Father & Son Build Their Dream Garage During Lockdown | Pt.1

Objavljeno 8. nov. 2020
Website of the building supplier: www.cornelishout.be/nl
My dad and I are building our dream workshop. In todays episode we are making the foundation for the building, pouring the concrete floor and starting with the first steps of the building.
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  • They let you do such things that easily in Belgium?

  • 14:05 they all have the same shoe lol

  • I’ve got spoons that are sharper than that chainsaw 😳 file your guides down!

  • Congratulations Great video Goid job

  • You got some good building skills between you

  • If I cut down that tree in my garden All my neighbours would be round shouting at me lolol "you can't do that to a tree lololol

  • No drainage underneath? That will be funny when the rain washes away the sand and clay and soil underneath it. That wire directly in that concrete will also not last very long and can't be replaced. A tube to put it in would have been a lot better.

  • Mooi gebouwd man

  • i built a garage/workspace with my dad and grandad too some years ago truly an amazing experience to have ..

  • 7 deutsche Ingenieure sind gerade im Schlaf gestorben.

  • Quick safety tip, when lifting a vehicle, as soon as the vehicle has all weight off the ground go to the trunk and rock it and make sure it’s on the lift good

  • nice, doing the same, just much cheaper

  • Aside from your accent, you can’t be building this in the US. You’d need a permit just to cut down that damn tree and a full environmental study to measure the effects on your carbon footprint!!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Great work though! It’s nice to see a father/son project. I remember those times I spent with mine! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • I can't even show my tools outside in my garden because someone will come in and will nick what ever they can. England.. They even steel Halloween pumpkins..

  • Wat een bazen zijn jullie! Groeten uit Nederland🇳🇱

  • Fantastisch project! Voor een soortgelijk project ben ik benieuwd wat de dikte van de constructiebalken is die jullie hebben gebruikt. Thanks!

  • 0:49 this is what you hear after you wake up at 4:00 am with nick at nite left on the tv.

  • gekke aanbouw bro

  • mooi dat preefab gebouw nice

  • Goddamnit the entire video I was convinced your accent was dutch but didn't confirm it till you suddenly said ' Jasper ' in the dutchest way possible.

  • Your dad might want to get some safety gear for when he runs the chainsaw. Accidents happen when you least expect it.

  • The confused kidney algorithmically compare because james ironically joke down a curvy helicopter. odd, five double

  • Building the dream for every man 👌

  • HumbleMechanic would be proud of your garage build!

  • fahter und sohn

  • 19:23 прежде чем класть дерево на камень надо положить влагоизоляцию если этого не сделать дерево будет сосать влагу конденсируемую камнем и гнить

  • Jij bent Nederlands

  • No one gonna talk about the 7 ads in 20 minutes? Grrrrr!

  • Is that the netherlands or belgium?😃😃

  • it hurts so see him saw down the tree that chain needs a good sharpening without doubt

  • Ben je Nederlands of Belgisch?

  • That skid steer is so weak lol beats shoveling I bet

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  • You did not put hydroinsolation and thermoinsolatio at the bottom wall..you will pull moist from the ground

  • Chainsaw & flipflops! Really?!

  • Well I would definitely do things different in the States but there's a few things leave me scratching my head and some of it I understand but I don't get why you made the new shop looks like it's quite a bit smaller than the building that it's right next to my original thought is why not have it match wall-to-wall vs smaller But that's just me hey at least you're building a shop and you have a lift I have a mud hole

  • t'es français toi

  • nice man doe zo voort

  • Hallo Memphis, Leuk projectje! Hoeveel heeft zo een kit ongeveer gekost als ik vragen mag? Alsook misschien een rare vraag, maar hebben jullie geen problemen gehad met de bouwaanvraag?

  • I’m literally a certified chainsaw mechanic and just a heads up, your chain needs to be sharpened and your idle is too high

  • Dude sponsored by Malbro

  • Im a construction manager and job site superintendent for large commercial buildings like warehouses and strip malls and factories. Seeing those "plans" was very odd to me, I have never seen Ikea instructions for a building. Great concept for people who don't read blueprints. Interesting concept. I would recommend renting a Telehandler for jobs like this in the future. Think of it as a 2 story or so tall fork lift. You can stand up walls with it and use it as a crane when working on this scale. It also is possible to utilize a basket that slides onto the forks for a raised working platform

  • Corona Made me do it

  • My name is anna im a trader at expert option😅

  • It's funny. My son and I did the same ;-)

  • Bring back memories of working on my Dad’s building sites. Wish had worked with him on a project like this. Fantastic watching it all emerge and will watch the next instalment. 👍

  • So during lockdown, no one is locked down?

  • phooo zien ik daar een verlagde golf mk2 ?

  • Me and my dad done something like this.. but we built a bar lol

  • Jullie gaan wel scheuren krijgen omdat jullie geen betonijzer hebben gebruikt

  • As soon as you said "second hand" confirmed for me you are dutch😂😉😉

  • je klinkt vlaams man

  • Motivation in a can! Have to remember that one! Hilarious. Good job by the way guys!

  • I cant seem to find the final episodes of your garage build. Is there any more after part 2????

  • Should have put the electrical cable inside a conduit

  • "Ja, ik zou nu.... Aan de andere kant gaan staan" Groetjes uit Nederland, Belgie!

  • Altijd pijnlijk om zo'n accent te horen

  • I feel like your flemish ;)

  • Goed bezig!!! geeft mij weer extra motivatie om aan mijn droom garage te beginnen :D

  • So you’re Belgian right? Me too and btw well done, on yt since 2019 and already having 65k

    • Ik heb u trouwens net met deze video gevonden, keep up The good work

  • nice video and im also from belguim . i would recommend you blur your license plates though ...:)

  • Motivation in a can! hahahaha

  • Also drills a hole in a beam with a battery drill and goes all the way through at once. You need to pull your drill out a few times to clear out the wood shavings. That’s why the drill made that god awful sound.

  • I didn’t see him level the foundation blocks. That’s hard to fix once you set weight on that foundation.

  • Пол без армирования, лаги прям на кирпичи без гидроизоляции, усилений в полу под подъёмник не увидел. Ну вы даёте!!!! 😅

  • So the wall is gana be right next to the lift post?

  • Had never heard of you before this popped up in my recommended. Fantastic project and video, thanks for sharing it with us!

  • Leuke video!!!

  • How many ads do you need? Dude, if you want subscribers or likes scale the ads back!

  • I skipped the chatty intro, I 'm here to see footage, not listen to a radioshow.

  • ik wist dat jullie van belgie waren ik hoorde dat al aan het accent en dan wist ik het zeker via de nummerplaa.

  • 16:47-16:53 (using the keyboard's left and right arrows) you can see the lift's steel beams bending inwards a few cm. I'm no expert but I assume that is not supposed to happen with an average car?

  • 50m² bijbouw? Ik krijg nog geen vergunning voor een houten tuinhuis van 12m² in Oostakker. Goed bezig, ik kijk uit naar het vervolg...

  • Great job!!!

  • im really enjoying these videos

  • One guy always smoking i love it

  • The walls of the trench are perfectly straight up and down. You definitely have played Minecraft

  • There best towing vehicle was a Volkswagen 😂😂😂😂

  • I would rather dig a hole in the ground than use a lift 😟

  • Mooi project! Er zijn ook ligger/staalbalk liften te huur bij de bouwmaterieel verhuurbedrijven. Maar gaat lekker zo. Succes!

  • Looks like u forgot to add wood glue to all the joints where the beams lock in.

  • Why don't you use helmets? Safety first!

  • There's always the one guy on a construction site doing everything with a cigarette in the mouth :D

    • However I am proud to see hearing protecting worn!

  • Amazing!! Subscribed mate

  • 8:50 these holes are enough for car lift?

  • priorities there, lift first then build the structure around it.. ( yes i know what he said earlier ), just fun to see

  • Belgium ✌✌

  • Die boom viel niet waar je hem verwachtte! Was net zo makkelijk de andere kant op gevallen.

  • 2:20 Even if you have no clue about chainsaws, you need to realize that the chain is dull, not sharpened right, or mounted the wrong way. And never work a chainsaw without proper protective clothing. Especially for inexperienced people like you. I'm getting shivers, just by watching you cut down the tree.


  • Great video. My son is 3 year years old currently. I would love to have this opportunity when he is older. Maybe one day...

  • Knap gedaan!!

  • Do you guys know where can i get one of those pirelli shirts?

  • Jesus Christ sharpen the chain once in a while

  • Lose them toes fellas

  • Dude loves his cigarettes!

  • Why is there no insulation under or rebar in the slab?

  • Eindelijk nog eens Belgen op SLnumber

  • The door on the drawing .. wasent that on the wrong side? or am i off ? :D

  • Is it a single wall foundation?