Feeding Bill Gates a Fake Burger (to save the world)

Objavljeno 12. feb. 2020
Sometimes the scientific method takes us to new frontiers. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for partnering with me on this video. Check out the 2020 letter here: www.inflcr.co/SH1jF

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  • This one was quite a journey! I've been super busy filming and planning stuff. Got another vid comin in hot in about 2 weeks that's a real banger. Insta/Twitter/TicTok- @MarkRober

  • Ballin like Curry

  • i like thos burgers

  • i will try but boyy im ln indonesia, no way we can have this here


  • Nothing equals to a real meat burger.

  • Hahaha cool video

  • Ok no, go away.

  • the look of the girls when you revealed that this isn't meat is hilarious :'D

  • I live in Seattle and I saw bill gates at a denny's once.

  • I just tried the Impossibe burger and i could not tell the diffrence at all between a normal burger and a plant burger.

  • Mark literally said cow farts to Bill Gates. DEAD

  • My fav is steak

  • you knowh what ill try to put 2 days a week to not eat meat guys all hes right lets give it a try give 1 day a week without meet i think i eat meat 95% of my meals so lets see how it goes!

  • dude you're allready borderline fruity. don't think you need any more soy in your diet. especially your son's diet.

    • see you used the song "sugar plum FAIRY" when it's not even christmas... yep you've definitely been chowing down on soy burgers.

  • The vegan teacher when he says i eat meat with every meal👁👄👁 😵

  • Did you Know Mark Rober Works For NASA ?

  • 9:46 very noice

  • The only SLnumberr who met Bill Gates

  • You can eat it raw even if it's made from beef.

  • i am hungry

  • I searched what gives u the most protein and these were the results Protein foods lean meats - beef, lamb, veal, pork, kangaroo. poultry - chicken, turkey, duck, emu, goose, bush birds. fish and seafood - fish, prawns, crab, lobster, mussels, oysters, scallops, clams. eggs. dairy products - milk, yogurt (especially Greek yogurt), cheese (especially cottage cheese) and i think this is true cuz i remember eating vegetables for breakfast and on that day i didn't have enough energy as i did when i ate meat for breakfast

  • Imagine plant base chicken nugget :)

  • i kinda want a burger right now


  • vegans: u r harming the lives of animals meat-eaters: u r reducing our plants, don't they have a life? i mean both have a point *_but whAT sHoUlD i EaT?_*

  • 6:31 *t h i c c b u r g e r*

  • just become a broke asian college student. eat indomi (instant noodle) for living. there you go, you've saved the world!

  • the fact u even met him is amazing

  • I guess vegans dom't have to miss out on the deliciousness of a burger

  • 7:08 its explainable

  • great vid for EarthDay!!!

  • My guy might be crying from that Onion

  • I really hate a lot of what Bill Gates does and I am opposed to a lot of this green trend. But I love this. This innovation is what we need. Thank you Mark Rober and thank you Impossible Foods.

  • Lets give respect to this guy, He's been working on youtube for a bit over a year.

  • but if we all go plant based those farmers that chopped down all the trees in the amazon to make meat farms are fucked

  • The only thing I care about the Amazon rainforest is the macaws, Conures and cockatoos Da birdssss

  • Was the richest person in the world Elon is talking over

  • Bill Gates kids are never going hungry because 8:29

  • How much does the electricity cost for the functionality of this plant based process, though? (Planetary) Cost of scientists driving to & from? What about the (cost of producing & the functionality of) watering process or (making) the artificial preservatives, fertilizer? How about the sustainability of Pot Ash (a non-renewable resource) for soil & growth of plants? This isn't critical thinking if you're only concerned about the environment. If you were concerned about the environment you'd be mentioning the upsides & the downsides to both plant-based foods & meat foods. Sure, the animal environments should be better! That means we should focus on how to make living spaces more ethical not eliminating farmers jobs altogether. There is a lot more to the farming industry than meat, also. There's dairy, poultry, egg. From the sheep herders to the truck drivers. It's all a job economy. Yes, greenhouse emotions is important. But you also have to consider that we've had ice ages before there were humans. Let's not make it worse (either way).

  • Great video! Though I wish you had included seafood in the numbers/stats, and how becoming a pescatarian changed this, if at all.

  • 9:29 - 9:31 Idk why but it makes me laugh

  • Bill gates is evil

  • You can already eat beef raw and it’s made of plants but the chemical that goes into it is the same chemical in girls that make them feminine so it’s making you a girl as you eat it more.

    • @blank if it’s fresh I’ve done it chicken u can’t but steak you csn

    • also i don't think you know a single thing about female anatomy

    • you can't eat beef raw as it can have bacteria and parasites

  • so he released the coronavirus to " not let people drive to work and travel" great job

  • Me: (Watches this video) Also me: (Realizes I'm vegetarian)

  • Mark: We use about 10 percent of our diet eating meat Me: BUT I'M A VEGETARIAN???

  • The problem is do impossible do a donner kebab

  • no thanks

  • Bro that’s a non stick grill get out of here with the pam 8:43

  • Imagine being so chill with Bill Gates that he allows you to just go to his house alone with not one there

  • Soy is bad for the environment due to deforestation to increase and expand its labour intensive production.

  • I hate plant based meat

  • I had one and it tasted a bit too corny, not bad tho

  • I like all the other videos that Mark Rober has done, but that isn't a burger if its not real meat.

  • Keep up the great work and video

  • Yeah, but if everyone goes vegan then cows, lamb, chickens and other forms of meat, will over populate then what should we do then

  • I luv meat 🥩

  • I’m a vegetarian and if I can survive everyone can survive

  • Is it the same stuff as the Impossible Whopper from BK? Because I REALLY don't like that. Tastes nothing like a burger and has a really bad flavor (imo ofc)

  • Still, we will not be able to use this on a daily basis, as in everybody on the planet because the livestock will keep reproducing therefore more space needed to keep those animals or more space needed for them just to exist.

  • I really wish "meatless monday" would be a popular thing. I love meat, but I love the environment too. I would happily sacrifice a day of no meat to help the planet. If we made "meatless monday" like some kind of weekly holiday that many people followed, I'm sure it would help. I think it would be cool if influences on social media started hashtagging it or just sharing it on tik tok, instagram, twitter, etc. You know that the more famous people and influences do it, the more people who will be willing to try it. I think meat replacement products in general just need more exposure.

  • Since when is salad healthy? It's literally water without anything, lmao.

  • Am i the only one oddly disturbed by him eating the peanut butter sanwich he just made on the floor by the pool? 😐

  • people may hate me but i do not intend to ever stop eating actual meat on the bright side i very rarely eat cow meat

  • Ima start a new tradition in my family no meat Monday

  • Just make it cheap I'll never buy meat again.

  • Sad Latvian noises

  • When both burgers are so similar... That no one knows which one is which.

  • Barbecue is also my favorite genre

  • The vegans have done it...

  • When it's cheaper I will switch, till then....

  • Ron Swanson would be very disappointed

  • Bizde hala lüks et yemek aga

  • one person did the calculations plant-based burgers are very close to dog food in fact dog food had more vitamins

  • Why not eat meat?

    • @LoliLicker your profile picture fits

    • must be a government conspiracy...

  • you should come to our farm and see how we treat our animals

    • ikr this mark guy sounds so bigoted

  • My question is how do you get a hold of one of the richest men in the world?

    • cause this dude's a high rank at NASA

  • You are such an inspiration!!!

  • That vegan teacher bouta call u stalin : D

  • Okay... Ground/minced meat is done. Check. What about steak?

  • oh i'll feed him something alright, maybe some poison (bill gates not Mark)

    • MICROSOFT MAN BAD 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬💢💢💢💢😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤

  • "even meat eaters get half their protein a day from plants" me who pretty much never eats any plants: *sweats nervously*

  • it’s funny bill likes to talk about the issues but he has the money to pay those farmers to stop burning all those trees down too, but he doesn’t .

  • dude this guy is a genius, he poisoned a burger to give to Bill Gates so he would stop putting microchips in the coronavirus vaccine. Brilliant.

    • MICROSOFT man mscrozoftmanGETOUT MICROSOFT MAN 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Mark always nails it when it comes to these things. Informative, unbiased, and he doesnt compromise his values for views. This is one of the best videos I've seen in favor of plant based meat substitutes, and it's much appreciated. Wish I saw it a year ago!

  • Billy is buying farmland all over the world. Billy wants to force you vaccines. Billy wants to control all food. Billy is not your friend. Billy does not want you to realize this.

  • rather eat real meat

  • Why would they try to imitate the calories amount as well? Wouldnt it be better if it is lower cal?

  • If you think Impossible Foods (burgers) & Beyond Meat burgers are healthy for you PLEASE THINK AGAIN. READ INGREDIENTS. Both these burgers have MORE saturated fat due to the coconut oils they put in these burgers. Higher in calories & salt , & PRESERVATIVES out the ying yang. SO PLEASE do your homework & read ingredients first ok

    • exactly just because something is vegetarian or vegan doesn't mean it's healthy

  • plant based haha - GMO meat , dont be foolish people, its not about saving animals , its about making us more sick with GMO food ..

  • I never eat fruits or vegetables on or with anything unless it is potato chips or grinch fries

  • Bill Gates its murderer

  • Finally something for Tuesdays

  • That didn't teacher you're eating meat

  • pretty obvious we arent in control therefor we'll never "save" the world. its got a course and its clear where it ends.....with everything ending with it

  • I want to eat a burger now

  • why is Mark friends with bill gates

  • cows dont fart

  • i hat plant bast meat becouse i am a farmer