Dennis WASTED His Money - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade

Objavljeno 18. jan. 2021
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We're back with another Intel Extreme Home Upgrade where one lucky LMG'er gets $5,000 of Intel's money to do whatever they want. And what Dennis pretty weird.
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  • Did Dennis go over budget?


  • This is the funniest video ever

  • What monitor stand are they using if anyone knows?

  • I'd last 2 hours.. maybe not even, funny guy to watch though.

  • Please delivered 5000$ to India

  • The guy laughing in the background adds such a comicity to this !!

  • I both love and hate Dennis for this and you should too. Lol

  • Dennis: “I would like to stay comfort” Linus: *dial up noises*

  • 22:15 scuffed doctor ho

  • give me $5k imma go buy car parts

  • I think Linus finally sees how much 5k really is to us

  • Dennis like Jian Yang

  • 19:27 I have the same problem with that but I have an Ibuypower prebuilt with a gigabyte motherboard, not a msi can someone help me fix that?

  • If your editing then at that point just go with a AMD chip. Or if you wanted to stick with intel then downgrade to a 10600k and get a very good motherboard with a nice VRM so you can do some overlcocking. Also why did you go with a z490 for a cpu that can’t really overclock. Just go with a b460.

    • dennis probably doesn't care tbf, he's not a tech guy. as far as i know he's a graphic designer and editor and probably will never upgrade his computer or even overclock at all. also, vid is clearly sponsored by intel lol picking an amd cpu wouldn't be allowed I'm sure

  • He’s right because if my feet don’t hurt it’s my knees hurting because they rest in my desk

  • The combative garlic beverly play because garage optimally heal underneath a puffy beauty. motionless, abhorrent end

  • About that pain in the feet Denis mentioned from sitting on a chair for too long. This thing happens and that feet massager helps. Shoulder massager is a great bonus.

  • He says "someone hiding here" Im dead bro😂

  • So.. did he or did he not go over budget?

  • i watch so much linus and it just makes me jealous lolll has all these amazing pcs and im sitting back here trying to play fortnite with a gtx 770 lolll love your vids man!

  • "you spent $400 of Intel money for this??" Linus, it's the freakin Intel. Four hundred dollars is a single snot drip for them.

  • My brain straight up went “Nani” when Dennis said “tired of sitting too much.”

  • We need a live laugh Liao mouse pad

  • The Dennis "Minimal Edition" mouse pad

  • I feels sick after watching this. As if my mom did my setup.... have to hold in.....

  • My mother in law is also like Dennis. Knows how to stretch a dollar to the absolute last one. But I'm astonished at how little he spent on the actual tower. Poor Intel

  • My setup will be minimalistic.... Yeah I bought a 3080 to playe League

  • Ow men this video was really fun to watch... and some good laughs ! 😆

  • So what I get from this is that Dennis is cheap, doesn't know that much about tech, buys things based on false science, is superficial, follows trends like a sheeple, uses other people for equipment he should own and know how to use, and obviously has never learned how to fix something himself. When growing up, his family obviously paid to have everything done for them instead of learning and doing things themselves.

  • whaat...??? who spends 4 HUndred bucks on a live laugh...."liao" neon sign.....??? lol i guess he does..

  • he asks linus "y is it not wireless???" like linus ordered it lol that kid is a MESS!! lol

  • i KNEW he cheated!!!! that was NOT adding up lol :p

  • lmao Denis "thiss a mans tools" (btw its just a socket set my mom has Linus: "i know since u dont own them"

  • haha omg denis does thing soo genuinely sad face cringe its not even funny lol :p or its so not funny cringe that its actually become funny again :p full loop

  • omg am i seriously watching 2 males argue about what winter colors on a pillow should look like lol :p

  • Lol the guy straight up spent the money on upgrading his room and finished it off with an average pc with a 3080 thrown in to flex 😂

  • Time for my weekly view.

  • This video is like a unfolding car crash with all the drama, the more I watch the more I can't unsee what is unfolding. No joke, this is the 4th time I watch this video and I absolutely love it

  • dennis: "thats a lot of work before i do work"

  • I told nicholas i wanted to "fax" XD

  • am completely brain dead lmao

  • Ma'gosh...was this made up or is really how Dennis

  • Hi linus

  • poor dennis

  • Do we know if Linus took the light.

  • Yo Linus give the guy a break for like a month. If he’s that stressed with the equipment than God damn. (This isn’t advice, this was a joke)

  • Its minimalistic because the amount of material used to build that chair was the bare minimum

  • They just bully dennis. He's such a nice dude.

  • Wow, this was painful to watch... At least he wont be using that old garbage chair anymore.

  • How in the fuck did he get a 3080?! I even was allowing myself to spend $1200 if I could find a real one on Ebay (fuck scalpers, but I'm a greedy little bitch and want to put my 1080ti to rest)

  • I feel like he just made fun of his living arrangements for 20 mins lol

  • dang dennis got that right if you're sitting too much your calf muscles don't also help the heart pump blood so all the blood pools in the feet, hence why it might hurt. A cost saving tip for dennis is to ditch the massager and do what I do, cause an earthquake on the second floor by bouncing both my legs using my calf muscle. It re-engages the calf muscles and maybe even helps burn extra calories

    • @outsideredge I personally use a under-desk pedal bike that I made myself. charges my phone when I have too much energy lol

    • I agree that sitting too long will hurt the circulation to the legs which means the feet could hurt. But that's solved by getting up and walking around every now and then, not sitting all day and blowing money on foot massagers. But Dennis is still awesome. And he did get the stand-up desk, so if he uses that standing up that would help his feet, legs and lower back.

  • ooh poor fans they do be cryin in there the pain u fitting human fans in there :D

  • This whole video is fucking gold!

  • 20:28 dennis: "this is minimalisistic"

  • Linus is pissed ahaha

  • So did he exceed budget?

  • Dennis's English has improved so much.

  • this was soooooo painful

  • This was heartbreaking to watch :'( I feel like that 5000 could of gone to anyone else just not this guy XD

  • Maybe it’s bc im chubby so I don’t test my luck, but I’ve never gotten stuck in anything? The number of times I have heard “got my hand/foot/head/finger/etc stuck” is bewildering to me.

  • Dennis clearly having no idea what minimalism is for some reason is so funny. In love how extra he looks at the end and he just says “see? Minimalist.” I was dying. Love Dennis wish he was around more

  • Dennis is pretty much every Asian nice Dad that just tries to make everything seem good and pleasing but then his Asian instincts come out and that happens.

  • This is why Dennis is my favorite LTT personality

  • that mousepad is pog

  • Oh my god I'm going to get a six-pack before I finish the video LAMO

  • Dennis is considered a minimalist in all of his hoarder communities.

  • the best intro

  • Dont understand hes doing video editing and probably some more stuff and tabs open why only 16gb ram i think he should have got more

  • I wish I had a boss that would give me any kind of money or bonus outside of my paycheck. Actually pretty jealous of this not going to lie.

  • "The tool guy is here. See? You don't need to own any tools." Oh my god, this is why you don't lend your tools to your neighbor. You think it's a one time thing, but you really become the "tool guy."

    • Its kinda like when you are good at fixing things and then everyone around you is like "yo could you fix this for me?" Which is just my life at this point.

  • This is the asianest shit I've seen

  • this looks so uncomfortble

  • linus: "english is so busted", probably

  • epic intro

  • Idk why i just dont like Dennis

  • Is there any chance I get an upgrade like this 😂

  • Probably the best ltt video ever 👍😁

  • did he go over budget?

  • Lol when he said his stuff is on the battery I died bruh 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dennis works at LTT and still doesnt know SH!T about PCs

  • These guys have changed their intro like 10 times

  • 23:18 I like how Dennis incorporates the sign into his workflow. Surely a justifiable purchase.

  • Monochromatic definitely doesn't mean minimalistic dude xDD

  • Watching Dennis is like watching an car crash in slow motion..

  • where is my sponsoring....... I am using an Q6600...............

    • I can actually make a good set up and dont even spend a fifth but this guy is funny

  • Dennis is the best entertainment ever 😂😂

  • Did Dennis go over budget 😂😂

  • Am I the only one who thinks Dennis is annoying as fuck

  • dennis: “they are comfortable to my eyes” this is my favourite video ever

  • I swear Dennis is so pure, I can't help but smile whenever he comes on camera 😂

  • This is a exact representation of my spending habits

  • 3:10 dude that's my old desk

  • This is the funniest LTT video i've seen in forever! I usually don't watch LTT anymore, but I am very glad I saw this one. Any time I see Dennis, it's sure to be a blast!

  • My leg also hurts when I'm writting. wired logic.

  • I still can not wait for David's version. The constant cackling at Dennis' ridiculousness made this video.

  • Ok but Dennis was iconic and I loved every moment of this video

  • I can't believe I watched this whole video

  • It's true... Sitting too long can hurt your leg. I couldn't walk for 2 weeks for prolong sitting.