I played ATTACK ON TITAN S4 and other anime openings on OMEGLE... (Anime Piano)

Objavljeno 8. apr. 2021

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Hey guys,
Here are my piano improvisations and arrangements of some cultured and wholesome anime songs that I played for people on Omegle!

And as always, enjoy!

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  • Perhaps there are some cultured weebs on Omegle as well... My Attack on Titan Piano Music on Spotify: spoti.fi/2HBlqQV​ My Anime Piano Music on Spotify: spoti.fi/2VMGV5f

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  • is there any tutorial for learning

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  • nooooo overflow hahhahhahahahahah

  • I loved how he waited for that guitar guy who was playing my war song to finish and then start his piece of art, honestly I wouldn't have waited and just have rushed to play my song, a lesson for me, thank you so much❤😊

  • Marry her☺

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  • Everybody gangsta until ashes on the fire shows up!

  • All I can say is Amazing Jesus christ

  • Fonzi:whats ur favorite anime That guy:over Me 🤣

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  • I hope somebody say someday “play your lie in April”


  • 2:06 i see a man of culture as well

  • this is amazing!

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  • Wow this was very cool and one of my favorite anime attack on titan thanks for posting the video


  • BOKU NO PICO!?!?!?!

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