10 Mountain Bike Products from $5 to $200

Objavljeno 20. nov. 2020
In this video, I chose a bunch of mountain bike products between $5 and $200. We still have some great riding weather in some parts of the world, and the holidays are fast approaching, so hopefully some of this stuff proves useful or at least entertaining!
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Pedros Micro Levers bit.ly/3pKWydC
12-Speed Master Link bit.ly/3317ABJ
1-Speed Master Link bit.ly/32XZrxY
Park Tool Tape Measure bit.ly/3frBILT
Bike Armor Mini Shields: bit.ly/3kHOsip
LEZYNE Classic Tubeless Kit: bit.ly/3kIrqYJ
DAKINE Accessory Case:bit.ly/2IWkOc4
POC Joint VPD Air Knee Pads: bit.ly/36O206U
POC Axion Spin Helmet: bit.ly/3kLGsgh
Thule Home/Shop Bike Stand bit.ly/3lQZkM8
Other Stands bit.ly/32ZbtHy
KNOG Pwr Mountain 2000 Headlight: bit.ly/3kMSZA6
Fox Tailgate Cover: bit.ly/36QdSFA
Thule Tailgate Pad: bit.ly/3fdvq2h
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  • I actually worked for Thule for a couple summers and there are really 2 things I can say about the company: 1.) the products they make are very hit or miss. They either work as if a god had made them and will last for decade, or they are a ridiculously overpriced piece of crap. Make sure you read the reviews, especially with their bike racks (car or free standing). They are not a bike company by nature so some of the products they make are not designed by real bike enthusiasts so some of the products have unsolved issues that might not be apparent at first. 2.) It's actually pronounced as "Too-lee". The company is Swedish, so the "H" is pronounced as it is in the word "where" or "when".

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  • I’ve legit never come across a tape measure that doesn’t have imperial and metric

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  • Do you recommend the Kali Protectives Strike knee guards? any issues with the fabric tearing on them? most reviews say they are comfortable but i read complaints the mesh tears easily on the back of them and or the fabric tears away from the knee armor. thanks

  • That flash light is more expensive than my bike...

  • I snapped a pedro and now I am sad

  • $13 for masterlinks!?! Here in Canada, a pack of 4 like the one in the video is $70! And trust me, the conversion is not that high

  • Thanks for saying obsessive compulsive instead of OCD I don't ever make a big deal about it but its annoying to hear people say they're OCD when they are being obsessively compulsive but dont have the disorder also hope this can be a mini PSA it's not a big deal but it can bug someone who really has OCD

  • Hey Seth, been wondering if you could do a review of a budget fork Bolany brand, I've seen couple of videos on youtube but I guess hearing your inputs would be way better for me..

  • watching all videos

  • My heart broke when he didn't call the tire strips "Bacon Strips"

  • Carbon protector shields. I like using electrical tape, especially if you have a black frame and even more especially if the frame is a matte finish. Another idea. :)

  • Every time i watch seth, he starts the video with "today we are going to be doing something a littlebit different, but kind of the same". That's your tradition 🤟

  • Love this channel love these vids but sometimes I think he has the tailgate pads to hide the logos showing it’s a Honda Ridgeline😯😂

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  • Don't Yall think that 8.99 for stickers is a lot.

  • Lmao it’s a pencil case

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  • Demon United makes a decent tailgate pad for $100.

  • british people be like ""tape measures dont usually come with both metric and imperial...."

  • Mr Savage is a beast 👀

  • lmao, Kurtis had to put Seth's dirt jumper on the top shelf for him. Proably going to buy myself some of the Poc VPD Air knee pads. Because, strange as it seems, I like my knees very much in the condition that they are in right now.

  • Every time I see your truck I remember seeing a black Ridgeline just like it sitting by my dads in Maine and it even had the Raceface on the tailgate.

  • I just got a trek marlin 5 mountain bike and was wondering if its good for trails

  • Gromsquad? I’d pay to see someone send a Honda Grom down one of those trails

  • Buy evenup shoes for your good foot, helps to walk straight.

  • I have been a subscriber since 450k congratulations

  • Seth have you ever landed a 180

  • I went there and they want ten grand for a bicycle what happed to the days when you can get a nice bike for cheap

  • 12:50-12:57 THAT KID WAS DRIVING!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Love these product vids! Any chance we could get another one of those light comparison vids? I know you did one a few years ago, which was stellar, but I'd be curious to know if there are any new deals out there.

  • I rewatch your bike build we’re you add the coil shock and I noticed a fat rock in the video. Just suggesting that that it would be sick if you added a feature on it 🙂

  • Hay I love when you always say. Today we are doing some thing different. But kind of the same 😁😁

  • who is that kid, there's No way he got drive that truck!

  • haha did you wear safety glases for that chain breaking... hahah

  • Hey bearm peak can u buy a bike like my bike its 250$ only pls review it that bik is an kespor competitor can u rate it 1 to 100 pls rate

  • Can you please get back to actual riding videos soon. I’m sorry to say but the videos lately just feel like a bunch of bs just thrown together and drawn out to have a video. Even before the injury. I’d rather have 1 or 2 good videos a month with some actual riding of the trials than what’s been up lately. Cheers!

  • Why are they kids driving a truck

  • Thule products over engineered?!?! When I was a bike mechanic theyd make all the new people build the thule stuff cause it was so annoying

  • 5:18 thats what she said

  • I come from Sweden and also like Thule

  • Can you do a video all about fat tire bike like good parts and tool for it. Goods and bads and stuff.

  • where can i buy the tool you used to repair the chain

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  • Your trying to tell me u haven’t used a tape measure before

  • I don't know how about you but I haven't had YT adds in this video... Oh wait, the whole video is add!

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  • Hey Seth, hope you recover from your accident soon. I have a question. Im starting to do video edits but I feel like the gopro software is not enough. What software do you recommend to edit your videos?

  • "\r\nAwesome vid. If you had One wish. what Would it be? let's build each other up xd"

  • Do you have a Christmas gift for us?

  • Seth when are you going to review decathlon bike items..

  • Didn't think I'd ever sign up for a Patreon but as a government worker I really think what you're doing is awesome. There's a lot of BS when it comes to public work but it's always a great feeling when you've helped create something that everyone can enjoy.

  • "\r\nGood content"

  • Can you convert bmx bike to mtb

  • Thule sweden!

  • Imagine having Seth as your dad

  • the light/powerpack is a great idea, but you cant use the power pack while riding with the the light on, which unfortunately undermines its usefulness for me.

  • Are we not gonna talk about the light on his scooter

  • Seth’s expression in the thumbnail kinda describes how these product reviews are without voiceovers.

  • Seth you shoud put cristmas decoracion

  • LOL I am not a Park tool Fanboy but they're tire lovers are my favorite LMAO 🤣

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  • bring back ur big ripper

  • The fox tailgate pad is meh my fork crown wore through the pad and left a hole in the pad after a Rocky shuttle up a fire rode also my bike slides up and down even though I have the straps tight this is a bummer and wish I had the race face one

  • What happened to the bmx

  • can you try the trinx brave 1.1 full suspension bike idk what is the price but i think is around 400-500 bucks

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  • Hi Seth, you know the video you won the dirt diaries with.... your going to hate this when your up to the task (fully recovered) can you take Anthony Panza DH biking on the same place Kevin first went MTBing. It would be the best video ever.

  • Cooking

  • You should put a wheely bar and a motor from an E bike on your knee scooter

  • Upload a video

  • Only ogs know when berm peak was called Seth’s bike hacks

  • poc

  • Seth, you ought to come ride with us in Ohio. Snowshoe isn't open this year, but we've been working on our own downhill park. Check out the Horns Hill Mountain Biking Facebook group and see what we are all about. Thanks for reading.

  • I know I am a little late but I just have a quick question I think a few of us are wondering this as well or maybe it is just me but what has happened to the VAPOR TRAIL just wanted to know because I personally have not heard about this in a while so someone please tell me.

  • Aye you havnt posted in a wile, you good?

  • And we also have soap Creek Alexander Road there he has a video about it

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  • Anybody gonna question the fact that a 12 year old looking kid was driving a pick up

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  • So I’m having a bunch of problems with my Full-suspendo boardman which isn’t being used to it’s full potential anymore, so i was thinking of switching to a simple hard-tail trail bike. I’ve got my eyes on a “VITUS NUCLEUS 29 VR” but wanted to see if anyone could recommend any other good bikes under £1000? Thanks to anyone who can help!

  • Are you ever going to upload again?

  • You should put suspension, brakes, and tires on a Walmart BMX frame and ride your trails

  • Hay Seth you should get a dewalt battery grinder to cut steel better

  • I just got a cannondale trail 3 are their any recommendations for upgrades

  • Super helpful! As a newbie I didn’t realize or even think of some of these items I might need! Thanks for the discount code, time to go shopping haha

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  • whats a really good 1 by hardtail for $750 or less i really want one

  • your a pro mountain biker of the world

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