Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection - Weapons, Magic ‘n Modes - Nintendo Switch

Objavljeno 26. jan. 2021
The noble knight Arthur returns in Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection! With powerful weapons and magic at your disposal, you can also select a difficulty mode that suits you. Take heart, heroes - once your quest is complete, it will be time to CHALLENGE AGAIN!
Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection is coming to Nintendo Switch on Feb. 25, 2021.
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  • I'll wait for a physical edition, otherwise I will pass on it.

  • Does anybody know if they will have the blue armor and the gold one

  • Todays kid will feel the burn good luck kidos ahahahahaha

  • This game doesn't exist because it's exclusive to one console.

  • Always happy to see a new GnG. Graphic style isn't tickling me much though. Looks like a flash game.

  • This isn't a great lockdown game to play.

  • I'm so excited for this!

  • So is this just an hd remake of the psp version, or something they are redoing from the ground up? (I never had the psp version)

  • "Demon's Crest Resurrection" tambien seria genial, como nuevo remake...

  • I hope they remake breath of fire next.


  • Keep this series going forever please! In physical version, if possible. 🙏😎

  • Wow, this looks amazing

  • I just lost my mind. Why does it take 30 years to remake this stuff?!

  • I grew up with the originals about 30 years ago....this series is like the ancient ancestor of dark souls

  • AVGN was here

  • 200k+ views? Awesome. Hope this comes to other platforms as well.

    • It very likely will, in a leak that released right before the game was announced it mentioned the game's name and release date before any public knowledge was known about this. There's also a section saying that it's a timed exclusive due to promotional support from Nintendo and will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on June 1st.

  • The very Old school tough game With out leveling up. Got my attention

  • Zu schwer 👎🏼

  • Make a New megaman series continuing battle network and starforce for the nintendo switch , new combat and movement system with maybe an arena, 360 ° view real time combat.

  • next, gargoyle's quest remastered?

  • They could have just remastered the PSP version and add more extra content. I just really dont like the new artworks style... looks like some After Effects 2d flat layers animations

  • Any plans for physical copy of the game?

  • Man I am loving the look and gameplay of this game so far.

  • Basically just 2D dark souls.

  • physical version please !!!??? and what about demon's crest remaster ??? no remake , the game is always too beautiful , simply a remaster in physical edition...

  • Great for a Nintendo Switch Bundle!

  • take my money capcom

  • Y para playstation cuando sale?

  • Don’t show somecallmejhonny this

  • So we can get a remake of a crap game like this but still no chrono trigger or super mario rpg remaster / remake that would destroy game sales records

  • I cant wait to *GET THE KNIFE* in HD

  • Do you have what it takes? Nope, but that doesn't mean I won't try! Time to avenge our childhoods, right boys?

  • One of the hardest games ever and I loved it.

  • No farming available here, only skill and mindbreaking.

  • Hmmm possible smash dlc?

  • As someone who grew up with the franchise I'm amongst one of the happiest people alive this also gives him a chance of appearing in smash

  • 0:16 that music triggered my PTSD. Thaks

  • I refuse buy this digital.

  • I'm glad they have difficulty options, I remember not being able to beat the first level lol

    • I'm such a weenie; I'm PROUD to admit that I'd Do Page Mode FIRST. . .

  • Capcom should consider remastering or remaking the Maximo games from the Ghosts and Goblins franchise. Not only were they insanely fun 3D platformers but they also are the better games of Ghosts and Goblins franchise. Those games have been sitting on a shelf next to my viewtiful joe collection begging to get remastered. Capcom did it with Okami and Katamari so please, Capcom reps if you’re reading this; don’t hesitate, remake.

  • Capcom is doing great with the Switch finally

  • Just pre-ordered it now! Waiting for Capcom Arcade Stadium too.

  • Will this be sold separately or be part of switch online?

    • It will be on the Nintendo Eshop, no word on physical copies, and has nothing to do with Nintendo Switch Online service.

  • nintendo switch jogos star fox zero

  • The true question is...... Will they have the initial cutscene in?

    • Yes, the game’s site has screenshots from the opening cutscene.

  • I love the art style for this, it’s so traditional.

  • This is gonna cause alot of broken Switches no doubt.

  • as avgn said: GET THE KNIFE

  • why does it look like those fake mobile games ads

  • When PS4/PS5 ?

    • The leak that had the game’s title and release date before the game was announced says that it’s launching as a timed exclusive and will be available on PC / Xbox One / PS4 on June 1st. I’d take that with a grain of salt before anything is / isn’t officially announced but it does sound promising. XSX / PS5 ports would likely follow if-not come on release.

  • Almost got overly excited by the games box art, I thought the princess would be playable.

  • Firebrand for smash!

  • I've been lucky. Only lately have I been nostalgic for the games of my youth (nes and mostly snes) I got into megaman? Boom 9 10 and legacies. Castlevania contra? Boom on switch in collection. And double drag. Neon boom right after just playing nes ones. Now I LITERALLY beat SNES yesterday and see this. Lucky timing I swear

  • Of course mike leaves cinnamassacre and NOW they release this. Too bad wpuldve been a good monday vid.

  • Sorry, but i ll take the older titles any day of the week. Maybe its because i grew up playing the arcade, and super nes version. Im just not digging the art style, i think super ghouls and ghosts looks way better than this. Capcom's been on a downward spiral for some time now, with the exception of monster hunter rise. I hope they can redeem themselves when the new final fight, and power stone games come out. i personally think hi def sprites would habe been better than this garbage

  • Nope, I'm good.

  • DS: grandpa tell me a story! GnG: very well.

  • Ngl it looks really janky. I don't care for the art style they chose to go with for this.

  • Glad to see Jesters are back. I wonder what they will turn Arthur into if their magic hits?

  • 2 Players??

    • Nope, 0:42 is a player using a doppelgänger spell to spawn a clone that mirrors movement & attacks. None of the Ghosts’n Goblins games have had co-op.

  • Capcom is really on a hot streak with great games.

  • Fortnite kids be like WTF......... is this? This is hard.


  • Looks fantastic. I can't wait for this one. I hope the original or super gouls and ghost is also available to play without upgraded stuff.

  • Damn games are hard af

  • i watched the snes walkthrough on a big screen, while hoovering up, the night before halloween

  • I failed on the NES Version. It's impossible to beat!

  • A shadow trial mode, interesting........... the dark world from a link to the past

  • No physical release?

  • The original DarkSouls

  • Now all we need is a Ninja Gaiden remake and then we’ll have two of the hardest platformers ever made in a new artstyle

  • Is it having a physical release?

  • Surely this will have infinite lives and/or level select, so it's not gonna be anywhere near as difficult as the og version.

    • The original game (Ghosts'n Goblins NES) has infinite continues which effectively worked as infinite lives since the game always spawned you at a level checkpoint. I do agree that the Ghouls'n Ghosts armor system and addition of magic / skills does make it a bit easier but by the looks of it will be entirely optional.

    • I guess it's got difficulty options but that's really about it

  • Does this game also forces you to play the twice to get the true ending?

    • Yes, once you beat a stage at a difficulty higher than Page (the lowest difficulty) you'll unlock it's "World of Shadows" counterpart which has a unique visual style and presents a more challenging version of the stage. It's a much better inclusion than previous entries of which were practically carbon-copies of the existing game with the requirement to use a less effective weapon (shield / psycho cannon / goddess bracelet) on the last two bosses. I would compare World of Shadows to a New Game + based on what info they've revealed so far.

  • Wow looks cool.

  • And Capcom continues to laugh in Konami's face.

  • On PS4 and PS5 PLEASE !!!

  • I Bet AVGN Heard This Trailer of The Remake and Thinks it’ll be Better Than The Original he Reviewed. 1. Get The Switch 2. Get The Remake 3. Get The Knife!

  • Looks good but what is this music

  • Alternate Title: Ghosts 'n' Goblins "Prepare To Die" Edition

  • There’s no physical copy, yeah?

  • SomecallmeJohhny screams in the background.

  • I hope the magician comes back in this game. That's my favorite enemy in the series.

    • He's in the cover art of the game by the left-hand side on top of a chest.

  • I made the mistake of not picking up Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins. I won't make that mistake this time!

  • This game is why I developed calluses on my finger tips at the age of 7

  • i want Maximo!

  • *Looks like it was phoned in and developed by a cheap Chinese studio...*

  • It's a weird thing to get hung up on, but I'm glad Princess Prin Prin still looks like she did back in the day. (At least in the illustration.) I was kinda worried she'd get a 2020s makeover.

  • Thank you Capcom. Thank you Nintendo. You finally understand that the switch is a modern NES/SNES

  • I love that they're showing me everything I won't see because I won't make it past the first level

  • Not a fan of the visuals - kind of a combination of overdetailed, yet poorly drawn and animated like a 2006 flash game.

  • Joycon drift is the hardest mode

  • Lowkey Arthur needed to be in Smash as a Capcom rep. I dunno he could have a mechanic were when hes at 100% he loses his armor but hes faster or something.

  • Cough... cough... Super Smash Bros Ultimate...

  • This looks like a mobile game

  • I see frame dips at 0:41

  • This looks like Cuphead but also mixed with Spawn

  • This gave me enough rage quits as a kid. Do I really want to put myself through this again? ...Yes...Yes I do.