Hey, Republicans Who Supported This President: Are We Great Again Yet? - LIVE MONOLOGUE

Objavljeno 6. jan. 2021
After the unprecedented assault on democracy that took place in the Capitol Building today, Stephen Colbert kicks off his LIVE monologue with a message for cowardly Republican lawmakers who for five years have coddled the president's fascist rhetoric: there will be a terrible price to pay. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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  • Sooo , Madonna ,Maxine waters ,Johny Depp , Kathy Griffen , I could go on and on , threats to the President... but that ok right ?? Your wicked good ball

  • We stopped being "great". when dems did nothing but praise the looting and violent rioting in the non movement. You are truly ignorant if you believe this country stopped being great on Jan. 6th.

  • WOW....just WOW!!!!

  • I broke up with my boyfriend of 7 years because of this election. He refuses to believe Trump incited this and that the rioters wanted to kill people. At 9:19 you can hear "kill 'em, kill 'em!". I haven't felt this disappointed in a long time. This was a horrible, shameful day for America and it's going to take so much work to undo all that Trump's done.

  • C'mon, civil war now! The rest of the world needs the entertainment.

  • I hate to say but its the truth - white privilege gone wild. this country has cradled those who think they can do and act as they please like its some divine right or something but its ironic that the same seed (different generation) will take their delusion to the source of their delusion

  • Many in the Black community warned everyone years in advance this was going to happen nearly play by play. For those of us who listened and were prepared...😎🍿☻ All we keep hearing is "reverse racism" and "you don't know $hit" talk from everyone even right now still. But the same people acting fearful right now don't know what's going to happen next. You're gonna have to learn to hum your way through it. Lol

  • FO Stevie POS

  • I want to share this on Facebook, but it won't let me

  • Where were you when bunch of people were dying in blm protests?

  • People calling trump fascist are wrong he isn't appealing enough to be a fascist dictator...mussolini and hitler were successful at overthrowing a government and taking full power, trump failed, he tried and the establishment (including his own supporters) said no...he didn't silence the media. The media silenced him....fascist dictators are stronger, smarter, and more appealing than him...mussolini and hitler were awful people BUT they knew how to get what they wanted, trump doesn't, he's sad and pathetic...and will be forgotten These guys think it will make a difference??? Riot all you want, innocent lives will be lost and eventually, it will lose steam...trump will be forgotten, and so will they...enjoy Biden for 4 years, he won, whether you believe it or not doesn't matter, he's gonna be president...and trump will be out The difference between trump and mussolini/hitler...is that I actually believe mussolini or hitler would have been out there helping the rioters and they certainly would have helped to pardon those involved instead of throwing them under the bus...evil people but loyal to their followers...u guys think ur serving trump? Ur country? Well, where is he now? He doesn't care about you, look at those people, how many people there do you think trump identifies with? Hes a billionaire elite, if ur not one of the top 1%, he hates you..

  • At 9:20, a clearly audible cry from the mob of "KILL THEM!"....

  • "Let Trump build the wall on the border - the Canadians can build one on theirs, then Europe can fit a roof, and seal the fuckers in!" Mark Steel

  • You should probably check your facts. Or should I ask, how's the egg on your face?

  • Where was the national guard during the BLM riots, burning, and vandalism?

  • You Blow !

  • I hate Trump. He needs to be in jail.

  • I promise you we will never be great again under Biden and his Marxists friends. This guy is a joke.

  • Ryan Long wasn't joking, this is such a hard listen 😁

  • Demonrats destroyed the country that's on them now they will try to sell you the remedy but only make it worse. Both sides are bad but Demonrats are pure evil

  • Everything was good until the Democrat lockdowns ruined the booming economy.

  • We are because the media hate him Enough said

  • Yes, we were great. Before covid happened, which wasnt his fault, we were great. Before blm riots happened, which wasnt his fault, we were great. Before all his stupid supporters stormed the capitol, which also wasnt his fault, we were great. Overall he was a good president. Stop trying to blame all the bad shit on him.


  • Except Trump never told them to storm the capital! So that’s the hole in your argument a bunch of hot air!

    • PRAISE BROTHER!!! Remember that truck i lent you the other week, do you mind id I get it back? I need to take a trip to Alabama, far place hahaha

  • Its gonna get a lot worse moonbat

  • They do have a name for that; KKK.

  • Antifa and Colbert are communist foot clan member's and he is not funny.

  • shame on you colbert .... you sound like crazy a o c ... so much for unity ... bringing proclamed racism into the subject .... you are a hardcore leftie .... nomatter what you think of Trump..... nomatter what he said ... you would have made a negative spin on it ... shame on you .... shame on anyone who divide at this time in history

  • We were on the right path Douche-bert but alas it was not meant to be. I see no opportunity has been wasted to instill shame on citizens who wanted their country to stand against the forces destroying it. Nevermind that democrats have both actively encouraged and incited violence numerous times over the past few years against law enforcement, elected officials and even private citizens. Nevermind that democrats have stood by (and by extension) encouraged the burning of our cities nationwide for the past 4 years. Nevermind that a small number of radicals of both left and right ideology broke away from the main group of over 500,000 during Trumps speech that called for peaceful accountability. On the bright side...after 16 years of war on police suddenly democrats (and an even longer battle against our constitution) value them again.

  • We are better off now than we was under the non American born hussein Obama. The ex liar in chief. Democrats paid antifa to burn and destroy cities across America. But when it comes to them they do something to stop it.

  • No, why? Corrupt people like you.

  • Wow bud. You up for some charges , propaganda machine.dummy is right you are ... Haha. Looking forward to seeing your arrest and jailing ..sweet justice coming #obamagate DECLASS coming. Woohoo !!!!

  • What goes around Comes around 2021

  • What i like about Colbert is how funny he is. Dude just kills with the jokes. "dummies like me", dude is killing it even without the laugh track.

  • Can we just take America and push it somewhere else?!

  • Well we were a hell of alot better till Biden and his goones cheated us out of an election....ya what's trump disclosing let's talk about that instead of ur babble

  • Spreading such toxic rethoric is extremely dangerous.

  • It's easy to put all people into a single cirkle and declare yourself supperior.

  • why is there no consequence for lying to the American people? lying to Congress and the Feds is a felony...those august bodies are made up of American people, too

  • Colbert is funny...when he's trying to be serious.

  • "Eating in style in the smoldering afterscape"

  • Wouldn’t the right question be, “What have you done to make America great again”?

  • That man was wearing a Lakota war headdress and I’m sure they don’t appreciate the association.

  • Biden- not my president. Our Heavenly Father IS! Only He is leader of leaders!!!🙏🏼🇨🇱😇

    • Incorrect. The US is (in theory anyway, there's plenty to say about the electoral college) a secular democracy. Not a theocratic dictatorship.

  • Someone died on that day..... and those stupid marchers on the capitol that day..... hear me out here idiots... is a person life so cheap that some of you kill someone that day and are you marchers happy when an innocent people died that day..... well I hope God will punish those evil hearts 🖤

  • Trump and his terroristic supporters are a disgrace to this country. I have no doubt that Trump knew what he was capable of. He has the voice, the power to feed lies to his own people and make them do horrible stuff. Its like telling your siblings to do bad things.

  • Ok..lets get rid of the problem,send trump to iran to face charges...it would save tax payer money,if he survives , then we can put him in jail

  • Why can't I block news or bullshit like this. The corruption runs deep, talk of lies while lieing. The government is broken, and corrupt. Time will show as our rights are taken, freedom is in jeopardy. Watch.

  • PREACH👏👏👏👏


  • You know what made America "not so great?" The mainstream media. YOU!!! You shut up all news about Trump's accomplishments, promoting instead things taken out of context. Promoting lies.

  • 🔱🎦💠✨☢🌦🧹👼❄✨✨🔵✨ *Gud demonstrerede sin kærlighed til os ved at sende sin Søn Jesus Kristus, som døde og stod op fra de døde for at give os evigt liv.* *Han lovede også at helbrede din krop.* *(Se op på himlen og spørg Gud)*

  • I thought trump told them to go and hold a peaceful protest, must have missed somthing you saw

  • I'd like to note that the person vocalizing during Under Pressure was doing a T**** impression. That's subtle comedy.

  • i hated the riot as much as the next guy but his constant insistance on "white people bad" and making this whole thing about race pisses me off

  • It was bound to happen when you don't help the people ,,, Republicans or Democrats are at fault,,,Start getting help to the people that need it , then maybe things would get better... Or this is going to become a regular occurrence... The storming of the capital was one of the best things they could've done.. Democrats and Republicans have become way too complacent in their office maybe now they'll think twice and actually get things done... If you notice how fast the Democrats move to impeach after this incident yet they can't get the american people all the help they need and I'm one of the people that still haven't been helped and I'm living homeless in my car for the past 18 months..Only if you can collect unemployment you can get help ,,,, what about the people that can't collect unemployment and cannot find a job ,,i fall in that category..Pretty soon I'll be completely penniless and living in the bushes ,,yes that serious people And you know what the scary thing is I see more people every day living in their cars

  • Black hole of Whiteness, brilliant!

  • "Viking guy" is QAnon Shaman, and QAnon is a conspiracy theory group that's pretty insane. This guy isn't involved with Antifa or BLM at all. Please don't be stupid.

  • If you want real facts look up Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and see what he and others are doing behind the scenes don't watch these clown shows

  • All Government officials are simply Corp. Stooges and Guilty of aiding the Bilderberg Group with Genocide on the World Population and Democracy has turned to Corp control and creating clowns like this but ha they can fly to the stars while millions are homeless and starving corp. overlords

  • Funny how you say including the republicans that let this happen....... Everyone in american LET THIS HAPPEN..... stop trying to get out of your part of the blame..... its all of america.... your all cowards

  • "You still think walls work?"

  • They going to be pardon!!!..😡 🤬 😡 🤬

  • AMERICAN problem is America itself .

  • Throw Trump in prison and throw away the 🔑

  • When Trump starts 4 more years you will be his little girl you fembot.

    • You people really don't like facing reality do you?

  • You said thousands stormed the capital. Why do you blame millions? You take statements out of context to fill your rhetoric. Why? You blame Trump why? You saw criminals commit crimes. Is it too much to penalize those criminals and allow those who planned a peaceful protest to have the same shocked reaction as you? Now you believe your in a position of power to ridicule and shame all republicans by jumping on the graves of those who died yelling I hate trump therefore only democrats opinions are right. Do you feel shame for rejecting your fellow Americans yet?

  • You're a backstabber.

  • This guy is part of a media that is so full of shit and promotes racist division. I live and work with every race imaginable and still haven’t witnessed this massive divide that the media pushes. For most people it’s a difference of opinion, not racism. Stop race baiting.

  • Wasted 20$ on a book from this clown once. He was also funny once.....

  • Colbert you need to be honest with the American people and let them know that the reset is The New World Order. You know but think people are stupid,sorry not anymore. And you have a big surprise coming bye Biden and you.

  • I get hes angry, and he has every right to be, but his biased one sided takes contribute to the problem more than it solves anything; digging deeper the divisive trenches instead of building bridges. He's always just lashing out with cheap one liners and easy laughs, never any deep or complex substance or perspective on what actually brought this upon us. As if every bad things we see are because of Trump, and not decades of political manipulation of the public from both parties to fight bullshit wars and extort the middle class to feed big corps. Trump is a symptom, not the sickness. Division was there before.. how does he think he got elected in 2016? People are fed up with the fraudulent system which was built to serve both parties. Everything else is pure rethoric and fallacious speach. You think Biden and Harris will bring back peace and unity? How blind and willfully ingnorant can one be.

  • It's kind of rich for Stephen to pin this on Fox News - this problem goes way back to media on both sides inflaming rhetoric and radicalizing their followers. The American media establishment is run by corporations and corporations exist for profit. The corporations will only get you to watch by telling you that Trump is literally Hitler resurrected, or that Obama was Osama Bin Laden's distant cousin. The reality of American politics is that both sides are fucked, and this will keep going on until it reaches its logical conclusion.

  • We are better than we have ever been. Why? We have to be even more aware of others sensitivities. My ancestors want to burn down all of it they had their land stolen where is the democratic process. We are going to pray for the Hypocrisy is not democracy Nation.

  • Excellent.Thanks.

  • 10:38 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Try self reflection

  • Best Monologue Ever !!

  • Hmmm. Convieniently cut the part where Trump said peacefully and patriotically. That sort of turns the whole context out of sorts.

  • side topic. can any kind soul point out where to find this particular music at the end of the talk show from Jon Batiste? so nice i can't wait to hear it in full.

  • If he's going to pick a fight with 80 million people the least he could do is not be a coward and lip people off behind private security

  • Trump 2020

    • He lost, my dude

  • America is great. It's people like you who try to ruin it and say "Oh look, this country is shit"

  • Haha a couple hundred idiots compared to 10 million BLM and antifa rioters

  • I died at the Senate Majority Leader part


    • Spoken like a true virgin

  • Well, a year ago, Demonstrators in Hong Kong stormed the parliament, Americans generally support this move. Tell me, what is the difference between the two attacks on parliament. Why do you support one and condemn the other?

  • A paid industry do as your told to day,employee Colbert who has to keep the narrative of lies going.while all majority known media's platform's and industry groundhogs play and paid infused with othe demo line spectrum..all stage plays on one system govt that both sides want playtime...Colbert minion puppet mouth piece

  • The delusion in the comment section is insane. Unhinged insanity. You are all ignorant dogs,

  • I think I can hear a pinch of Colbert’s southern accent coming out!

  • Orchestrated by the left.

  • Why don’t u shut up . What are you? A comedian or what. You are not a news reporter. Why can’t you talk about anything else, just President TRUMP. You are the one trying to stir anger in people. Trump made your show. Why don’t you show your viewer the entire speech. Why do you stop and not show the part of the speech that the President told the crowd to go to the capital peacefully. You are putting the blacks against the Whites. You are doing what Hitler did to the Jews. Stop the violence by talking nice things.

  • How about we just get rid of the whole two party system. Our government has been failing us for MANY MANY years. It's not democrat vs republican.


  • Yes

  • Man I love this guy. Keep going Steven, dont ever retire please!

  • I love how democrats all of the sudden are concerned about violence in this country. Not to concerned when it fit into your narrative. The Hypocrisy is unbelievable. Your writers got one thing right, made you call yourself a dummy.

    • @Rogue Caiman speak for yourself. I don’t support violence in our cities, not from any political group. Democrats were silent the last 4 years unless it supported their narrative. Not only silent when violence happened against conservatives or law enforcement, but many democratic lawmakers incited the violence publicly. Where were the Democrats then?

    • We are all hypocrites at the end of the day. Only difference is what you’re being hypocritical towards.

  • We have been. Ya know, historic low unemployment, historic movements of peace all over the world, pretty much every American in the best place we have been for fucking decades. But now? Well, the 'funnyman' being paid by Biden will probably not notice any downward trend, but holy shit, the rest of the country is going to burn. And it's already started. Well, to be fair, it started 4 years ago, jobless morons screeching through the streets of cities and destroying random cars and places of business, but now, as Joe has shown, they'll not be prosecuted at all.

  • Midnight traveller