We Watched The Entire FRED Trilogy

Objavljeno 12. apr. 2021
Today the boys and I settled in to watch the entire Fred trilogy, it was not easy...
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Memeulous, James Marriott, iNabber and ImAllexx watch and react to the Fred trilogy of movies. These include Fred: The Movie, Fred 2 Night Of The Living Fred and Fred 3 Camp Fred.

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  • they keep saying john cena is in this but i can’t see him

  • I always forget that I’ve seen this movie...

  • I’ve watched this video 7 times why is it so addictive

  • Dam memeulous has a beard!?!?!

  • Dude Talia is the little sister from modern family...welllp at least she moved on up

  • I need a drink after watching this.

  • My mom just called iNabber Ninoy Aquino 😭

  • Alex and George working together fucking slayed me 😂

  • I just realized derf was fred backwards, 9ish year old me managed to never pick that up

  • Who would win? Fred or Joji?

  • Ich

  • Glad that someone other than dumbsville relished this was joker

  • for anyone that reads this whenever he screams do 25 pushups

  • 17:05 thats just fred in a wig

  • I just realised Kevin was the homophobic guy in it chapter 2 😂

  • I thought you were joking but there's actually a link for dash water lol

  • I just watched my childhood to get that bitch slapped by some teenagers

  • 27 sips in the first movie!?!?!??!?!

  • on a serious note, the godfather will be and remain the best trilogy of all time

  • What’s with the glasses and mask

  • Lucas was 17 when Fred came out............huh?

  • james is wearing the huh-duh six hungeos by old mate senny (im probably the only dank pods fan who has watch this video)

  • When I was little I unironically loved this movie

  • Drinking for 3/4 of an hour

  • Fred is high on helium...

  • I only watched the camping one

  • im watching this at 1am with a headache

  • And then they died of alcohol poisoning The End

  • God I wanna rip my ears off

  • do you like my profile picture

  • Surprisingly a good video

  • fuck I deleted my comment

  • Back to the future will forever be the best Trilogy

  • I have just derived multiple mental disabilties from these movies. My brain capacity and mental wherewithal has been lowered by 50%. I am a victim of the Fred trilogy. Watch at your own risk.

  • just fyi camp fred was always my fav movie from ages 5-11.

  • frasers laugh gives me life.

  • recognising someone from nickelodeon and not recognising the chick from modern family

  • 5:44 i cant see gim

  • Hello Internet! Welcome to Film Theory, the show that's not all it's cracked up to be. Today we are going to talk about how Fred and The Joker... are the SAME PERSON. But that's just a theory. A Film Theory. Annnnnnnnnd cut.

  • This isn’t enough you must watch the tv show now!!!

  • watch all the chibi videos

  • Currently, I have a fairly full bottle of Kraken that hasn't been touched for like 5-6 months.

  • I don't know how I feel

  • 6:40 What was that voice

  • I don’t think Alex enjoyed this

  • LOL

  • 32:46 wine can blow up george

  • alex's look is the exact same as his look every reddit video

  • Here is every # I can think of in the replies

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  • water is not a chaser memeulous coke is a good chaser tho

  • I liked the movies

  • Kickassia+Suburbian Knights+To Boldly Flee is a perfect trilogy.

  • Sophomore beeeeeeee

  • You forgot to watch the tv series.

  • Plot twist he is actually a heavyweight and he watched all three movies the same day and drunk the whole bottle.

  • Can't believe you made me watch this...i was laugh crying at your commentary though 😂

  • I was afraid that they were goinh to die of alchohol poisoning.

  • Them drinking to the screams really highlight just how much the films are “EAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH”

  • I have watched this 7 times

  • Fred 4 freaky Freday

  • They actually did the wrestling thing

  • entered this video with a slight headache its now a pounding headache

  • My principals name is Mr Devlin

  • You’ll find out soon enough “doom music plays”

  • Best part is when Freds neck fukin breaks

  • When I was really little for some reason I really like these movies

  • They didn't interrupt a WWE show they did it at the end of a smackdown show

  • The first one was defo the best

  • Do Kung fu panda man, absolute classic

  • james asking george "why are you so excited about this" sums this up really

  • When I was a kid I had an attachment to the third Fred movie.

  • it kills me when you said whos stan lee-_-

  • Cool Beans

  • Yo I just noticed that gorge has a nes in the background.

  • I’ve seen the first one but I can’t remember when

  • Alex goin over 9000 on that tesco wine

  • I found fred 3 on my Amazon fire stick in the popular free movies and tv shows section

  • I want to believe that Fred got clothes lined to oblivion by Kevin

  • Only real OG's remember the clip of james being sober in his bed and regretting his life choices by drinking to Fred the movie

  • They should’ve made a fourth called ‘The Shawshank Fredemption’

  • Lol I bet most of the other actors were all really uncomfortable around him

  • Please stop fred before he has children, it would destroy everyting

  • the Fred movie had a higher budget than the first Saw movie

  • The best part was when John cena camped the refrigerator

  • I actually think that Lucas being only 18 in the third movie while already looking 30 is the scariest part

  • My deepest respect that you watched all three of them, I barley made it through the second one and still haven't seen the third one.

  • I can't believe they got Dom's brother from Fast and Furious 9 in the Fred movies. Fred must have friends in high places.

  • They should react to The Fred: Series from Nickelodean next. So we can see them suffer some more

  • Does George and Alex still live together?

  • I've seen all three of these back to back in one sitting. That is all.

  • I swear that I saw a an*l plug on 36:22 instead of a spoon... it might be because I'm quite tired though

  • Idk why they keep saying that Fred looks like a grown man. All I see is awkward lanky teen, Kevin tho...

  • James and george are like a kid forcing his father to watch minions for the 790th time

  • Kevin in the wwe scene forshadowed modern wwe male wrestlers

  • Otis Spunkmeyer is an American baked goods company founded in 1977.

  • wait until they find out about otis spunkmeyers cookies

  • Those're some nice sennheisers

  • wait isn't the kid w the glasses in the 3rd film the guy from "dog with a blog" ??

  • If your playing the drinking game your not driving home tonight

  • man i remember this yt channel... all the memories... they were great nostalgia