like that. Jan has very good chance this fight. Champ vs Champ. Adasanya better win too to make the jones fight worth a damn. Cant wait for this one

  • Jan knock him clean out brother respect from Ireland

  • And you all talked shit to logan paul few years back hahaha

  • 6:30 Jan "the Butcher of" Blachowicz

    • I get the reference brother ;)

  • Izzy is my favorite fighter by far, but there is no possible way for me to hate Jan. May the best win tonight.

  • Ima li braće srba?🇷🇸🇷🇸

  • I’m an izzy fan but dam I became a fan in jan dude seems soo chill and cool

  • Did Al Iaquinta sell Aljo his residence? Cause he is best the salesman agent!!

  • Man rakic legs

  • This is one fight I don't want Izzy to win! Jan is such a nice guy! He's got the best personality in UFC!

  • I'm sure one of the early transformer movies was made at that dam along with universal solider..

  • I don't understand MMA fighters who kick high - it's a waste of energy. All they need to practice is quick calf kicks, instead. Easier to land and more effective.

  • runnn it

  • This card looks like there's almost all of them are main event worth

  • That tiny cactus he got lmao “I got my cactus.”

  • Hangman person 😔

  • John Boy looks haunted by what he has trained Petr Yan to do 😅

  • Is it just me or is anyone else interested in seeing how big Jan's lil souvenir cactus gets?

  • I hope adesanya woops Jan's ass for that stupid shiet about the dead mans rope. You really think taking advantage of a person who comitted suicide will make you magically start winning fights? Get the F outtahere with that weak sheit, believe in yourself not some stupid superstition. Your magic suicide rope powers gonna be ended by some dude who watches anime bahahahh throw that rope shiet in the trash omfg

  • 2:27 Yarp guy from Hot Fuzz

  • then hyping up his kicks at the end has me dying

  • I'm afraid that if the rope harms again Jan once days. hopefully he will in good shape

  • Yans boxing coach irish/scottish?

  • Jan w his miniature cactus 🌵 was so cute he seems like he appreciates even the littlest things in life such a likeable guy 👍🏼

  • Jan just speaking with no care about “one of the dead body’s” he’s seen. Something kinda felt off about that story... 😅 none the less this card is STACKEDDDD.

  • How many times does Jan say "you know"

  • love jan

  • Jan would make a terrible ref considering he asked a dead hangman if he was OK.

  • Man I wanna hang out with Jan !! Dude seems so chill !!!

  • *I started saying Yan, Nunes and Blachowicz.* *Now I'm going Sterling, Nunes and Adasanya.* MMA math sucks.

  • daaaamn, my boy Al got that Askren haircut on point. lol

  • Hope adesanya fucking gets ko, needs to humble down

  • 5:37 what watch is Jan wearing there?

  • This man Aljamain keeps showing the Jamaican flag and I still haven’t seen or heard one word of patois come from out of his mouth or see any Jamaican supporters. No Jamaican girlfriend, no Jamaican parents, no Jamaican friends. Just straight up Italian sounding men from Long Island...cut the ties from Jamaica if you’re not really about it. Accept that you’re from Long Island and stop the clout chasing for Jamaican support. even if you win Tomorrow I’m not gonna be a fan if you think support will come that cheap. I’m not saying this out of hate. I’m just saying you look bad.

  • Think that's a true story about Jan finding a dead man?

  • "im too explosive" then jumps! lol


  • Thought Aleksander was gonna his head at 6:43 when he was doing those squat jumps!

  • wtf is Jans story in the woods all about ??

  • Buncrana in the house.

  • Idemo Rakicu 🚀💪

  • " I will send to my mum" -Jan XD XD XD

  • Jan: "Damn? Dam?Dayum?"

  • Jan: "haha i see my first dead man haha" Dudes crazy lool

  • Did Jan just do some Logan Paul shit?

  • I felt Izzy with that Howler Head when he said he was smuggling it back to NZ lol, Shit is so good but not accessible to me

  • Jan reminds me of a Viking lol

  • Omg thier such yes mans 9:18

  • I’d say something about raging al’s hair but I respect him too much. Only man to take Khabib the distance. On short notice nonetheless. Not that my pass is worth anything but he gets one. 💯

  • Izzy pets mans best friend a little different.... ya know.

  • Cool to see a genuinely good guy like Blachowicz, too many fake ''nice guys'' in the UFC

  • Both Izzy and Jan are solid guys. I wish them both the best!

  • Didn't know this guy before, was more of an izzy fan but man, watching this I really like Jan... Just seems like such a cool guy.

  • Petr is all about business....man not here to play with sterling.

  • 5:47 lmaoooooooo!

  • Jan and his cactus ☠️

  • great video love watching the UFC embedded series.

  • Yes Jan... quoting the 🐐 movie that is Universal Soldier!

  • FUCK! Jans growing on me. I dind want that

  • stupid jokes about a hangman,come on man fuck you,why would you do that??

  • Jan reminds me of the Russian from 15 Minutes, also wtf is that story about the forest 🤣 Poland is nuts man

  • I love Jan but Izzy gonna win.

  • I like jan way more than izzy, but love greatness and you do wanna see greatness do its thing

  • I could watch Jan Blachowicz chill around all day.

  • "I will send to my mom"

  • Jan does seem real down to earth. Polish different he kept a peice of the dudes rope who committed suicide did I hear that right. Lol good luck charm

  • I fear for Marreta's knees.. Not a good matchup coming from that kind of injury..

  • 4:13 socks + kubota, this is how he wants to win with Błachowicz :D

  • Anyone else check their phone around 3:01 ?

  • I just want to say Adesanya is on another level when it comes to his striking super intelligent we've never seen or had anyone like him in the UFC before I'm so looking forward to him being a double champion can't wait he said he's going to give me one of the belts oh yes

  • 01:12 *Strong wind* *UFC 259 main card cancelled*

  • Genuinely laughed when he popped that cactus out 😂

  • '' I know the drunkness '' haha Israel be safe, lots of heart.

  • Main event is going to be too good all the best to stylbender and to jan the murderer