Objavljeno 12. apr. 2021
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Many of you ask me for name of the songs I use in my videos. Most of them are from Epidemic sounds. They are from Sweden and I love them.
I will soon publish a list of songs I use. Also, I use a lot of sound effects If you listen closely. They are also from here! You can actually try them for free for 30 days. I have found no service even close to them and most youtubers use them for that reason. This is an affiliate link so this is the best day ever for you, me and them if you try it!

I also used two songs from Blue Wednesday find him here:
Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/7185Q...
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/bluewednesday


  • So what do you want me to do with this in my next vid? Examples • Call the piano tech • Hire a pro pianist without telling him about this. • (Maybe ask him to perform Hammerklavier sonata) • Press a key until a string breaks Let me know what you want to see also Pls join Discord because yes! Will see you there! discord.gg/mattiaskrantz

  • What was the second song

  • it could just me but I think it sounds better with the metal hammers, you get that leftover resonance that rings out and it just sounds better, I don't know I could be weird

  • Song you play at 2.52?

  • _i put piano's on a hammer_

  • Hej

  • The pewdiepie of pianos

  • When he was playing with the curtains it was super calming

  • What was the first song of trying the hammer piano? I need to learn it plz if you can, tell me da name.

  • 0:19 that bend was nasty... he needs to bend a little harder so the note can reach a right sound

  • Good job

  • 👍

  • wow smooth transition into the sponsorship

  • One black hammer ?

  • Just came across your videos and you're so funny! Definitely subscribing 😊 John Cage would have loved you- he invented the prepared piano. This is so cool- I could see contemporary composers wanting to try this, but make sure they give you credit ;)

  • hi

  • 17:17 what song is this

  • Hard to play but it has an amazing sound!

  • Curious..how is this different from a harpsichord? Love your process!

  • Obbrobrio!!!!

  • This could be sampled as a (Native Instruments) Kontakt instrument and then anyone can play it as an instrument themselves. At this point you're basically a sound designer and that's a job that can be monetized. There's definitely a market for quirky sounding and unique instruments, especially for TV and film.

  • 17:40 Forgot the name of the song for a minute there, but then I remembered xD One could say you pretty much nailed it, haha

  • 11:47 Him: typing random stuff Me: realizing it -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11:52 Him: searched piano pregnancy test My brain: whattttt

  • what keyboard do you have?

  • It's very harpsichordish :-D

  • so how did you not stop

  • What’s the name of the pretty piano song he sits down and plays?

    • I believe it’s River Flows in You - Yiruma

  • anyone know what hes playing at 2:52 ?

  • I wonder if u cut off the back part of the hammers (the back pointy part that is normally used to rivet jewelry) , if it would still work correctly but lighten then up a lot so it would b easier to play and not so heavy? but it sounds really cool.

  • Shit im a swed

  • Wow you went full out to make this piano!! Respect for the effort ✊

  • What is the name of the piece being played at 2:06?

  • I already use honey

  • Now it sounds more metalic)))) nere as harpsichord))) you are great an engineer)))))

  • You should play 157 Riverside Avenue by REO Speedwagon on that piano, it would sound great !

  • 18:24 look at the text

  • You created a beautiful new sound gg's

  • What a journey, glad you didn't set it on fire after the "Carbon Fiber" fittings snapped.

  • Om Sweden too

  • It kind of sounds like a harpsichord :ooo

  • are you from Sweden?

  • @15:58 The moment he put on the goggles got me.

  • this guy need 600M subscibers for what he just did and how much he spend only for a normal sound of piano !!! Respect

  • >ISP music in the ad >huh

  • Handy Manny is now looking for his hammers then suddenly goes to SLnumber and sees this. Handy Manny: y-you */faints*

  • dude basically created a Harpsichord out of a piano!

  • Pause the v video then hit this link : 20:35

  • Sounds like a harpsichord

  • I like the resulting sound of this piano

  • Alternate title: "I bought every jewelry hammer in Sweden"

  • I clicked on a random video about a piano with actual hammers I found my new favourite channel I'm about an hour in with no intention of stopping

  • Sounds like almost like a harpsichord to me.

    • Or a hammered Dulcimer

  • great nicely done sounds good 😀

  • more ievan polka, sound good with the hammers

  • This is like Project Farm with pianos instead of lawnmowers.

  • I was trying so hard not to laugh at any point, but then he went “you what what I’ve realized, I’m the guy in math problems.”

  • I love how no one noticed the "audio jungle" watermark at 7:52

  • One of the best motivational video i have ever seen👍

  • dedication 👌👌👌

  • WTF 😂

  • I don't understand why the C-sharp works at 16:29, but then doesn't work at 17:09, or in the video featuring the professional pianists.



  • Beautiful Russian pianist makes a harpsichord sound magical. Good god some talented musicians were presented here. Edit: circled back to the wrong video.

  • Just put a piece of wood and some nails through this piano and now you've got a house.

  • nailed it

  • Your like me but i bote a pencil 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  • sorry, you are creative but you are not really an engineer ,:D

  • You are so like talented and creative

  • Ok you got me, I'll subscribed

  • I like the song!

  • U just made a harpsichord

  • Mad respect, just subbed, this man really just took the time to do this, respect +100

  • Mmmmmm smooth hammer action on the keys. Pmsl

  • This is a lot of work to go through.

  • You did a brofist and u swedish??? 15:05 You need to be on the bro army, join Pewdiepie

  • How to play gitar

  • Switch the piano keys to key caps or keys

  • 11:51 Look at the search history on his phone lmao

  • you ruined a beautiful piano bro :D

  • Norweigian

  • call it the nailwhacker piano

  • Bor du i Katrineholm?

  • That sounds freaking amazing I want one now.... ($1000 later) Wow that sounds great

  • You missed one

  • Did you just invent the harpsicord? 🙃

  • You could try selling these pianos to people who are collecting weird instruments

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  • I think it sounds just like a cembalo😬😂

  • It was a great effort to convert the piano. Now in Myth Busters style ,blow it up ,or use a 10 Pound hammer.

  • What was the first song he played?

  • That one uncolored hammer is scaring me

  • I knew that your where from Sweden because of your English accent and then when you talked to the shot keeper😂 I mean no hate in any way just wanted to point it out

  • C5 Tourer ? Mmmmmh why not :)

  • This man's a madlad

  • You should make a Violin Piano

  • 15:31 Not to kill vibes but you missed a hammer that you didnt paint

  • "Sponser doesn't actually work in my country" ...That...may be the WORST advertisement ever lmfao. On another note, this piano could probably get you a show in Vegas just on the sheer uniqueness of it.

  • sounds like a guitar!