HELLUVA BOSS - Spring Broken // S1: Episode 3

Objavljeno 31. jan. 2021
Happy 2021! Have episode 3!
When Blitzo's ex girlfriend steals his parking spot things sure do happen.
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  • 11:34 OoOO ItS A FuCkInG pOsSuM

  • 06:00 Haha, breaking the fourth wall to judge people drawing pr0n of loona. I'm a furry, I live for this stuff.

  • Damn poor loona.

  • Is it just me or moxxie is pink

  • Caught in 4K😂

  • I hope we see Tex again. I like him lol

  • Aww look at the little one he as a little bowtie

  • Mustang dong

  • Am I the only one drooling 😣😞😔

  • 6:08 Comedy gold

  • 6:02 ironic...

  • 4:21 I love how blitzo cares about his employees to the point where he took a stand for them

  • The fourth wall break is great XD

  • I never thought I would see a video with 1 MILLION likes O.o

  • Poor moxxie lol

  • 10:23 mood

  • Hey, what if you got famous with theses series, and went to Hollywood

  • I like how blitzzo cares alot about loony

  • 3:09 i mean like sure

  • 1:58 😆😆

  • I love drunk Moxxie he's so hilarious XD

  • Then that crazy Blitzos ex gf is gonna be famous on tiktok

  • 6:08 ....okay... but Just a little bit

  • That one moment when you realize Verosika has the same voice actor as Marinette.

  • 6:08 Uhhh.... hi?

  • Where can I watch this. :o

  • Ik they haven't seen the last of Verosika cause she will be back!

  • As a wise demon once said: “oooooh! Fish!”

  • Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought this episode was gonna be about Loonas brother or something (because that’s what Vortex looks like kinda)

  • Where could I find verosikas song to listen to ?

  • Is verasica the voice of marinette from miraculous??? :o

  • I had to watch it again i had toooo

  • Hellpoint fishzilla


  • 9:58 graphical error. His scarred ear is on the right and then in the very next scene, it's his left ear.

  • Listen up you unoriginal pink come dump -Blitzo 2021

  • why does Moxie sound like Chaos from skylanders

  • 16:25 Why do you like to shoot at our God?

  • Brandon Rogers wrote this episode??? Holy shit no wonder it's hilarious lol

  • Drunk Moxxie is hilarious

  • 6:58 Travis cameo!

  • 13:04 "oOoOoOOO" *"f i s h"*

  • Maxxie has the same voice as Zim I think

  • Moxie:Brain Damage 2:30

  • Man, I just don't get furries. Them and there stuff. *Loona, exists, all goth girl like.* .... .... .... Ok. Maybe I get it a little bit... And that judgemental 4th wall break! lol

  • 1:58 blitzo funny moment

  • if you look closely in the thumbnail you can see blitzo’s ex and Loona as smiling w/hearts at eachother

  • Anyone else think that the look blitzo gave luna when she was about to call blitz dad was absolutely adorable!?

  • Team M&M ❤️ Cute.

  • This is my favorite episode mainly because of drunk moxxie

  • If this was hell I’m down

  • *I never thought I'd hear Marinette curse.* 😬🖐🏽

  • The song at the beginning and the end though!

  • i don't drull

  • Phish

  • Lets go park our fat fucking car in our fat fucking space Blitzo you are now my favorite

  • Fact that we don't care but it's cool (I guess), the song Verosika sing on the beach, I just noticed that the pluck sound layering her voice and maaaayyybe the arp in the back are from garageband's (and logic probably idk) samples, so this song is probably made on garageband or logic therefore on mac (for those who are curious and have garage band, the pluck sound is the Tokyo Dreams synth from the Garageband RED pack)

  • max went drunk

  • me when they look at the camera: "wait........ HOW CAN *THEY* BREAK THE FOURTH WALL BUT I CAN'T?!

  • "Sir how about you let me go in and try and reason with her I don't really listen to what's classified as 'pop genre music' so her status to me is name recognition..." "Moxxie, shut the fuck up"

  • "I don't bry into your stupid personal lives" "You do that all the time sir"

  • Why does Blitzo remind me of deadpool

  • I've only counted seven

  • well, I got a commercial for Applebee's while watching this.

  • How does loona put on makeup???

  • Am I the only one that thinks Verosika is.... spicy?

  • OMFG moxie drunk is fucking hilarious

  • I love this but IM TECHNICALLY A CRISTIAN 😃😃😃😃

  • “Oh my god it’s a possum”

  • 16:23 Did anyone notice that clown?

  • No ay doblaje oficial

  • Challenge me

  • Why is luna so adorable???????

  • Dude we NEED the song Verosica sings by itself-

  • 13:44 am I the only one who thinks that was so adorable

  • I swear that sounds like Brandon Rogers

  • Ngl if they went to happy tree friends world they would have won much easier

  • Pause your vid before you watch these , 7:45 7:46 7:49

  • Reject imp Return to possum

  • You're the best SLnumberr there ever seen

  • “My girlfriend throughs a ton of crazy Parties” getting heartbroken 101

  • This show should be on adult swim

  • 10:51 read the sign 😂

  • I wanna know what a hound party is haha.

  • I love this video

  • 0:39 song in background?

  • Waste of technology

  • "Oh she totally pegs you doesn't she"

  • Seriously never thought I would ever hear invader zim or sailor mars swear

  • A fan of the wolf character

  • 6:03 *im in this video and I don’t like it*

  • Drunk moxie is the best

  • I would love to see an episode of helluva boss in which the blonde is invited to a party at Tex's girlfriend's house.

  • You all know the FREAKS up there who drool at you 6:08 *what are you looking at me for*

  • 15:10 15:15 I am not a possum

  • 12:29 millllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • I think the better question for Blitzo is whether he dated Verosika before or after he was a clown/fool.

  • A hUmAn CaLl Me A pOsSuM I aM nOt A pOsSuM

  • Luna trying to get laid is one of the cutest things in this show