James Charles Is A Predator. AGAIN.

Objavljeno 27. feb. 2021
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  • the way that hila was so ready to throw hands when she thought he called her a bitch just shows how she would 100% win in a fight

  • At James Charles age, he needs to ask himself, “Are they old enough to vote?” If the answer is no, then don’t date them! 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • when your first question is let me see your id

  • I love this podcast soo much! Except for all of the useless/irritating sound clips

  • "LGBT People are not bad!"

  • James career really said: 🚪🚶

  • Does anyone know where the "oh no" sound bite is from?

  • James Charles walks in a room, everyone grabs there child and abruptly walks out

  • I think this is an absolutely disgusting assumption if your expose something like this don’t call him dipshit or say “fuck this guy” y’all are so stressful. Literally get over it😡😭😭

  • James Charles is a repulsive person. How is he still on SLnumber?? What DOES a person have to do to get kicked off?!

  • 5:15 your probably here for that, if not it’s still a funny moment

  • James Charles Part time makeup artist Wanna-be singer Full time predator

  • Okay so 17 and 14 is okay but not 19 and 16?????? Gtfoh that’s not how attraction works who follows laws anyone’s smoke weed everyday

  • It’s the smallest age gap Karen’s need to stop crying

  • If he was caught only a few weeks later, he could say, that demanding an ID is Jim Crow 2.0 style racist. President Biden said so.

  • Nothing new loool

  • 11:25

  • 5:27 I felt scared

  • I always said I'm ok with gays as long as they don't come after our kids, people told me that i was being ridiculous or offensive but look here. It's happening alright

  • As a 22 year old, I’m uncomfortable by the thought of trying to have a relationship more that 2 years younger than me.

  • The amount of people still making excuses for him is disgusting. These BOYS have receipts yet nothing is done. If he was a straight man sending lewd pics to teenage girls the internet would be all over him. But since the victims are boys no one takes them seriously. So much for #metoo. #JamesCharlesneedstogoaway

  • who's here after the 3rd guy came out

  • You almost lost your balls for calling a rare good woman a bbbbiiiiiii 😶 -Key and peele or something Seriously. She’s a good woman.

  • You really can’t fault the guy here. He shouldn’t need to ask for ID.

  • "beatin to this rn" was on the entire side this entire time

  • Damn this is interesting

  • Just like Skippy. But you love that guy! Weird.

  • I hope you guys will be able to put all those stupid youtubers down..

  • Hila was about to straight up assassinate Ethan when she thought he called her a bitch, as she should 👀

  • Swat team: Kicks in the door James Charles: Hey sisters! Swat team: knocks him in the gut with a rifle butt and throws a flash bang at him James Charles: Oh no!

  • 1 word dirty

  • First of all James Charles has made many mistakes so for into sit her and calling him many cuss words is disgusting & it’s his business that he did what he did so why are so fckin mad like I get it but calling him fuckin cuss words is out of control- mind ur fckin business and stay and ur land before I fckin cancel u)!ur like 40 sit down😑🤣🤣🤣

    • @Immani divinelol you act like a child. Can't keep up the conversation?

    • @Cat Valentine ok byeee stop texting it because I keep getting notifications from u😂😂😂😍😌😌🖕🏾

    • @Cat Valentine oop u caught me

    • @Immani divinelol apologizing doesn't help what he did was illegal. Grow up

    • @Immani divinelol "I'm still going to support James Charles"

  • I dont mean to be that person but parents and school need to educate children too about these kind of stuffs.

  • Anyone that activity goes after his fans is disgusting. The power dynamic is obviously and disgusting. We should ship JC to Mars and let the Martians have him.

  • Firsttttt of all. Its not to say he didn't ask. He asked his age, and asked for his ID. And he was shown the ID. Which was confirmation. He didn't commit a crime. He was lied to, and was under a false impression. Wtf. Tell underage people to stop flirting with randos. And so what of thats his fan? Fans are humans too. Its just the fact that James believed that he was 18 is the problem. He doesn't know everything in the world. Ur literally blaming him for no reason and letting the 16 year old run free. Istg. Someone should be down your a** if you make a mistake. You were not in his shoes, you cannot make accusations about someone if you *do know know the* and at least there weren't 12 or something....God damn...so much hate for no reason..

  • Ethan doing the lords work! ✝️

  • 5:17 Hila was about to kill him


  • TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ Plain and simple: Everyone famous should have an entire system in place to prevent this kind of thing for ever happening. And if James almost committed s**c*de from the LAST time this happened, then you’d think he’d really have learned his lesson. What he needs to do now is get a team involved for preventing this from happening, and he should go to therapy. (All capitalized words, imagine them italicized) As for me, I NEVER engage in online flirting unless I explicitly know WHO they are and WHAT AGE they are. I ALWAYS know WHO the person is. And I’m ULTRA paranoid (due to past experiences) so I USE those experiences to LEARN and get BETTER at knowing what to do and how to navigate the online world.

  • I don't understand why nobody is mad at the guy that lied about his age. If a girl did that, everyone would be saying that she should be arrested for trying to ruin a man's life or something

  • ethan looks like an easter egg

  • This is why I subbed to H3. This video right here! Using his voice to take down this pr1ck!!

  • Ppl just be TOO thirsty lol they don't care what's in the cup they just wanna chugg a lugg...

  • Ppl just be TOO thirsty lol they don't care what's in the cup they just wanna chugg a lugg...

  • I SAID “biiiiiiiiiiitch” - key and peele voice

  • SLnumber sucks. They really are so corrupt now. Shutting down opinions. Calling everything and anything hate speech.

  • I don’t like to be on this channel but if this guy can officially roast you you hit a low. But who actually cared about James anyway?

  • You can't say grooming on the internet either?

  • I like this podcast and these guys but this annoying “literally “ epidemic has to stop (not just these guys but EVERYONE) People saying “literally “ before every statement makes me cringe because it makes intelligent people sound like idiots. Like literally.

    • You have issues

  • “James Charles is a huge celebrity” Hahahahahaahahahahaahahhaahahahahahaahhaahahaha. Brilliant.

  • Hila is a gangster lol

  • How did he get away with this a second time? Also why is Tati a bad person? She was the one who “exposed” him the first time, right?

  • The g word? I think I’m still lost 😅 he can’t be talking about “gay” right?

  • Honestly I don't know why some "influencers" still have the audacity to continue their career after making so, so many mistakes and never learn from them

  • The dude said he was 18 though

  • Fresh Prince of Dead Air

  • “Has James Charles blocked me yet?” 😂

  • Fire the guy with the soundboard in the back ground. He is trying too hard and it's really cringe. Like did you hire a random fuck on the streets to press buttons? This is only a 10 minute clip too so I can only imagine the amount of garbage sounds that interject every five seconds throughout the whole podcast. Like what the fuck has this podcast turned into? My fucking god that guy with the fucking sound board really pisses me off.

  • If you get accused several times of the same thing I mean... that’s what happened to Shane and they were true so...

  • Nothing is 100% true or 100% false. So now we know tati was exaggerating but she wasn't completely false.

  • I agree with ethan .. If. Sponsors made influencer be more aware of their behavior ..we wouldnt have a bunch of pedos called influencers.

  • Im surprised how many of you are surprised about a gay dude who wears makeup grooming kids

  • Seriously comparing call me Carson to James Charles there's no competition James Charles is pretty much the Towering Titan of ass I'm not defending what Carson did what he did was wrong okay 2 year age Gap still a big deal not as major is James Charles seriously everyone wanting Carson Behind Bars instead of Carson you should be chanting you should be saying James Charles because he really does deserve to be behind bars

  • the sound board is horrendous impo

  • And he is Charli's mentor.

  • Hilla is stunning

  • At this point just canceled all these fucking sick influencers , this is nasty all tik tokers seem to groom minors

  • As soon as he starts to tweet she was like this guy is just heated. Stop. Just stop. You obviously made things awkward😂😂

  • Ethan is right..the guys 16!! James is 21 different power dynamic

  • Even if the fan was 18 i find it gross that he would just abuse his power over them like that.

  • Pretty sure he got banned from Tinder last year.

  • It's just sad how cancel culture picks and chooses who should be hated. Jeffree can be a rude ass hole and has made racist jokes that he apologized for and gets canceled, shane Dawson makes some really weird distasteful racist jokes that he apologized about (mind you for both Jeffree and Shane there comments were made years and years ago) he gets canceled and now what???? Why is NOBODY keeping the same energy with James when he is ACTUALLY BEING A SEXUAL PREDATOR like what the actual fuck

  • Everyone's making a point that he shouldn't be trying to DATE fans. But he's not trying to date anyone, he's just trying to j*rk off to them. Even if these messages/pics were sent to a legal adult, they'd be creepy and manipulative. The fan aspect just makes it worse.

  • Dan is so done with this influencer METOO lol

  • Crazy he literally admitted to receiving CP and then tried playing it off like it was the kids fault

  • If they say he’s commiting crime then why don’t you report it?

  • These people need to stop flirting with their fans and flirt with real human beings and maybe learn some social skills and learn how to not be creepy. I hate how these people use their sheltered powerful lives to do weird s*** like this.

  • What’s the g word???

  • Why isn't he being arrested?

  • James ain’t gonna have a hard time finding a partner in prison

  • the guys social media literally has his age in his bio

  • Thats typical of people like him. 🏳️‍🌈

  • You can talk to your fans n stuff but flirting with underage fans is disgusting

  • Ethan is right, stop giving these "influencers" a pass.

  • What tati said is true

  • Hila scared me too lol

  • Sister sacked ... jail for u James .... Ethan is 100 percent right he should be a judge 👏👏👏

  • But James didn’t know he was 16 and really thought he was 18 and as soon as he knew he was underage he unfrieded him

    • It’s still illegal to be explicit with a minor on the internet even if “you didn’t know”. Laws might be different if it’s proven the boy explicitly lied about his age though.

  • Ethan in his latest show with Trisha, not only looked great in his goofy hat and jacket, he came alive when talking and looked to be having a great time with Trisha. For her part, Trisha was energetic and entertaining too. It’s the best show he’s done in years. But HERE, as Ethan addresses the very same subject (James Charles’s predatory behavior) with hos wife, he looks miserable and his wife looks like she wants to be anywhere else as she does what she always does - muttered a few practically inaudible words under her breath, looked bored and irritated, reprimanded Ethan, and added NOTHING to the discussion. She is painfully boring - hands down the WORST cohost/sidekick who needs to stop appearing on this or any other show as she brings down the mood and makes everyone uncomfortable. She’s a show killer.

  • Yikes he'll be fine though cuz hes woke and gay.

  • Okay to begin with, him being pretty young and hormonal and a virgin making the mistake of flirting w fans - okay. I can forgive it. But this guy has been accused of being predatory SO MANY TIMES, there's absolutely no way he is making this same mistake each time. Even if nothing sketchy was going on, the accusations alone would make any normal person stop seeking out romantic/sexual partners this way because there's too many risks. But it's crystal clear, like ethan said in frenemies (I haven't watched this clip yet), james can't fucking help himself. He is actively seeking out younger guys, and has admitted to this.

  • one reason why we should not just let him move on with the situation is because he literally admitted to the crime he was committing while having a single thought that he might be underaged and didn't even bother to ask for any information to confirm is age. it is so crazy how people could be so sneaky one moment but then apologizing the next just because you got caught..so yes james charles did groom an under aged tiktok user. unbelievable we all were expecting better from you james 💔🤢🤮

  • We need Hila's skincare + makeup routine asap!

  • You know, there’s no harm if James just goes for an obviously older guy 🤷🤷 he’ll be in the clear then. Not even like super old. Just someone who has like a full beard. Someone who is very obviously an adult. That is if he actually did these things “accidentally”.

  • why can't he just be happy being a makeup artist? god. james had his chance and he blew it. if this is true im not giving him anymore pity. fuck off dude. this is why people who are abused aren't taken seriously.

  • I have a theory that James's problem is peter pan syndrome. he thinks he can still date 16 year olds. he's 21 he can't date people that age group anymore. it sucks he couldn't ever have a real boyfriend in middle school or highschool but that doesn't make it ok to date highschoolers.

  • The random sound effects during this is killing me.😭

  • whats g word

  • Ethan looks soooo good here

  • If they could pass for under 18, they’re too young for you. That simple