Objavljeno 12. apr. 2021
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Many of you ask me for name of the songs I use in my videos. Most of them are from Epidemic sounds. They are from Sweden and I love them.
I will soon publish a list of songs I use. Also, I use a lot of sound effects If you listen closely. They are also from here! You can actually try them for free for 30 days. I have found no service even close to them and most youtubers use them for that reason. This is an affiliate link so this is the best day ever for you, me and them if you try it!
I also used two songs from Blue Wednesday find him here:
Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/7185Q95lPFld0aoPqO6e0U
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/bluewednesday


  • So what do you want me to do with this in my next vid? Examples • Call the piano tech • Hire a pro pianist without telling him about this. • (Maybe ask him to perform Hammerklavier sonata) • Press a key until a string breaks Let me know what you want to see also Pls join Discord because yes! Will see you there! discord.gg/mattiaskrantz

    • Hire a pro pianist without telling him about this.


    • hire a pro pianist pleas!!!

    • swap a real piano in a live performance with that

    • Hire a pro to play on it I want to hear this but don't tell or show him the inside till afterwards, and make sure he watches your build video on it and of course make sure he subscribes

  • If you put the curtain back on, does it sound at all like a regular piano again? (hard hammer + soft curtain = soft hammer??????)

  • hammer go bonk

  • Hey, where are you from 🙈 your name sounds German, Austria or like that 😅 … lol okay I think you re Swedish haha 🙈😂

  • Great

  • Wow, finally you found some different songs to play on the piano!

  • That one unpainted hammer infuriates me.

  • Why would you need to paint them, and why was one left unpainted?

  • The brand-new power saw wasn't broken; you just needed a wood-cut blade for it.

  • You couldn't just _rent_ the power saw?

  • this is reinventing the wheel - the curtain idea can be used to lower brass flats - felt hammer size so the the brass is struck and is hit into the strings - Also the mechanism is tuned to throw a light felt hammer - increasing the weight of the hammer is nonsence

  • (Going back again....) "A good excuse to tell the staff...." Why not just "I'm making a funny video about modifying a piano"?

  • (I went back a bit...) "USD dollars"? Um no, because the D _already stands for_ "dollars." It's either "US dollars," "US$(xxx.xx)" or just "USD." Speaking of that: do you put your money figures in US$ because YT is based here in the USA, so maybe most of its audience is, or did you use this currency because sponsor Honey wants you to?

  • You _do_ use your hands for things other than scrolling the YT and playing guitars. Obviously you mod pianos, play them, make videos, type replies, and regular life stuff.

  • Even if we _do_ know what Honey is, that's what it is.

  • "I kind of want a hammer that looks like a hammer." Oops, that didn't make sense; ALL hammers look like hammers, because everything looks like itself regardless of its shape. That kind of hammer looks like _that kind_ of hammer.

  • "Can I ask you a question?" 1. You just _did._ 2. NOOO, of course you can't, he'll get really MAD at you! Of course you can; FFR, just ask the main one directly.

  • "Actual hammers"? The hammers already on a piano _are_ actual already.

  • What kind of bass strings? If I remember right, they're bass _guitar_ strings. So if I remember right, that means that your term "guitar strings" needs some differentiation besides just "guitar," like "regular guitar strings," etc.

  • You paid 35 dollars for the piano tuning app?? It should be free!

  • poor bentley upright piano :D

  • He didn't paint one😩🤧🤧

  • sounds good ... nice and crazy experiment

  • I'm glad you didn't give up because it's awesome!! You never told us the total cost, unless I missed it.. not including your fuel driving around for those final hammers. You're insane but it's awesome!!

  • You are a the musician version of Mark Rober and I love it

  • Hey I'm an uncutured swine. What is the song @17:26

  • 16:32 opth

  • What an Awesome idea! You certainly think outside the box! I really like the sound. You should get a Professional Piano player To play this piano And see what he thinks of it or she thinks of it Maybe do then do a public performance somewhere? You may have just opened a door to a whole new kind of piano music! Talk About dedication to a project!

  • 0:41 szszszszsz

  • I am a piano tech, and while I wouldn't do this with a good piano, if you're already in the process of destroying them, you could've saved a lot of money and time and had a better instrument by just sticking flat metal thumb tacks in the felt hammers! You'd pretty much get the same effect and the instrument would be playable. I've also seen a version of "piano curtains" 😂 (practice mute) with bits of metal added to them for that effect.

  • #NeverGiveUp

  • Now this is something good i watched in a while!

  • I could hear the piano strings going: *kill me......*

  • some engineers are just morons and unfortunately somehow you might find married to one of them,,, "just sayin'"

  • 3:02 Morgz has entered the chat.

  • When you mix morgz music with mark rober music

  • You have to send it over to spectrasonics and get it sampled. I want that in my daw hahaha!!!

  • Cut the back half of the hammers to trim some weight and play some musical pieces on this!

  • i am swedish i understand what he is saying

  • 19:06 what song is this?

  • I know nothing about pianos 🎹 and I would never know that you did that unless you told me or I watched this video. 2 thumbs up from me over in 🇺🇸

  • It sounds like a piano and a harpsichord had a baby.

  • Hammer time!

  • Tacks on the old hammers much easier

  • I like and Watch this video without skip the ads to appreciate Mattias's hard works, fuuh I have no idea it takes to much time, money and mentally just to change the slapper with hammer but now I know why they made it out of wood 😁

  • it was at this point he realizes he just made a new style of harpsichord

  • sorry about this but you missed a hammer with paint

  • "Does it look like I have a mental breakdown?" proceeds to bright out a hammer to play the keys

  • What does it say about me that I get so attracted by this guy's chaotic energy?

  • FFS I got tired of the chromebooks ads and quit.

  • 16:08 is when he plays it

  • Wow that’s great work!

  • Free Palestine 🇵🇸

  • Dude... this totally needs to be 'An Electronic Hammer Piano'! Connect solenoids between the keys and the hammers! This even a young little girl could play beautifully on your 'Heavy Metal Hammer Piano'... Awesome vid! I am a new sub!

  • Whats the name of the song he played at 17:00??

  • i want you to put piano strings on a guitar

  • Dude!! This is amazing!! You have so much patience, new sub!

  • I wonder... do pianos feel fear?

  • instead of real hammers, maybe you could just glue tiny steel slabs on each striker so you dont have to destroy them all and achieve the similar effect

  • This video is crazy 🤣

  • shit, de där visningarna förtjänar du

  • Im not a piano pro and even i knew the strings wouldnt break. Hes exaggerating just playing an old piano.

  • A cheaper alternative could be cutting a steel rod into short segments and shaped into hammers using a lathe. Another idea to experiment with: metals with different densities (or use a hollow tube as a hammer-head), and listen to the difference in sound.

  • I would actually love for you to get a pro pianist to play it. this actually sounds so cool

  • hey man, nice video, appreciate your effort

  • I just want to hear Beethoven’s Hammerklavier sonata on a literal hammerklavier. +100 Health, restores hearing.

  • What kind of hammers are the ones he bought

  • Should’ve bought a steel bandsaw 😂

  • I wish there was more credit for the ability to play notes at different velocity and strength with a piano. It's not as diverse as guitar on its own, but it's a lot more than people seem to think and if you have a good modern MIDI keyboard, you can use that same concept to create incredible music especially when you take into account pitch and vibrato wheels, effects, etc. Also, you should consider using a dremel/file to round the edges of the hammers to prevent string cutting.

  • 11:44

  • Anyone know what Mattias played at 17:00 ?(the name) Thanks!

  • yes, we were happy making this vid, haven't we?

  • 19:21 Genius! Why have i never thought of using a hammer, with a hammer?

  • he buy the biggest saw to cut the smallest pipe XD

  • Put an RGB lighting strip in the curtains for gamer piano

  • When he plays is an polkka

  • It Works!!!!!!

  • the best way to flex your piano collection xD

  • Esto va para UPDT

  • Great Job mate. If you believe the hammers are too heavy you might want to try cut the hammer backside right after the place you glued. Keep the good work.

  • You should turn a piano into a harpsichord

  • 18:41 top left

  • Does this deserve a sub? I think so!

  • sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammarklaver

  • Awesome what was that beautiful song you played multiple times in the video? The one in the beginning?

  • he sound Like LeMmino

  • I thought a piano always has hammers. What makes the difference between a piano and a harpsichord. And of course, a watchmaker hammer is small enough.

  • putting comments cuz you want many likes lol

  • A mix between a HARPSICHORD and a PIANO ....... the missing link

  • this was a roller coaster of emotions

  • Dude went through all this effort only to invent... the harpsichord

  • Songname 17:07 and 17:42? 😎

  • What is the name of the song you always play?

  • song?

  • that's some dedication

  • Это же то самое пианино из песни Дурак и Молния

  • U.S. of A.: "Look what we did with german rocket science: We flew to the moon!" Sweden: "Look what we did with a german piano: Now THAT'S rocket science!"

  • wouldnt sticking a small metal patch on the original hammers do the same sound? :P

  • I wish I had the disposable income for this level of SLnumber fuckery