Exploring Dubai’s Empty $13 Billion Man-Made Islands

Objavljeno 15. nov. 2020
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The World Islands. A collection of 300 man-made islands built off the coast of Dubai to resemble an outline of the EARTH FROM THE SKY… Yet, after $13 billion was spent to complete them they’ve mostly been sitting there empty... I couldn’t believe this place actually existed.
So as a first stop on my trip I flew to Dubai to understand what happened and what their future holds… What are your thoughts? Amazing or too crazy of an idea?
Thank you to @MyDubai and @VisitDubai for helping us get in touch with the creators of these islands and for letting us go out to see the restricted areas.
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Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer and Thomas Dajer
Editors: Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Bryce Perry, Tristan Kevitch and Thomas Brag
Produced by Alex Sandstedt
Thank you to our amazing videographers that helped me shoot over the 2 separate trips we took!
Cory Martin on videography and drone: cory.s.martin
Bishoy on Drone: bikooig
Ali Amar on videography: r1se
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  • Hey there, thank you for watching :) I've really missed making videos consistently so I'm very happy to be back. I'm sure this year has had so many ups and downs for all of you as well so I hope to share some positivity through these stories I've captured. This is the first one out of my trip and I've got plenty more coming your way. Let me know what you think in the comments and I'll see you again soon

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  • Feels like a sponsored video.... what are the environmental impacts of these islands? Cool experience tho.

  • Ha🤭 So beautiful 💩💩💩💩💩 3:21 yeah baby sand thanks to the Black Gold 🥇💩 yes they have some control inside 🇺🇸 💰🏅🥇

  • I would love to go to Dubai someday. Fantastic video 👍

  • Guess that Dubai is too rich that Dubai decided to spend their money on some man made useless island lol

  • What is all the over liyd music for? Middle school thinking that... hey Dude, loud n louder is a good replacement for content"???

  • Amazing and the view at night😍😍 thank you do much for this🙂

  • This is super amazing and looks great can i get help on how to grow my money/income and acquire something nice as this , i need a good plan and moves to make to set my future right

  • Vacume.up the sand and make the water deeper leave a few islands but There should be more water circulation for less environmental impact.

  • "it looks pretty livable to me - there is a pool" :D

  • Wow .. what a great civilization ? .. a giant circus .. three dimensional jokes .. 13:10 .. All garbage is converted to gas .. using a magic wand .. and how much does it really cost to do that Prophessor ? .. haven't you ever paused before saying this and asked yourself : why no country in the world is using this genius idea of ( disintegrating garbage ) ????


  • What happens when the oil money runs dry? and the sea's rise ! A Folly i think !

  • I know a guy who lives here in Tulsa Oklahoma, he has plans to build there a whole city. He has been in contact with the people who built All of that. I wish him success

  • Dubai is a bubble that will collapse..

  • 3:33 Der Kommentar-Bereich ist nun Eigentum der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, genau wie diese Insel.

  • This comment will legit get no attenton but i lived in dubai for like 4 years 2011-2014 >.> now i live in the neighboring city and i never ever saw cool things tbh whihc i seein youtube

  • A person flying around in the world in jets and helicopters for no reason and making fun boat tours in one of the environmentally most damaging places on earth trying to sell enivronmentally produced t-shirts is like shell trying to sell organic cotton bags.

  • this channel sucks

  • The Chairman looked like an Arab Tony Stark

  • Mohammed is a gorgeous man inside and out! I love the spirit of this project “Islands of the world” what a great idea ❤️❤️ I want to go there!

  • Wicked video! Wow! That chairman is a visionary! I love the way he planned organic and reusable materials, desalinated water. Just WOW! Thank you thank you for sharing!

  • This is amazing!

  • AHah and their is alcohol in those "party" ??? I really don't understand why people don't invest million dollar in a villa in the middle east right know x'D !!!

  • Ain’t buying none of that bs


  • This was so incredibly interesting!

  • The world islands is for sale prices at 21mil

  • Looks kinda trashy.

  • I'd been walking around naked all the time

  • Just imagine in the future, when the World Islands are fully developed, you tell your children that you were the first guest on it

  • Thomas does THE coolest shit! Sometimes I'm beyond floored on how he manages to do things hahaha

  • "We're concerned about the environment, - so now we're going to head off to Dubai and burn massive amounts of jet fuel getting there. Once we're there, we'll go for a helicopter ride using an internal combustion engine and then ride in boats powered by gasoline." Great job conserving the environment bud.

    • To visit islands made by diesel machines that completely altered the existing environment. Neat tshirt tho

    • But they switched to organic cotton tho. aaaaaaay hahahaha

  • Tsunami moment 😭

  • They should simulate ww2 with real humans and weapons

  • want to know how much a villa is, has to be well over 1 million

  • - tshirt says " seek discomfort " - proceed flying in business or first class👌

  • Those bamboo villas have the fingerprint of Filipinos written all over it. That weave work is incredible

  • isn't it tone deaf to be traveling during a pandemic

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  • What was i hoping for the island has the trafition in it like the tradition of india in india island thatwpuld set the mood in it feel like traveling the world then having a modern african it wouldn't fit in a mood but its a vacation place nice and awesome things will be in it

  • This guy and pools....

  • You can't drink alcohol, so you can party hard on a private island with your La Croix

  • Waste of money. They forgot that to make a development like that work, you need people. Dubai has a population just over 3 million. Even if 10,000 people paid over 2 million each, it still would not make sense.

  • So, I'm in this 12 months challenge where I have to become a SLnumberr and meet Mr. Beast, By any chance somebody in the comments, or even the guys from yes theory can help

  • So, I'm in this 12 months challenge where I have to become a SLnumberr and meet Mr. Beast, By any chance somebody in the comments, or even the guys from yes theory can help

  • Why did you not wear a mask 100 % of the time?

  • Why did you not wear your mask?

  • A environmental disaster.

  • these videos make me sad with regret cause i’m not living to the fullest. great video

  • Sea lvl rising 2m........directed by robert b weide

  • Where are the jet ski's???

  • Ugly

  • I was ready to majorly judge for how wasteful it is, but really it is very interesting to see the level of recycling going on, and how much natural material is used in building.

  • They are too expensive that’s why they aren’t bought

  • The Finland island is just houses

  • when I jump from a 25 meter cliff 7:19

  • The puny van terminally connect because wedge fortunately groan abaft a dynamic radiator. craven, acrid fur

  • Imagine when these guys find out about global warming!

  • What an amazing video watching all the way from Spain really appreciate it much I love the energy that you guys put out there most of these videos I'll be watching bring me to tears I wish I would have seen this channel years ago what a problem change my life sooner God bless you guys can't wait to see more of your videos all the way from Spain peace out

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  • The sad thing about the islands is that it was built by slaves😞

  • Thats all so useless, you can do much more with all the money they put in to this shit

  • seems like the perfect place if you have designs on becoming a recluse

  • Dubai: Literally builds brand new islands China: _This has been a part of our territory since ancient times_ -

  • The Arab fella at around the 13 minute mark is a smart fella.

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  • Im putting this on my bucket list😂

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  • you can just tell they throw crazy parties there

  • 55seconds in this is where the rich and the elite will live after they have killed us and reshaped the face of the earth

  • You never really explained why there empty

  • Just Seen You With Drew Brilliant

  • I love the American dinner for one... two hamburgers, a pizza, and a salad. Classic.

  • waste

  • the chairman is amazing

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  • Tha foolish man builds his house up on a sand...... 😁😁😁💯💯💯

  • I’m sorry to say this but organic cotton is actually more harmful for the environment than regular cotton... Appreciating the tough tho

  • I just disliked youtube comment

  • Dubai Chef: Make the American food! Two hamburgers and a pizza. And a salad for dessert. That is a normal meal for an American.

  • How are people supporting this during a pandemic?

  • You look like the lalaland actor

  • Yes theory : Seek discomfort Me : Doesn't sleep for 24 hours straight

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  • wouldn't be surprised if I discovered that someone is making Earth somewhere in the universe

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  • Love Thomas and his story telling ❤️

  • Good to see 13B used for something so exquisite. Almost haunting with no people, perhaps one day it will be alive and flourishing with joy. I would love to be the gardener, landscaper...flowering and edible, oh and one more thing, the ultimate would be to spend it with your beloved... you know what I mean?

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