The Weeknd’s FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show

Objavljeno 7. feb. 2021
The Weeknd performs at the Super Bowl LV Pepsi Halftime Show.
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  • yo se que habrá mucho hate, pero el show de the weeknd si fue “buenillo” pero no le quita lo egocentrico que fue, porque el solo se preocupo por su imagen, que todo saliera bien, si había pandemia, el tenia que seguir como si no pasara nada y dejarlo por un lado, porque si fuera otro cantante hubiera hecho todo distinto, como hemos visto en la mayoria de los halftime shows, los artistas rinden muchos honores y así, en especial si se trata de una condición critica, pero a the weeknd no le importo, el quería hacer un show como si no pasara nada, en vez que si el tuviera humildad se pondría en los pies de las personas que hemos sufrido alguna perdida de un familiar o conocido por el covid, mínimo dando 1 minuto de silencio por las personas fallecidas en el mundo, aplausos a los doctores y personas que trabajan diario por la seguridad de nosotros y mas cositas de ese tipo, pero a el le valio y el se enfoco en que un virus mortal se puede hacer de lado y hacer como si no existiera para hacer que el se comercialice mas, como si fuera un tema facil de solucionar y sin importancia, ademas su show fue muy pobre ya que el solo canta solo unas partes, siempre fue acompañado con coros, no baila mucho y grito, por lo que el sabe que si no hace nada el publico lo va a defender y estar orgulloso de el porque no le interesa ser bueno en algo, porque a diferencia de Michael Jackson se quedo parado y lloraron y gritaron todos porque fue un buen artista, ademas de siempre ser caritativo con todas las personas.

  • testing...


  • That jacket he's wearing weighs 40lbs and has crystals and real rubies hand sewn into it...

  • No me canso de ver esto a cada rato todos los días🇲🇽🇲🇽😍😍🖖🖖

  • We just not gonna talk about how I have watched this every week since it came out

  • A concert?? How about covid 19???

  • This and maroon 5 were both ass how tf did people think this was great

  • Para todos los dislikes solo dire The weeknd no es para todos...

  • This type of music make me crazy😍😍, and you?

  • Marzo 2021 👌👌👌👌👏👏

  • Estos no son nada a lado de Los Palmeras en la Final de la Copa Sudamericana.

  • The background dancers are amazing. At the end of House of Balloons transitioning into Blinding Lights, they fully do a Patrick Swayze style triple axle

  • 0% Girls 0% Drugs & Alcohol 0% Nudity 100% Mummies in red suit

  • *Let's be honest* This is not our first time coming here. And not the last either

  • really wished daft punk would be there with the weeknd that would be the last time they feel it coming :'(

  • I have now watched this so many times that when I listen to the original version of Blinding Lights I want to yell “Tampa Bay!” During the part where he does it in this video lol

  • Exposing the corrupt Grammys ♥️♥️♥️

  • Hermano debiste invitar a Daft Punk y quedaba magistral

  • A esta pequeña parte de mi vida la llamo felicidad ❤

  • awesome

  • He has a beautiful voice

  • I Bet The Weekend Uses Colgate

  • I heard that there was a football match at The Weeknd's concert

  • I would like you to count how many eargasms you have had and the fact the put on the red LEDs halfway through the show mmmmmmmmmm delicious

  • I think that the old hair style and beard style was very good

  • The fireworks in the background makes it that much better! So awesome! Great choice of artist and halftime show

  • Abel es como el modelo de mi chico ideal, guapo, talentoso, bonita sonrisa y además con una personalidad magnífica

    • How much red jackets you want. The Weeknd: YES

  • For all HATERS out there, damn, are u guys deaf !!

  • Halftime shows are the only thing I watch during super bowl lol

  • Y que fue d la pandemia? Jajaja porque veo público "al parecer" jajaja sorry por la ignorancia pero ya fue el covid o q? Jajaja

  • chills

  • 😳😳😳

  • Saludos desde morelia,a ver cuando bienen los partidos a jugar fútbol americano NFL a morelia,los recomiendo compren refrescos pepsi en tiendas

  • Perfect performance! Perfect live singing and the best song transition I ever saw.. the audio makes you emerge right to inside the stadium!!

  • Tell me what you really liiiiHhk Baby I can take my tiiiimmmm We don't ever have to fiiiiiigghht Just take it step-by-step I can see it in your eeeeeyyyyeesss 'Cause they never tell me lieeeeeeees I can feel that body shake And the heat between your legs You've been scared of loooheevee and what it did to you” You don't have to ruuuuhunnnn, I know what you've been through JUUUUSTTT a simple touhhhuuchhh and it can set you free Wewww don't have to RUSG girl when you're AALLLLOOOONNNEEE SAAAYYY

  • the House of Balloons part still gives me goosebumps just shows how far has abel come

  • beautiful performance

  • The amount of times i’ve watched this is unreal🤦🏻‍♀️ forever my favorite human💕 amazing performance!!

  • Dang! What a show

  • How much red jackets you want. The Weeknd: YES

  • What are all the songs he sang?

  • this is the 100th time i’ve watched ths

  • That beat change into blinding lights was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Just realized they were singing call out my name in the beginning

  • I think is pretty nice how he smiles in the end

  • The weekend definitely made daft punk proud

  • I watched this like 5 times I love him

  • That wink.

  • No pasa nada. ¡que aburrido!

    • Que querias? Que se aventara en lava o que bailara con cocodrilos o que

  • His voice...his look, style, ...I think MJ is smiling down from heaven

  • This performance made me really look into and listen to his music! Amazing :)

  • Super Bowl covid free, what a joke. Look like the rules are not same for everyone. Now suddenly just mask can stop it. W.T.F. we are doing past year of quarantine??? Ahh ok, we got vaccine that is not 100% safe. US$28.8 billions by the year 2027 predictions only mask selling. We are all sheep-s. I hope that one day, the World will reunite around serious issues, and the peoples who make (covid) and will make futures pandemics will be discovered, but I'm afraid it will be too late.

  • it was the most incredible show that i have never seen , i love u so much abel

  • Will do live performances. Will do shows. Will do concerts. Will do Halftime shows. But won’t do a single interview.

  • My battery: is so low my phone is about to turn off itself. Me: *watches this* My phone: I'll wait, buddy.

  • So in love...

  • Los palmeras

  • 6:23 to 7:25 is my personal favourite Save Your Tears

  • Imagine you are an alien that coming to earth from outer space and watching this live

  • Best artist in 2020 for sure

  • Do un super.. Dimash cubaibergen impara

  • Te amo amor 🥺 mi o

  • Satanic Ritua

  • The weeknd has had an amazing 2020-2021 so far, he came out with after hours which took the world by storm, had blinding lights be the song played at wrestlemania 36, superbowl 55 and I think save your tears is the main song at wrestlemania 37

  • Our country has not been doing so well as of late, we needed at least ONE talented American that could show the world that WE ARE STILL NUMBER ONE!! I am so proud we have such a great AmeriCAN representing us! Wait.. what? Bullshit. Black people don't live in Canada..

  • It's so Fantastic is a spectacular Halftime o repeat and repeat

  • And this is how u diss the Grammys ladies and gentlemen 👏

  • 3:57 me looking for that meme in the video

  • He spent 7m oh my

  • Sa

  • I really love this edition of House of Balloons

  • Man I already miss the feeling of watching the super bowl

  • It's really kind that the weekend let them play a football game in the middle of his performance.

  • 3:27 was the best high note I’ve heard from him

  • 1:15 sounds very cool

  • Why ppl are saying that he has face problem. ? It was a make up. I knew it all along

  • Best halftime show I have seen! Loved it!

  • wea fome

  • my favorite part is this 10:25

  • At the beginning he looks like he's coming out of a spaceship

  • 9:21 what is the song ?

  • For such a small crowd, that's a lot of commotion

  • Daft Punk se separó, porque no los invitaste :,v

  • Alguien entiende el castellano?

  • 3:57 me trying to look for my PS4 controller

  • Mucho mejor el del año pasado de #Shakira

  • i feel so sorry with people with epilepsy who watched this

  • Otro nivel ♥️😭🙏

  • Sem palavras com esse homem


  • 3:58 Me looking for happiness

  • His face scares me

  • incrivel!!!

  • Having the chorus on the background vocals was genius !!!!

  • satanics 👎🏻👎🏻 god rebuke you satanas your time is almost over

  • Was I The Only One Dizzy When He Started Singing I Can't Feel My Face?

  • This man literally doesn’t have a bad song. 🔥 watching this for the thousandth time. Wish I could see him in concert💞

  • In indonesia , we have Giring who has this kind of gesture..

  • What happened Grammys?