Manchester City and Chelsea set to withdraw from the European Super League

Objavljeno 20. apr. 2021
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Manchester City have told organisers that they do not wish to be part of the Super League.
City join Chelsea as the second of the six English member clubs to choose to withdraw following a hugely negative global reaction to the planned competition.
Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal are the remaining four English clubs tied to the competition.
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  • Thank you Chelsea and Man City! Sanity has begun to return!

  • job city and chelsea hat off

  • "Alone, we can do so little; Together we can do so much." ❤️❤️❤️ Proud of everyone who used their voice.

  • Pep Guardiola “It is not Sport without competition” well done Manchester City Thank You

  • Thank you Manchester city for saving football and Ultimately doing the right thing. Proud cityzen

  • When will we get our referendum from the clubs to give to fans? To get an honest opinion if we want to join the Europe Super League.

    • I'm a Man City fan and if they didn't back out, I would have burnt my shirts. It's going to take some time for fans of my club as well as Chelsea to forgive them.

  • I know this idea is really stupid. But think of it , this will really be a good competitive league. With big teams facing other big teams every week. But the thing is that this should have been a bit of Side project for football. It should not have affected the domestic and european leagues.

    • Funny how Sky aren't promoting Perez interview where he says "Big 6 still are in a binding contract and haven't pulled out yet"

  • Told everyone yesterday City would pull out. The owners are only interested in being supportive to the local community and ALWAYS have been.

  • Respect to city and Chelsea ✊✊

  • Welcome Home Chelsea!

  • Man City leading the way to break away from the super league. Great news

  • The reporter looks nervous and unprepared .

  • I hope this dumb idea never sees the light of day ever again

  • So happy it's finally over now 👍💙

  • I think Man City and Chelsea were in the ESL for the memes They don't need money for anything lol


  • We won

  • Thank you football fans!

  • I'm a Man City fan and if they didn't back out, I would have burnt my shirts. It's going to take some time for fans of my club as well as Chelsea to forgive them.

  • The Super FAIL

  • What a joke!

  • 1:18 black supremacy is anti racism - Evil billionaire

  • I believe Mancity pulled out because Pep would have left us lol

  • As they should

  • UEFA president won the information war by painting the clubs as "selfish" and getting the crowds on their side. Meanwhile UEFA earns how much money for doing absolutely nothing? They just want to stay in power

  • As a manchester united fan id like to thank chelsea and man city and all their fans for helping end this farcicle league. And if course massive respect to PSG and the german clubs fof not joining to start with.

  • “Which was only proposed Sunday night, and could it be that less than 48 hours later, it is about fall apart.” 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • You can all say this is great and I understand the reactions, but what is next? Some say Barcelona will to bankcrupt if there is no Super League. Some said Juventus have tried to keep up with modern fotball. New stadium, rebranding and several years of domestic success. Still they can't keep up with the economy of other teams. Also I have heard they can't get younger fans to attend matches. Ultras culture is dying. Covid on top of all of this. For the English teams though I guess everything is fine. They will continue to grow and it will be the biggest league in the world for years. Not good for me who does not like English football. Whatever. Burn it down. Nothing lasts forever.

  • That champions thoe

  • It was never going to happen ,what sort of scam falls apart in 2 days ,something else going on in the bigger picture here and it's got nothing to do with football ,its another Globalist psyop

  • There is no need for this stupid league called super league Arsenal need to withdraw as well

  • Hahahahah

  • I am a Chelsea fan and am disgusted that these owners would ever think we would have consented to this , we don’t care much for our rivals but it’s that rivalry that makes football . I believe anyone with a ounce of sense thinks this was conspired by fools who know nothing about fans in our country .

  • Just broke....all 6 prem team have withdrawn. Footy lovers 1 greedy owners 0 ......result!

  • As a tottenham fan, I can truly say this is the most fucked up season for the club Ever. Very very disappointed in my club. Couldn't believe what I heard Monday morning, hope they will step out of it aswell

  • This greed needs punishing and stamping out. Get these people out of the game! Enough is enough.

  • Florentino Perez bottled a 20 year project in 2 days 😭😭😭😭

    • Lol thats funny if you think about it

  • Hope Liverpool and United next ... end this misery '

  • Premier league should expell these six clubs indefinitely and they can play friendlies amongst themselves going forward. Only problem with this is the fans suffer yet again and that's wrong !!! I do feel sky TV have been very crafty here. They have ordered nevile and carragher to strongly condem this move however its the billions sky pumped in that has sent this pure financial greed through the higher end of the English game. No footballer should be earning thousands every week. Its the money laden TV rights that have inspired better football but its slowly become a rich man's sport. Football needs a reality check and a more sensible structure to include pay caps needing to be implemented to stop the rot escalating.

  • A victory for the fans for sure BUT, do NOT forget that this was even thought of but legit pursued by the leaders of these clubs. They MUST be punished to prevent this from happening again!!!

  • I am a real Madrid fan and its master mind president should be banned from football

  • this is all hearsay....

  • Apparently the other 4 aswell are planning to withdraw soon I imagine in the next few days


  • 🤗🤗

  • These teams should still be punished tho they can't just get away with this

  • Meanwhile my team arsenal may win the super whatever. We're tired of waiting for champions league glory😂

  • This was always the plan. Just another huge media story to distract the masses.

  • MANCHESTER UNITED, LIVERPOOL, ARSENAL, SPURS CONFIRM SUPER LEAGUE WITHDRAWAL Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham have confirmed they will follow Manchester City and Chelsea in withdrawing from European Super League. !! WE DID IT BOYS!! YOU DID IT!!!

  • Messi and Ronaldo would have been dreaming about the money in super league. Then when the whole thing blows up in smoke they say they didn’t want it to happen and so on, yet they didn’t dare voice their opinion about it like other players

  • Every English club is out now, it will crumble !!!

  • Man City and Chelsea each have an opportunity to win the Champions League / make the final, get the payout for that AND then join the Super League... they ain't daft.

  • that is actually a good idea and reason to leave ESL because of the negativity from the fans since us as fans are the one that really shape european football

  • Once one or two change their minds, the rest will follow. Did anyone see Twelve Angry Men?

  • Arsenal has pulled out as well

    • Where the evidence plastic fan

  • They got scared

  • Kata pepatah melayu because a drop of tilapia spoils the milk of an orange

  • Super League is like coronavirus for soccer.😃

    • It's called football not soccer you foreign plastic fan.

  • City knew There Old derby PSG not in ESL. For Chelsea don’t have choice withdrew ESL.

  • If the "people" win this one I'll be well chuffed. A triumph for Socialism over Capitalism perhaps? Just need one more club to pull out and the whole thing will fall over.

  • Ok progress

  • If tottenham don't withdraw then I disown them completely

  • Class

  • So good news Sky- can now continue making billions with your monopoly of broadcasting through overcharging poor people watching football. If Gary and Jamie have any decency then they should address this too and quit working for a corrupt organisation... oh wait...they earn one million pound a year at Sky🤡🤡

  • Congratulations to Man City and Chelsea, thank you for listening to your supporters, hopefully my beloved LFC will listen to us too

    • They left cuz they reliesed each have 2 tournaments to win

    • Honestly, I don't believe that it has anything to do with the supporters. Remember, all of us were "legacy fans" to them. It was the threat of government intervention and worldwide protests that made them realise that their plans were doomed to fail.

  • Cowards

  • If it’s just Spurs and Arsenal left in the super league, they will still both manage to finish bottom. 😜

  • We still at the table at the party John Money Grabber Henry waiting for the next round lol

  • Why? Go through with it. Sounds awesome.

  • Man City and Chelsea: “the rest of the big clubs are gone.... the league’s ours!”

  • To those in London. Protesting at Stamford Bridge. Thank you. The Blues around the world thank you for your actions.

  • This whole thing is pure fake news...

  • Uefa should help them get out of their contracts.

  • The first sheep are over the dam and more will follow. The ESL is dead for now...... You can be sure there will be another attempt within the next few years.

  • Well, Liverpool we are waiting!!!!!

  • Deduct an immediate 60 points off all six of them and bring a rule in that six clubs can be relegated immediately at least three divisions down, then place an embargo on any of them signing new players, plus a points deduction for the next twenty five years of 50 points per season, also they do not appear in a televised match for twenty five years, and finally every board director of all six clubs is banned from any connection with football for life. Considering the crime, they would get away lightly !

  • I think Atletico Madrid pulled out as well

  • Until they collect their prize-money from this season. Then they'll gap.

  • Man City and Chelsea just look pathetic now.

  • You guys realize how much power we have? They are scared of us.

    • @Rodolfo Licks Clearly we made them take a step back. However I feel this will end up happening because people will let it

    • Easy mate... it's just a setback in a great heist.

  • It just dawned on the owners of Chelsea and Man City that they don't need the money.

  • Well that didn't last long. Thanks Perez for uniting the world of football against yourself and your other fatcat friends.

  • Remember this : mancity and Chelsea are the only teams among the top 6 owned by non-American owners. The rest (arsenal,man utd, Liverpool and Tottenham )are owned by American who have investments in similar franchises in the US and are trying replicate that in Europe with the ESL !!! Let that sink in

  • Yessssss niceeeeeeee! News of the day

  • IT WAS JUST A PRANK GUYS!!!!!! - super league

  • How about that? Fine those clubs with 50 mio each and share it under all the second leagues clubs?

  • Yes but are those documents legal?

  • I love the Super League, please don’t leave

  • yess,keep it up

  • What a joke - Spurs have an empty trophy cabinet and Leeds were not included - shows how shallow and self serving this was. What about Southampton, Leeds, West Ham, Palace etc - what about their chances to win big or face the sadness of relegation?

  • It's like seeing the Soviet Union collapse all over again

  • Such a dumb fanbase that missed us an unique and improved champions league

  • Great. Now ESL can take Norwich City and forever be undone

  • when fans of every team unite as one....there is NOTHING that can break that solidarity..

  • We might be saved

  • bravo to city (from an united fan )

  • I find it pretty dumb how the presidents of the 12 clubs really thought this had a chance to go through...

  • Anyone who thinks well of City and Chelsea because they’ve pulled out are naive. Clearly only doing it to try and save face. Don’t let them off the hook. They are still greedy scum

  • Can someone explain to me what is this drawing out of the super league about

  • Boris said Chelsea should follow their lead. So stupid! It was already decided. They are the only two clubs which, yesterday, decided to quit esl.