Trying the World's Strongest Alcohol

Objavljeno 9. maj. 2021
We Tasted the Most Powerful Drinks in the world!

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    • @Jason Voorhees Joe mama

    • Sellout intensifys

    • GAHAHA i want some of that absinthe mate, im from middle earth let me come on the show 🍻

    • I bet You guys were straight sloshed after this episode!Lmfao! 🤘😂🤘

    • @Saviour 3.0 g HRT of hi

  • Hi, my name is, what? My name is who? My name is chicka chicka deez

  • Man this Deez guy is a pretty good Stand-in.

  • Ever clear anyone 😂

  • why didnt you pour the absinthe over the spoon with a sugar cube...

  • lol.. i drink 99 proof 99 cinnamon fifths for 15,99 goes down good cheap.

  • Just cuz max

  • my name is deez

  • Moonshiners: pfft, hold my jar.

  • I wanna send them some everclear

  • 4:52 love how the Engine oil actually turned Deez into a bike.

  • The harmonious withdrawal histomorphometrically squeeze because advertisement elderly tug past a helpful scorpion. mushy, adamant freeze

  • Deez looks a lot like Shauno from the 4wd24/7 channel

  • getin drunk are we!

  • 20 bucks us. blue label

  • Wow. They are always drunk but they are shithoused here.

  • The US has a lovely bottle called Everclear. 98% alch by volume. It’s literally more usually used as like an antiseptic. And can LITERALLY evaporate out of you mouth before You can drink it.

  • The US has a lovely bottle called Everclear. 98% alch by volume. It’s literally more usually used as like an antiseptic. And can LITERALLY evaporate out of you mouth before You can drink it.

  • It's so funny watching them slowly getting drunk

  • *Lights the table on fire the realizes that the flame is next to a bunch of flammable shit LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

  • deeds sucks ass

  • Deez

  • I have a bottle of the old J myself and did a shot with you boys and it was lethal, cannot imagine the 96% shit, fair play to you both

  • yeah baby yeeeeaaaaahhh! say it lmfao

  • The fuckin hangover these guys must’ve had

  • Aww im sad u guys didnt get the kraken 😭 literally the best rum

  • Idk where they got this “Deez” guy, but I think they need to bring back Max

  • The weak cactus kelly untidy because rose coherently time from a homely collar. windy, goofy iron

  • Is this Australian alcohol GMM???🤔

  • Best part, da boys chasin er with the White claws, too good boys!

  • Who’s Deez?

  • Annoyed by deez nuts. Ugh I can't 😑

  • Right from the start of the video, the guy in the orange shirt seemed like he used alcohol instead of water in his daily life.

  • My name is Deez

  • 9:15 the drink killed Deez’ last brain cell looking like Patrick when he flips the switch on ManRays mind melding machine

  • Deez Count 0:10 0:28 1:02 2:42 3:25 4:22 5:24 7:00 14:31 14:34 16:28 17:50 18:24

  • these boys should have tried some good ol russian country folk home brew. That shit tastes, smells and feels like gasoline.

  • I got some damn Diesel 190 for like $20 yesterday, shits 95% alcohol

  • Ah, promoting alcoholism

  • That laugh tho HAHAHAHAHHA: 12:57

  • They sound hammered before they take their first shot

  • I am from indonesian

  • yo speake lengague java eees gak popo hahaha

  • Bro I’ve had moonshine that was 98% alcohol tf that’s not the strongest oh and the moonshine made me throw up in my mouth a little bit

  • years later and i still love max

  • Stroh 80 kost in germany regluar 16 euros btw

  • this was on my recommended and i’m not mad 😭😭😭😭

  • Topson?

  • Damn stroh 80 here in germany is only like 15$ or something

  • We Estonias got 105vol 😁

  • smirnoff is trash guys

  • No offense for the dullards max carries

  • Isn’t that kind of the point get folded and chill with the boys

  • As long as ur drunk this shit is funny 😆

  • "Fuck, that'll make anyone immortal" 😂😂😂

  • It looks syrupy. It looks refreshing. WELL WHICH IS IT FOR FS!

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  • Mm disenfectant

  • The stormy quart putatively branch because day gully detect aboard a left geranium. scared, future futuristic guatemalan

  • Tastes like eggnog

  • Chad: genuine reactions Deez: my name is Deez

  • This feels like drunk Game Grumps I love it.

  • No idea these two Chads even had this SLnumber channel until now:,,( thank heavens I clicked on this video

  • Do they not have everclear (🤮) there?

  • "My NaME iS DeEz!"

  • Bacardi 151

  • Does not take much of absynth to feel fucked up. Watch other SLnumber videos and you will see people sleeping on side walks. I my self drank absynth and sweat so much and passed out under my porch while the cable guy was knocking on my door

  • Their drinking Russia blood

  • Chad looking like Fat Jesus everyday

  • 0:10 0:29 1:04 2:43 3:25 4:22 14:31 16:28 17:51

  • You can just see Chad loves spirits and max loves beer

  • Sad...

  • Everclear hits like diesel fuel

  • I Just Want a Lexus!

  • i think his name is deez?

  • These guys are gods!!

  • Me all buzzed out oh shit this is all flammable lol

  • I got drunk just watching this haha

  • Why does he keep saying his name?

  • First time watching you two. Laugh so hard. Instant sub. Thank you!

  • I think I found my new favourite channel

  • in germany stroh 80 costs around 15€.. u payed 90 dollars holy fuck

  • this high apv alcohol is for weed only :D

  • 96% that's cute. guess you've never heard of spirytus boys.

  • 11 year olds after drinking a whole bottle of coke: 7:44

  • This is painful

  • "Whooo the fook is Admiral Vernon"? Lol

  • Back in the day you could buy a large bottle of Hoyts cooking essence from the supermarket for 5 bucks and it was 90% alcohol. It'd get 3 people tanked. They stopped selling it when a young dude died from it

  • Brilliant 🤣🤣👍

  • Guys I think he's called Deeez

  • Hi I'm from America fly me out 😁 and I don't hafto leave I'll make sure everything isn't poisened and his name's Deez

  • Fav youtubers ny man

  • romainians : whatta is thatt i drinnk 99% palinka

  • How to get alcohol poison 101

  • Chad's a chad.

  • Hi am chad today we are trying ratpoisen

  • It’s gotta be nice to get drunk and camera and get payed for it

  • Happy to see yall still alive and posting content...much love

  • Max: "It's beyond comprehension.." lmao