Game Theory: The Hidden Code of Unus Annus (Markiplier & CrankGamePlays)

Objavljeno 24. okt. 2020
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When Markiplier and CrankGamePlays put up the channel Unus Annus, they had two big rules.
1. They would be uploading daily for 365 day.
2. After those 365 days, the channel would be deleted and disappear forever.
That is a BIG play. All that work just to have it disappear? It is a bold and simple premise for a channel... except nothing is ever that simple, is it? Therosits, I have watched and analyzed all of the uploads on the channel and I've come to one BIG conclusion. There is something SECRET hiding in the videos of Unus Annus. A secret that someone has been trying to tell us since the beginning. A secret that, just maybe, could save Mark, Ethan, and Unus Annus before the clock runs out.
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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►
Writers: Matthew Patrick
Researcher: Zach Stewart
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • The timer in their videos is kinda like the horror movie called countdown. If you haven't seen the movie it is just all about an app where if you download it it gives you a timer of when you are going to die. What kills you is a fictional demon called oshin.

  • I may have never seen any of there videos. But I watched a best moments video. And I honestly missed out, :(

  • Wwe next

  • I think Annus/Markiplier is trolling nerds.

  • I think the "machine" is referring to SLnumber and it's algorithms.

  • Facetime sounds familiar

  • Imagine if you died 1 year after this video is uploaded

  • Why was this in game theory and not film theory?

  • Twist: the editor was bored so he did this

  • I can't get what do you mean Because they are just making videos for fun

  • Idiotic

  • isnt more of a film theory

  • Me downloading every single markiplier's videos

  • So are they just roleplaying? i am CONFUSION

  • The channel started in my birthday and ended literally on my birthday AND i didn't even discovered the channel until just a few days ago. I literally missed a really good channel


  • I’m not done with the video but what I hear him saying is that when they die they start again so wouldn’t that mean they need the new unus and annus to replace them once the year is over but yk that’s just a theory a SLnumber theory

  • Have you ever thought that the entire time the videos are just memories of unnas annus remembering there past until they finally die because they can die forever right but until the timer runs out,oh and it's probably darkaplair trying to stop the clock.

  • My birthday is November 15 too!

  • Why does mark have a German surname

    • @Sinta Hanta Yeah her Instagram is @realmomiplier if you want to check it out.

    • @Samantha Kraft ahhh thanks wait his mom is Korean

    • Mark is half German because his dad is German and his mom is Korean.

  • how dare you use footage from [DELETED CHANNEL] in this video.

  • Memento Mori Post Mortem

  • if you didn't say nice at 0:51 you aren't a true human

  • MatPat. They came back. Momento Mori. Unus Annus.

  • For some reason I knew what memento Mori ment

  • Can we have second episode

  • so 2person in 1person

  • Theory: The Machine is the Amy SCP.

  • Nah i think mark and ethan just made a simulation and wanted to do things they were the player and unnus and annus were the characters so they pressed the delete button for the simulation and then end

  • Flash backs from a series of unfortunate events pufrock elem memento mori

  • *barely perceivable

  • This theory is definitely true! Like if you agree

  • "Stop breaking your nose" Mathew Patrick 2020

  • Holy s*** ur so deep

  • 9:34 that reminded me of neon genesis evangelion

  • I saw someone flipping out cause mark was on left and Ethan was on right during the live so it spelled out “year one” not “one year” lol

  • I miss it already. Like if you agree 👇

  • What if this all just a game I mean this on game theory not on film it’s all a game

  • November 15th is my birthday I turned 9 this year

  • Amazing video, but don’t you have to take this video down?

  • Its amy who is in control, and Amy is the how pressed stop, amy is the one to be killing unus and annus and rebooting they. It's all amy.

  • Mark you might of missed something there is a clip of the clock going up


  • Me who never heard of unas annas before the channel was already deleted: hm, interesting. I wish i heard of the channel before 😢 it seems sooo interesting.

  • 0:43 me everyday

  • What if we didn’t brake the code in time what if we did it before the Chanel died the end stream would of been different

  • Помни о смерти

  • It's a theory, it's a theory LMAOO

  • Why isn’t the film theory

  • "A powerfull force trying to stop the close" nah, the battery is just running out

  • 0:26 *C O R O N A*


  • Still waiting for a Jacksepticeye theory, MatPat.

  • when mark is talking about how theorist are reading to much into nothing he could be thinking there is nothing going on because he and ethan truly believe they're just living life they dont know their in a simulation thats why whoever is trying to stop the clock would be the filmer and the editor trying to fight death and save themselves an unnas and unnas.

  • his clock at the beginning did not say 420 and 69 coincidentally

  • there is more lore. you need to watch marks recent videos. it's apparent that somone is trying to rewind the clock. in the most recent vid of nov 26 they used a transition of the spiral with the illuminatti in one of the frames. it's not over....

  • It's over all of it's gone

  • Idk if this counts as unns annus but their was a white spiral in marks new raft vid

  • when u realize that this will be the last video that will remeber the next generations that that chanel was a thing

  • Technically speaking, isn’t this supposed to be deleted?

    • Clips, fanart, pictures and memes are ok, only the entire complete videos are not.

  • Amy stopped the clock.

  • 2:20 " will the channel actually die " ME : i don't know.let me actually check, oh wait it already dead

  • It's been little more than a week. Feels like months already.

  • Petition for MatPat to make a little "game" for us to discover clues troughout his videos making us come up with theories about what the game is and where it leads to. Kinda like what "cicada 3301" was for hackers.

  • Delete this video

    • @Tibly Art yeah he doesn't have to, I think he should but that's just me

    • Their rules was that short clips, memes, pictures, fanart etc is ok, reposting their entire videos however is not.

  • i have question,where you translate the word?because the words is really weird

  • And they did.

  • This isn't a game... and yet it's on Game Theory? A miscellaneous section might be needed.

  • rip unus annus

  • I feel like I’m watching a knock off unus annus, I like it.

  • My birthday is november 15th to

  • I have come from the future to tell ya that YES.. The Channel is gone..

  • Momento memori unus annus

  • I vote this video should be deleted

  • this Theory is not wrong when Markiplier was playing Superliminal he said you do you think you are unus is the video and the clip was on1:03:57

  • As cringe as this video is, i need to know the lore

  • Fun fact after a month: It didn't actually die. Well sort of.... most if not all the videos are deleted.

  • It's the matrix

  • What the heck that's my b day

  • These videos always run a chill down my spine. How do get that haunting energy in such silly content?

  • Looks like unus and annus couldnt stop the clock


  • the generated subtitles at the start actually said its a theory

  • 0:50 420 69

  • Imagine mat pat is lying about everything like the codes and just made up everything

  • Makes me feel like a kid again will you mat pat, how dare you.

  • But was the cake a lie

  • Alright, matpat. We know it's time.

  • There's a channel already, is that fake?

  • Unus annus is dead now :(

  • I am confused whether mark and Ethan are genius for making such deep and dark theories, or it's just you who imagine the SUCH EXTREMELY REAL SOUNDING theory?

  • man, this hits different past the clock

  • Why was this on Game Theory and not Film Theory?

  • SLnumber recommended me this nov.16 ufffff (i love SLnumber recomendations)

  • MatPat needs to make a Sanders Sides theory

  • Ha, i love how this isn't a game theory at all XD but it's still a good theory

  • I still don't understand what the hell Otis and Otis are. It was gone before I heard about it, and I just can't find out what it is now?

  • Memento Mori. Unus Annus.

  • well i guess that ententy left that clock going

  • November 13th*

  • Remember death, one year