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Video from Ep. 259 Mike & Lana Broke Up (Officially) slnumber.info/wiev/aISTY62EdaGapqo/video.html
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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.
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  • Wise words

  • Send this video tu redbar so much material

  • Sorry bro. Imma have to go steal lana😂

  • Logan is mikes real rock lol all jokes aside idk I say they’ll get back together

  • i feel like both of these two people are so free spirited that it's kind of hard to be in any relationship.. this isn't a flaw and this isn't something they need to fix. some people just are the way they are and that it completely fine.

  • I agree with miko tho like im not gonna settle down with someone that is done being used lmao fk sexworkers living good life and getting money easier for the loss if dignity like bruh gtfo

  • Mike is a very unattractive man with a bad personality. He sounds like a user and a womanizer. He is 36 and acts like he is 18. It's very pathetic.

  • How old is Mike? 14??

  • Man fuc** Lana .we only in dreams 😂😂😂 respect 🙏🙏

  • He’s been PR trained


  • Dating a two bit porn star is the biggest simp move of all time anyway

  • He dumb for breaking up with Lana 😂😂😂

  • 😭never knew she had a bf

  • lol

  • Who the f*CK marries a PORNSTAR!! Disgusting!! Have fun with them; that's it!!

  • Damn, now I have to go over to the three Goddesses one Kitchen channel to find the truth!

  • Lmao imagine marrying a porn star

  • Ohhhh Money over Mind Mike is so poor

  • No real man want have family with porno star even Mike.

  • Who want to marry a porno star who was nailed on camera .Mike had good time good experience good exploring that's it ..I feel sorry for he cause man will always think of her luke that but this is the image she build for her self ..porn was her job man the girl is ruined..still wish her the best mabe she need change her face and stop being on social media and maybe she can have what she want

  • Wow Mike is 36....that’s so sad

  • Finally you wised up bro. You can get a woman that is attractive and doesnt have more D's to her name than days in the year. She was like an 8 anyway i didnt see all the hype

  • fights? mike ur a baby in a 30 year old body if u could understand ur girlfriend more you would get the happiness that you're looking for.

  • Some people dont want to settle down and never have kids, ya got to realize that

  • So much clickbaits

  • George makes me fuking laugh 😂😂😂

  • At least he smashed

  • WORD from Mike : The relationship starts to take more energy from your life than it provides !! ngl that's some deep shit

  • Mike sounds like he screams at construction sites.

  • What I always find funny about women leaving you because you aren't ready to settle down is weird they leave you to just go start over from scratch. Why not just wait the course? Do you want a piece of paper or do you want an actual relationship with someone?

  • dude Mike is a loser

  • Mike is so hateble , he is so pathetic

  • Mike ,Bro again you broke up .

  • Mike and Lana are both gross 😝

  • Holy beef curtains batman.... 🤮☠ gross

  • Back to chillin with the boys, :) there's definitely perks

  • But logan, you made them couples.hahahahaha..

  • mike majlak is cool no bad blood type

  • I cant even hate on him or laugh at him, all I have is respect for him

  • Mike is such a shit talking I've never heard more lies than he speaks

  • Mike lost his early 20s in addiction and drugs maybe that’s why he still thinks he’s 22 and can live with his boys 🥴

  • For all the people that haven't had a anal perverted women in their life I feel bad for you. It's fun and fullfiing.

  • Mike is proof that a girl can have the perfect body, a great personality, be a millionaire, not like to party or go anywhere and still not be enough. The problem is literally men.

    • Guys don’t care about woman’s money. It’s not a factor for us to determine a mate. Unfortunately for Lana, she sold her soul by being a porn star. It strips her of her humanity and men will never take her seriously, she made a career out of being a sex object. When guys see her they only see sex, she knew that and still did it for fame and money. Do you really think any man of value will put a ring on her finger? You can disagree with it and not like it but it is what it is. You’re missing that huge component in your rant about men “being the problem” but I don’t fuck with mike anyway so.

  • He's like thanks for the fame and fullfilling my sexual fantasies. Noone knew who I was before you. Of course there's no bad blood in his eyes. Lol.

  • This Majlak guy is a freak.

  • All we see on the vlogs is what the creator wants us to see. Easy to have solutions or comment from the sidelines. A bunch of Monday morning quarterbacks in the comments.

  • Dude came home during a blacked scene

  • Dude when you try and date a woman that's been with on camera fuckin horses. It will never work men aren't built that way

  • Lol can’t take him serious 46 year old acting like a 16 in highschool relationship 🤣

  • BROOOOO I MAD CAN RELATE TO MIKE WITH THE WHOLE BREAK UP SITUATION MAN!!!! I recently broke up w my girl for the SAME exact reason! Except our break up wasn’t so mutual it was more like distancing ourselves

  • There are so many jokes you could make with this clip😭

  • Mike did the right thing and there are no 'villains' here. Marriage would not have fixed issues between them. Instead, they would have likely been divorced after a short marriage.

  • Grown ass man hanging around kids 10 yrs younger than him. C'mon Mike wtf are u doing with ur life?

  • Just gotta say this, Mike has to grow up, he's almost 40 and doesn't want to settle down

  • Mike Majlak is an idiot. I believed he made his boneheaded choice to break-up with Amara Maple(Lana Rhoades) on the advice of the Paul brother's selfish mutual greed. By the time he realises his mistake, it will be too late for him. Because now women know that he will choose his own financial success over them - every time. Thus while many will applaud his decision he will lose any chance of lasting love by making this choice. This was clearly a pure financial self-interest decision.

  • Good

  • I mean , mike is in his mid 30’s and doesn’t want to settle down while lana is only 24 and wants to get married and have kids .

  • But did he really break up or is it another clickbait ?

  • What's sad, is that she started out as a birthday present for Mike and then they got into a serious relationship. I can tell Mike is hurting. Hang in there bro.

    • Daniellanier85 was it ever serious, Lana said Mike wouldn’t move in, he would just stay at her apartment for sex, then leave, when they were on vacations he would say he’s going to move in, they’d have more sex, and then he’d leave, was it ever even serious🙄🙄

  • Ya would really wanna marry and have kids with a girl who's had almost every hole gapped all over the internet. That ain't wife or mother material at all

    • @Mick Funny just wait for it it will come in the near future

    • @J EE at least she didn’t do preggo porn

  • They broke up? It all seemed so solid and she definitely wasn’t with him to boost mainstream fame 😂

  • It's okay that he feels that way, sucks he had to ruin a great thing over something like that.

  • mike, I love you, but why tf would you do that

  • It look like he’s happy because they broke up

  • You gotta remember, part of his life he was doing drugs and in and out of rehab so most of that time was a blur. He’s enjoying his life now, it is what it is.

  • Mike not because of her past you're gonna take advantage of her you fucked up

  • This guy became a joke here in Brazil lol, not because he was dating a porn actress but because he looks very childish looking like a child who doesn't know what he wants, if the guys here acted like that they would never be able to have sex with a woman.

  • This guy doesn’t want to pay rent he wants to live with Logan until he dies.

    • You copied that from someone 3 comments below you

  • He dumb for breaking up wit her

  • So many simps here. I dont blame the guy at all. Settling with a porn star is dumb af. Statistics are already crappy for marrages.

  • He gon cry in the car

  • .

    • She belong to the villages......

  • I completely understand him, 36 year old ex drug addict that wasted the prime time of his life If I was in his situation I would be doing what he is.

  • Mike be better settling down. Amara is a nice girl for a pornstar, so it's kind of dissapointing, to say the least.

  • Nah mike ily bro but u chose a bootleg reboot over your hot pornstar gf 🤣how does that happen

  • Dude theyve broken up like 3 times

  • this is the 10th breakup now

  • I wonder how many times he smashed before they broke up

  • Mike was never going to give Lana what she wanted. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy about a break up, more glad it ended sooner than I anticipated, before he wasted her “good years” she can never get back, you know.. like p diddy did to Cassie. They’re both great people and deserve to find happiness.

  • Lol did Mike just give relationship advice? Lmao 😂 I’ll pass on listening to that bull

  • Guys he just doesn’t want to marry a pornstar period.

    • @Jose videos* my dude. And LOTS of them

    • It’s probably hard when there’s video of your girl banging 10 dudes at the same time all over the internet

    • You maybe true, or he may not be like that

  • What a manchild your so pathetic you just wasted the jackpot. Bro your 36 she's in her 20s bro your not even good looking your lucky she picked you. if it was me i would took care of her so she doesn't get reminded of her P.S days. This isn't a fuckin game bro you can't get another one when you wake up tomorrow. Just sad knowing he wasted a massive opportunity he'll never be able to grab hold off.

  • Omg I'm so surprised!! Said no one ever

    • I just watched 2 black guys tag teaming her

  • Mike is such a great guy man, Such a respected man! I’d love to have Mike as a best friend bro

  • amara maple is lana rhoades real name lmao

  • She belong to the villages......

  • fr tho i wouldnt want my wifes gangbang videos up on internet, imagine if their child watch that crap soem day lmao , nah i fw mike

  • There actually breaking up

  • Kevin malone : Man boy

  • It’s crazy to think that the one person your closest to one day can be a complete stranger the next.

  • Hey Logan, ur so cool. You’ve inspired me to be better. You’ve gotten me through so much adversity and I just wish people could see who beautiful your aura is. I feel bad for the people that don’t understand you. Mike, it’s your decision and I know your wise enough to make those hard decisions. Have fun, you’re not old and Logan has taught me that freedom is important and so is happiness. Logan if one day I could meet you that’d be awesome. I’m such a big fan of everything you’ve done especially your music. I literally listen to your songs every day and I love your lyrics and the way they flow so well with the beats that you incorporate with them. Ahhhh I’m just such a big fan of you I hope you don’t mind this long comment lol. Oh and I bought your clothes as well lol like my closet is filled with your merch. Also I listen to your podcast every day. Like literally! I think i’ve listened to every one of your impaulsive podcasts like at least twice. Ok bye love you. Logang for life Oh and logan, you’re a s’bitch and this whole thing was bullshit. Hope you rot in hell you brainwashing, manipulative, bullying strand of jizz.

  • She cheated he just cant admit it ....

  • Of course, when the hype died, you were with each other

  • From being known as Lana’s boyfriend to now Lana’s ex 😂

  • Mike is immature as fuck. Smh.

  • Isn it to quick for her to settle since her last relationship?

  • Bro chose rice gum over Lana rhoades😭

  • I just watched 2 black guys tag teaming her

  • im not even sad at this point