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The Joe Rogan Experience podcast


5:59Accepting Gender Differences
Accepting Gender DifferencesOgledi 443 tis.Pred dnevom
1:55Action Bronson's DMX Moment - JRE Toons
Action Bronson's DMX Moment - JRE ToonsOgledi 186 tis.Pred dnevom
13:51The Fauci Emails
The Fauci EmailsOgledi 2,5 mio.Pred 2 dnevi
11:21Rick Doblin's DMT Realization About Hilter
4:41Rick Doblin on Treating PTSD with MDMA Therapy
12:03David Lee Roth on the Origins of Van Halen
15:43Neil deGrasse Tyson's Skepticism Over UFO's
4:35The Genius of Robin Williams
The Genius of Robin WilliamsOgledi 716 tis.Pred 22 dnevi
11:35Sebastian Junger's Scary Near Death Experience
6:07The Negative Effects of Wishful Thinking
The Negative Effects of Wishful ThinkingOgledi 347 tis.Pred 22 dnevi
7:54Andy Norman on the Mental Immune System
Andy Norman on the Mental Immune SystemOgledi 333 tis.Pred 22 dnevi
7:40Could You Make an Edgy Comedy Today?
Could You Make an Edgy Comedy Today?Ogledi 843 tis.Pred 29 dnevi
8:00Joe List's Scary Altercation in Downtown Austin
9:42Harvard's Alleged Anti-Asian Discrimination


  • John Cena is a pathetic coward. I will never watch anything he's associated with.


  • BASICALLY "its weird when people are dumb"

  • It's the ric flair effect every one needs a good bad guy

  • WOW Joe & these liberals are FU*KED UP 😳

  • Come back to SLnumber joe

  • The Emperor Palpatine Experience.

  • Joe getting that Spotify deal signifies the end of his credibility

  • Your grown men..... You should each have your own joint,

  • This nigha lost his dam mind

  • Lmao I thought joe was wearing a hood

  • The fight was an absolute snooze fest that most people couldn’t even watch all the way through. Literally 45% hugging, 45% Logan punching air/ Mayweather’s defense, and 10% of what looked like light sparring between a pro and a 0-1 amateur ...

  • Love the podcasts with Duncan trussel

  • How did Joe not have any idea how this shit works...

  • One more candle and they’d face to face sharing a strand of spaghetti

  • He basically just predicted the capitol riot in the first 2 minutes lol

  • She's the problem in America.... Go sit in the truck and over analyze stupid shite. Men doing work over here.

  • more like the most hyped boxer who ever lived. .all i saw was two clowns hugging each other lol

  • Ive worked out for about 7 years, always wanted a six pack, did it for the first time in the last month by not eating till 2pm and stopping eating 10pm.

  • Cena getting his meathead self dumped by whichever Bella twin he was in love with, all makes total sense now why his beta-self took it so hard. Deadass serious question: did his nuts completely vanish from abusing PEDs yet?!? Sure as shit sounds like it at the very least HA! HA! HA!

  • The best podcast would be Alex Jones, Eddie Bravo and the last but not least SANTO BONACCI

  • Joe looks like a metal rock head with that hair 🤟🏻🤘🏻 hahah

  • Who won?? I still don't know, this was all for show and Money. American boxing is boring. Wanna see a real authentic fight, look up muay thai (not kick boxing ), look up thai muay thai #buakaw is bad ass he's young and support humble, I especially prefer senchai he's in his 40s , i think he's 5'6 max and he uses old school muay thai skills , he's also a big dork n joke alot? In Thailand Muay Thai is offensive street and the kicks are fast like watch senchai highlight. At least the fights there are not about money, they give money away to their village or the poor , they don't buy to flashy stuff, not materialistic. My father fought pro from 13 to 27.. he got a concussion so needed to stop. But I can't express how humble the fighters are, you would need to do alot to piss them off, they're totally in control of their emotions. Anyways check it out. Senchai makes jokes during the match, you can tell the opponent respect him. He is a super nice guy in real life. Here if your bored by the v way one of joe rogan favorite. slnumber.info/wiev/iJ6vpLmjaWl2a9A/video.html I'm not affiliated just want people to see how bad ass the sport is.

  • The reality is, that little ritual is most likely real in the beginning, and all of you are being duped.

  • Just backs what I've been saying. We are China's bitch now. All for the almighty dollar.

  • The midnight gospel is amazing

  • In no instance was Logan Paul controlling Floyd lmao

  • Joe has become soft AF and deluded. Duncan is a moron too. So sad these guys...

  • You could tell Floyd wasn't really trying lol

  • You can't have an amazing fight against an ametur

  • Do u know cow urine is patiented ? Not by any Indian company but by American company. Rest find yourself.

  • This is Chinise colonialism

  • Joe sure gets a hard on for these Paul kids’ alleged boxing “skills” lately. He’s legit mystified that Logan didn’t get KO’d by an old man half his size whose only strategy has always been to play defense and try to gas out his opponent. Very strange

  • very good point ...love weirdness of the intro, it reminds me of really old podcasts lol

  • Bring Logan paul to Joe Rogan podcast

  • Screw. Cena. And. China.

  • Love you Rogan!👍🏻 Your so real!

  • He apologized to China and in return pisses off all the free world.

  • Americans are as free as China allow us to be.

  • Isn't apologizing to China, just as weird as apologising to the Jewish people?

  • Weakest argument ever

  • Joe arguing against the fact that Floyd knocked the dog piss out of Paul and then held him up is baffling. It’s clearly what happened. Joe’s a damn UFC commentator and he’s never seen someone get clipped and then go down after a few seconds delay? Get outtaaaa heeeere

  • 😅😅😂 Joan cina💩💩💩🤣🤣

  • She next on the cancel list...

  • Crazy floyd Mayweather lost to paul

  • Tyson would starch Paul in less than 2 rounds

  • Whether or not he is engaging honestly or not. If he really wanted to engage honestly....he would get canceled. Ita easy to call the dude out when your behind a computer screen anonymously. Not defending him just saying. But when you have a family and you need to take care of them alot of people bend the knee for a reason. We're in a time where thinking the wrong way and being honest and forthright can get you in trouble. You can lose sponsors, your job and any future work, large companies will gladly blacklist you. I applaud the people who are able to stick by there guns and not compromise. But that doesn't mean Im going to trash the people who really are just trying to get by and not get caught in the frenzy of the political climate today.

  • This wasn't just a pandemic, but also a genocide.

  • Taiwan Number wan !!

  • It feels wrong to see him on the other side

  • There are a lot of gerbils running around in his head

  • Joe ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? He knocked him out and held him up. We all saw how he got up. How can y’all sit here and say this bullshit?????

  • Lmao of course its Duncan Trussel on the other side


  • "Notorious Big Eyed G" He's the .99 cent store version of Biggie. 🤣

  • KEEP UFO'S FILES CLASSIFIED! No need for the American/world public to know, what the U.S airforce and navy don't know. Send the information over to a few universities science professors who study this type of stuff; once they finish their research and come to a reasonable conclusion; then release their final decision on what they could be. If the professional military pilots in the navy & airforce don't know what they are; do they think us dumb, dumbs in the general public are supposed to figure out what they are, we aren't going to know either WTF they are. Also why now, can't they wait another 10 years, or why couldn't they had declassify the files 10yrs ago, or just wait another 20 years from now or they could've just released them 20yrs ago: What's the Rush for, WHY NOW?

  • The perfect interview.


  • cant see video on spotify... help

  • Too weird to finish watching this

  • Just don't use twitter. *shrug*

  • This clip literally made me smoke a vaporiser

  • Tbh this boxing match was pretty good. Both put up a fight.

  • How can you defend someone who lies…… there needs to be an investigation

  • Stfu elon tusk

  • Nice Far Cry intro lol obviously it’s from a different culture but reminded me of every adventure video game

  • Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson

  • In south afrika we dont wait for the rest .. we order a new one 😁 great show Joe !!

  • Girls locker room - "oh my god he's so cute" Boys locker room - 0:10

  • Lol...construction profits are small huh? I've been building industrial facilities like oil refineries, chemical plants, battery plants, etc. for 15 years. If the profit is that small its because things are so unorganized that they're paying 100+ of us anywhere from $2,000-$4,500 a week to stand around and get sunburned 50% of the time while they try to figure out wtf they are doing lol. Trust me... when you get a team of people who know what they're doing, which is rare, and you have to pay on the north end of that range or higher.... things can go much much faster and profits can go significantly higher. You can not do that on a $500,000,000 job though bc those jobs pay less per hour and you're not going to get 1,000 people who know what they're doing for $30-$32/hr plus $700/wk travel pay. Honestly on these billion dollar jobs the United States simply does not have the number of skilled craftsman to complete something like that in a timely manner.

  • Yeah both wont. Everyone won except the people that went to the fight.

  • 4:07 Jamie pulls up the clip of Logan's legs dropping out from under him and Floyd having to hold him up at the same time Joe is talking about how amazing it is Logan went the full 8 rounds. "See his arm and how it didn't go limp?! He's in control!" Joe, Logan looks fucking dead right here.

  • This is what talking to Atheists is like when you're a Christian Philosopher...your opp assumes they are lightyears smarter by simply saying "I don't know and I don't want to know."

  • Joe "Purpa" Rogan

  • Joe’s protecting the UFCs image. Fighters aren’t upset that they’re not making $100 million. They’re upset that they get paid 18% of the income they generate when every other major sport pay their athlete over 40%

  • He should be the damn champ still

  • i drank that buffalo trace on the table. Not bad.