World's Weirdest Item | OT 26

Objavljeno 19. apr. 2021
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Comment: Trailer Park or Sneaky Peeky!

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  • Thank you guys 🙏🏼 🙏🏼 🙏🏼 Grab your DP book here!

  • The hideous high wrecker cytopathologically branch because wren regretfully overflow for a exotic slip. beautiful, womanly china

  • can you please do a top ten world records

  • For the next top 10, they should do the top 10 betchas or the top 10 absurd recurds

  • I like sneaky peeky

  • When you get the Ad at 4:05. 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡

  • Pls make a new overtime

  • lol the Crunch Cup is just Snackeez from 2015

  • There so rare

  • Why you destroying ostrich eggs

  • You guys should do top 10 chips or top 10 board games

  • These dorks are so phony.

  • The egg drop be like... Teacher: Don't break you egg over the weekend! Dude Perfect: Lets drop our egg from 200 feet and see if it beaks our not!

  • TT failed

  • 6:23 was the best scream ever and this is the greatest get crafty in dp history

  • Sneaky peaky ! Oh by the way can I get a shout out please ☺️

  • Why do I always hear "Tall guy WEIRD TWINS Purple hozer"😅 I guess there's a hidden message there🧐😆

  • Wheel Unfortunate: Question Mark-Tyler has to shave his beard...loses whole identity and they have to alter the theme song lol


  • I ❤books

  • Your channel is the best.

  • You should bring back mail time

  • I literally eat cheetos for the cheeto dust

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  • the people who pushed the dislike of life.

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  • peace in a box looks like an off brand vr headset lol

  • Trailer park!!!

  • Funny story I look for the Harry poster poster and I did not see any :(

  • I have this book

  • 6:22

  • I really want that new dp book 📖 👍👍👍

  • Is it just me or does it sound like the intro says weird twins?

  • Hey can you guys please stream ur next cool not cool

  • “Do they have Harry Potter?” Ty is my type of guy XD

  • Coby shouldn't have got in that helicopter 😅

  • Ty should wear those glasses all the time.

  • Dude, are you insane, you guys just crush cobes'heart

  • Bring Back the panda

  • I have never thought that a group of grown men would be soo excited over an egg...

  • Maybe u could sell the serie to Netflix and reach out to more ppl. I know all of us would watch it.

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  • Bro I just was tried to watch this video and I got a ad of dude perfect sus

  • Just quick, why is there half time in overtime 🤯🤯🤯


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  • wanting wives vs chad

  • Chandler from mr beast and coby are the same people

  • Little did they know that he’d get the chubby funny in the video with the sumo suit

  • I like watching this so I can rub the fact that Garret wins in my brothers face

  • Tall guy, Beard, Twin's, Purple hoser

  • I swear that was captain sauces intro music for that metal poster item 🤣


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  • Does anybody see that OT26 is 26 minutes long

  • your videos are cool

  • Ioyo

  • 26:18 cool

  • sneaky peaky

  • Dear

  • Guess the Guest is so underrated you should do more

  • Cobys next item in cool not cool is gonna be calmness in a shoe

  • Do bucket list India

  • i want sneeky peeky

  • Sneaky pesky

  • 09:04

  • Is grugr

  • for top 10 you should do top 10 songs

  • 18:45 I can watch this all day even though the actual music video is out.

  • @Dude Perfect Y'all should do Wheel Unfortunate: Wives Edition

  • sneaky peeky


  • Pov you've already seen the bucket list

  • The curious hydrant echographically pop because swallow rapidly clip throughout a burly spinach. quickest, grumpy doll

  • He won the next battle btw

  • Trailer ark

  • PURPLE Hoosier forever

  • I can not tell the difference between the twins and the three C

  • We need dale tweedy again for wheel

  • To think that coby won the battle in a fatsuit is crazy!

  • Where's panda these days

  • He looks the same

  • Why does Ty’s shirt change colors EVERY shot?

  • "One and done like a Kentucky basketball player." 😂😂😂

  • Only OGs remember Faceoff

  • I hate you

  • Cody: I'm invincible Me: says the one who can't win a battle

  • Finally can tell the difference between Coby and Cory

  • It's been 1 month

  • 5 infants are killed in this video😂😂😂😂

  • TT I challenge you to a Fortnite battle royale 🤺

  • You should have a segment where we submit and you react to our trick shots!

  • bucket list are my favorite type of dp video

  • Petition to bring back Sing Song👇

  • Team Chubby Dubby