NRG's New $10,000,000 Gaming Fantasy Factory | NRG Castle Full Facility Tour

Objavljeno 18. nov. 2020
The most EPIC ANNOUNCMENT in NRG's history! Check out the NRG Castle Full Facility Tour as we unveil our New $10,000,000 Gaming Fantasy Factory! Please give this video a like, comment and subscribe for the best content on YT!
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NRG's New $10,000,000 Gaming Fantasy Factory | NRG Castle Full Facility Tour
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  • Disneyland: We have the best castle NRG: Hold our castle

  • When he said water fountains that spit out energy drink i knew this was the best place ever

  • So is this connected or close to the house in the last video ?

  • How do I join nrg

  • This is not a gaming house, castle or whatever this is a museum😂

    • it would be cool to work with/ for NRG

  • this is fkng awesome . o wont it too

  • There’s so many lights I don’t even know what I’m looking at

  • Use code trulyice

  • Bro if they keep this when it’s spring I’m asking my mom if u can go to LA and meet clix and ranaldo

  • King of England: We have the best kingdom NRG: Hold My NRG drink ima teach this geezer a lesson

  • Look At Ron So Inspirational

  • I'm actually so jealous of all of this🤣

  • NRG doing big things

  • When are the fort tie guys gonna meet sfs (specifically super)

  • Now that i have seen the Castle when do u hire me

  • Unknown had airpods while the meeting was going

  • Nrg making big moves

  • The only 1% who likes this will be a billionaire in 1 year

  • NRG doing big things

    • What is the song name in the beginning

  • just waiting to get signed

  • Would u like to edit for my team as a vfx for free if u are interested dm me on discord Impact SlintZ#6287

  • it would be cool to work with/ for NRG


  • no matter how big it is you can only be at one room at a time

  • So u hiring?

  • But what the fuck is this cool, if you host me I come to visit you willingly

  • Grady really transformed the channel

  • So rich


  • This is nuts! I love it!

  • Imagine nrg let's me join

    • You should get the rocket league boys in there!

  • damn i’ll work for NRG i got nothin else to do in life.

  • Where is a Benjyfishy

  • What did I just watch holy 🔥⚡️ Mind blown what was that Until we get to see 10:59

  • What is the song name in the beginning

    • A better name for it: Simp Castle.

  • Hands down the BEST CASTLE

  • Welp boys time to get signed by nrg

  • U guys are goated I love the factory

  • Ronaldo in the back Me: YO RONALDOOOOOO

  • Disney land: hold up wait a minute something wrong

  • Is it just me or does grady look like Markus Veltri?? 😂


  • Where is benjy

  • looks like a rich kids birthday party

  • Get aceu up in there 🙃🙃

  • 2:56 this kid doesnt care that 10 million dollars has been spent on a castle so he decides to watch fortnite

  • What is he castle in the thumbnail called?

  • You should get the rocket league boys in there!

  • Teacher: pay attention everyone Kids at the back of the class:

  • Wait I forgot how old are u guys?

  • Who is the San Francisco shock

  • A better name for it: Simp Castle.

  • ofc ronaldo is in there 6:00

  • Wait so anyone can go?

  • How many houses

  • Idc about the castle I care about the bill

  • So we can say if the power went out this would literally be the darkest day in nrg history

  • Unknown wearing all time his fucking Apple airpods pro WTF ahahahahahahah

  • “That’s pretty good that’s pretty good, wa wa wa”

  • clickbait

  • Seriously speaking though, water fountains that leak energy drinks? That can't possibly be healthy if all you drink is energy drinks 24/7.

  • San Francisco shock huh Earlier in the video: The castle is right here in the heart of Los Angeles

  • Holy god imagine living there

  • Cringe

  • LMAO so you all saw Entertainment 720 and said "this but unironically"

  • huly

  • Damn i better start grinding💜

  • Electrical bill:📈

  • bruh if i have a chance to join a clan im joining NRG [for sure]

  • Nrg making better moves than faze ngl even tho I love faze but nice job nrg keep going💙

  • Imagine Benjy in the video... Also Zayt meditating 100 percent chest spawn lmao great job what a castle !

  • Every console ever created? Atari there too?🥺

  • This is insane imagine going from playing a game to living in a castle this video is amazing let’s go NRG

  • Cool 😎

  • I really want to join nrg clan. I'm very good and actually I don't know how to join. Tell me how to join

  • I'm so interested, and definitely hungry and motivated!.

  • What is the light bill though

  • damn daddy clix voice

  • When someone wants fortnite vbbucks, only use They are the real deal when it comes to this! ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ

  • When someone wants fortnite vbbucks, only use They are the real deal when it comes to this! ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ

    • @Ethan its so that everyone can see this and shame them

    • Lmao who’s giving this likes

    • Stfu

  • Looks like aids, come play games and then get eye cancer from all the neon lights

  • Move in the rl squad

  • Hello???😳❤

  • Soo ah what internet u running off

  • The fact tht zayt said tht

  • NRG is next up

  • Of course Ron is in the Rage Room

  • The every console ever wall so creative

  • Can they all finally settle and live somewhere

  • Can I tryout for NRG

    • @Mr. Pickle Thank you

    • @Bxlt Ok I believe in you. But remember, this is a tier 1 org. It isn't something you tryout for, they have to select you.

    • @Mr. Pickle but nobody likes my stuff so I deleted everything

    • @Mr. Pickle I will get there I promise

    • Get 100 subs first lmao. NRG is a massive org, they sign players if they think they can make money off them. They aren't just gonna let a player join because he's good.

  • Can you come in here for free?

  • NRG ON TOP!!

  • I'm jealous af rn lol

  • I like how faze thinks there the best... meanwhile nrg has a castle

  • when you already in a multi million dollar mansion, oh wait hold up let me head to my castle real quick lol mad respect

  • Me: Chilling in my room SLnumber: yo let me show you how poor you are

    • If faze bought this castle this is mongraals room 5:43

  • Imagine playing IRL Among Us in this place

  • Yoo can i come over

  • These kids are so annoying

  • edit: wow thanks for the likes guys