Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 28

Objavljeno 13. feb. 2021
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Niko and Clint are joined by Black Panther's stunt double--Gui DaSilva. They discuss some of the most insane action scenes in Hollywood films.
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  • Gui should have a movie with him as the main character

  • I hope you were reacting to the international cut of red cliff and not the highly edited us version.


  • I see everyone else has called them out on the Lance Henriksen comment, but anyone else surprised that they didn't notice (Especially Guy being a stuntman) "That guy just smoking a cigar" is one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's best friends Sven-Ole Thorsen who was a major stuntman in the 80s and 90s and was the Tigris Gladiator that Maximus fought in Gladiator.

  • why are stuntwomen by far the toughest? what the fuck are you talking about? since when are women now tougher than men in physical feats when they can't compete with men in physical sports?? utter rubish.

  • 9:24 dude literally the Red Cliff movies' entire focus is on War tactics. That's why you got the character played by Takeshi Kaneshiro.

  • Hard Target is so badass. I mean JCVD pumches a rattlesnake in the head and Wilford Brimley rides a horse and shoots people with bows and arrows. Also the most ridiculous John Woo climatic shootout ever.

  • Do a few hour long versions of these ya kents

  • Just finished Warrior. It rules. Couldn't have found it without this.

  • For waterloo they used the red army as extras, when they did the test shoot they had to drop to 1 in 3 firing then 1 in 10 for some of the scenes - fog of war :) - just for fun they built all the buildings and landscaped the location to match the actual waterloo in the Ukraine.

  • If you haven't already, react to brad pit in Troy

  • Do a review of the movie 1078 stunt movie Hooper.

  • In the massive horse charge at 11:03, one of the riders goes down.

  • Great series! Would love to see your reactions to the last fight scene between Jet Li and Donnie Yen in once upon a china 2

  • "This actor" So, a guy who's done more than 250 movies, including things like Aliens, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, plays one of the main characters in the tv series Millenium....and Lance Henriksen is reduced to "this actor"....

  • Thank you for doing Warrior

  • First, THANKYOU, for putting onto Jackie Chan My Stunts film. Sweet. Second, just enjoying your videos.

  • Make an episode dedicated to “cool guys doesn’t look at the explosions”

  • Please do... Kungfu hustle and shaolin soccer

  • You should go check out the movie "Arena by Jonah Loop" and reakt to that!

    • All the fighting and the cool stuff that happens

  • PLease react to the Big brother fight scene of Donnie

  • Jackie Chan vs Kung Fu students in The Karate Kid from 2010!!!

  • Chow yun fat in Wild search in the burning house is absolutely insane if you think Lance Henricksen in Hard Target was hard core being on fire watch this.

  • Warrior is an INCREDIBLE show. all around piece of art. andrew koji rocks

  • In this clip at 4:20 a guy does a very painful stunt. It's from the comedy What's Up Doc? I want to know how he did this without breaking his back.

  • Who else is going to watch warrior now?

  • Please react to fearless! Amazing film great stunt

  • Thanks for the recommendation of 'Warrior', Gui. Looks great 👍

  • Vikings all that's needed to be said.

  • I need y'all to react to From Dusk Till Dawn. I don't want to give anything away, but you know the scene. Just do it.

  • Hey! Another video with Gui and I haven't seen it yet! YAY!

  • I'd like to see the guys react to the shootout scene from The Crow. Easily my favorite movie of all time.

  • Yo who knew Clint had legs. Boy dont skip legday

  • Jumper, car scene teleporting

  • i hate seeing SLnumber videos where people practice social distancing and wearing masks when you know as soon as the camera turn off they stop, dont be fake for the covid clout

  • You're (with glasses) like Edward Snowden

  • Danny whizz-bang getting shot in the head by Tommy in peaky blinders

  • Gui at the end.... gottem O K

  • Have you guys ever reacted to the stunts on the Point Break remake that came out a couple years ago?

  • Spider-man 1

  • Have y'all done into the badlands?

  • just 300 man i wished it was more ...

  • I can't believe you miss the best kill in Hard Target : PIGEON MAN! (If you know what i'm talking about, you know that's the best kill in this movie)

  • 4:56 That guy is LANCE HENRIKSEN and he is the best!

  • The Lord of the Rings Cavalry Charge is only 1/4 as the size of the real world's biggest Cavalry Charge at 18,000. Ahem... WHEN THE WINGED HUSSARS ARRIVED.....

  • Red Cliff is my all time Favorite! Glad to see it, we need more! with those eyebrows and that beard you know it's Guan Yu the God of War

  • You guys need to react to Ip Man vs 10 black belts. The first hit in pretty gnarly and rest of the fight is balls to the wall

  • Suggestion!!!!!! React to Music Videos!!! Weird Al Yankovic, Michael Jackson Black or White, Backstreet Boys horrible CGI.......

  • Please do “Rapid Fire “ 🔥 with Brandon Lee the art museum and restaurant scenes. 🙏

  • You guys should make a competition on who can make the best Bollywood edit of American movies only using footage of the American movies

  • Do the fights from Tenet

  • the mummy or fate/stay night unlimited blade works

  • Any scene of the Transporter movie series (preferebly with Jason Statham obv.;)

  • react to bruce lee scenes

  • He is right! Keep doing them because it is fantastic content! If you guys get too big then teach others how to replicate this show as a gift to us!

  • You guys are great, definitely need to do a reaction to the patriot, the realistic and simultaneously emotionally vindicating sequences in that movie are some of my all time favorite, I would love to see what you think of their shots and cinematography

  • 11:03 front white horse looks like it was falling down. At that speed that would have hurt or killed that horse pretty bad.

  • Suggestion: Hacksaw Ridge

  • React to they live

  • I'm surprised you guys haven't done one of these on the 2018 Tomb Raider movie, apparently Alicia Vikander went a little too hardcore on some of the stunts and scared the shit out of the stunt crew during that production.

  • Losing my mind that y'all took my suggestion!!

  • Would be awesome to see you guys cover Hero by Zhang Yimou - gorgeous movie & mastery of color

  • Hey guys! "That actor" is freakin Lance Henriksen. Show respect.

  • Brotherhood of the wolf?

  • Immortals?

  • "This actor"? It's Lance Henriksen!!

    • Please do incorrect continuity from movies and TV shows

  • You Guys should take a look at the main battle b/w King Henry V vs. Louie The Dauphin in ‘The King’ (2019) ~ Absolutely amazing fight

    • @bouytt guyt that’s a great one ~ good catch

    • How haven’t these guys reacted to Gangs of London yet?!!!

  • Please can you react to the princess Leia scenes from Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker

  • React to "Gangs Of London" - From "The Raid" Director.

  • BTW, Lance Henriksen is the actor on fire - you didn't say his name! More actors on fire - George Lazenby does a fight on fire in The Man from Hong Kong (aka The Dragon Flies) (1975). A glimpse of it can be seen in the film's trailer at (Lazenby actually panicked trying to get the jacket off and burnt his hands - the entire stunt is in loving slow motion in the film). In Backdraft (1991) actors William Baldwin, Scott Glenn and Kurt Russell all did fire stunts and are listed in the end credits as stunt performers alongside the professional stuntmen. I believe that is a first and only for actors. For mass battle scenes with thousands of real extras as Roman troops moving in formation check out Spartacus (1960). Spartacus also has scary scenes of burning logs being rolled downhill over stuntmen. Mass formations at the start of this clip and fiery rollers going over troops from about 1 minute 30 seconds up until 2 minutes 10 seconds in (very little protection and certainly pre-gel days!) - Spartacus - Final Battle (2/3)

    • "This actor"? It's Lance Henriksen!!

  • My wife wants to know how they did the sledding scene with the baby from daddy's home 2

  • 6:20 The guy that van damme shoots and spin kicks, is Sven - ole Thorsen. A body builder, and close personal friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom used him as an extra "bad guy" in almost all of his action movies (from Conan the barbarian, to red heat, to Predator). I think about 15 movies in all (that starred Arnold anyway)...

  • Im sorry, did Nico just say the battle of the bastards was better than helms deep?! Man Nico, your action and film knowledge is awesome, but maybe you want to research battle tactics a little bit. Not saying helm deep was perfect, but since you specifically talked about the tactics, maybe look a bit into it, alexander did a pretty good job if your looking at film ref.

  • yo react to hancock really good and bad cgi in that film

  • please do equilibrium with christian bale

  • His name is lance herskinson great actor especially as Bishop in aliens he also started in most alien and predator games

  • John Woo is amazing, the fact that he made a videogame sequel to his movie hardboiled is amazing.

  • For the movie Waterloo they planted several thousand trees and bulldozed a hill just to make it more realistic

  • Pls do ip man 1. That 10 v 1 is epic

  • How haven’t these guys reacted to Gangs of London yet?!!!

  • Please do incorrect continuity from movies and TV shows

  • You should do one on saving private Ryan

    • “Look at this actor on fire, good going ...” how the hell do you not know who Lance Henrikson is?

  • warrior is the best martial arts show ive ever seen, sadly it might get cancelled because no one watches it

  • You guys could react to the entirety of HBO's Barry if you haven't already

  • Pls react to cobra kai

  • Please do a breakdown of the figth scene in the movie They live! From 1988!!!

    • me, it was one of the best, most visceral, emotional and frightening sequences I've ever watched -- on TV and film.

  • Can we please have a warrior (2008) stuntmen react please! The one with Tom hardy 🙏🏼

  • More Gui please, dude is a legend!

  • Speaking of show with Asian lead, I would really like them to do scenes from Into the Badlands.

  • you should react to monsters of man cgi breakdown would be awesome

    • Bollywood Stunt Recommendation: Any stunt Sequence from Bhavesh Joshi Superhero(2018) Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota(The Man Who Feels No Pain)(2019)

  • You can react for indian tollywood movies. I prefer hero nbk. watch it I hope you will read my comment

    • I binged the whole of Warrior after seeing this. It's freaking amazing!! I really hope that a third season gets greenlit, these guys totally deserve it.

  • I would love to see a reaction to the fight scenes from the Netflix film The Night Comes For Us. That film is fucking gnarly

  • Undisputed with jet li!!! Amazing film with bad ass martial art!


  • Hercules from 2014, The rock throughs a horse around 01:15

  • At 8:30 you can see the wire

  • One of the most famous and classic Bollywood movie Sholay had a pretty cool horse chase train fight scene!

  • “Look at this actor on fire, good going ...” how the hell do you not know who Lance Henrikson is?

  • How haven’t these guys reacted to Gangs of London yet?!!!

  • How about looking at Brad Pitts fight scenes from the movie Snatch? Fantastic video again Corridor Crew.