Kentucky Ballistics

Kentucky Ballistics Kentucky Ballistics

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Good clean shooting fun!


KENTUCKY HERRERAOgledi 195 tis.Pred dnevom
DEMOLITION BALLISTICSOgledi 1,4 mio.Pred dnevom
6:11How Is Kentucky Ballistics ???
How Is Kentucky Ballistics ???Ogledi 1,1 mio.Pred 8 dnevi
19:55My 50 Cal Exploded
My 50 Cal ExplodedOgledi 13 mio.Pred 15 dnevi
13:35The BIGGER The BETTER 💪
The BIGGER The BETTER 💪Ogledi 771 tis.Pred 22 dnevi
BARRETT 50 CAL TORTURE TEST 😱Ogledi 653 tis.Pred 22 dnevi
18:16Gatling Gun vs Indestructible Body Armor 💪
10:4450 Cal SLAP vs Body Armor 💥
50 Cal SLAP vs Body Armor 💥Ogledi 637 tis.Pred mesecem
11:13My First Hand Cannon 😍
My First Hand Cannon 😍Ogledi 207 tis.Pred mesecem
KENTUCKY BALLISTICS 500 MAGNUM 💪Ogledi 285 tis.Pred mesecem
10:3750 Cal SLAP vs Thor’s Hammer ⚡
50 Cal SLAP vs Thor’s Hammer ⚡Ogledi 780 tis.Pred mesecem
9:40Gatling Gun vs Transparent Shield 🛡
Gatling Gun vs Transparent Shield 🛡Ogledi 1,8 mio.Pred 2 meseci
8:1745-70 DERRINGER 😱
45-70 DERRINGER 😱Ogledi 886 tis.Pred 2 meseci
50 CAL GLOCK vs DESERT EAGLEOgledi 1,2 mio.Pred 2 meseci
14:5450 Cal vs Slam Ball 🏋 (150 lbs!!!)
50 Cal vs Slam Ball 🏋 (150 lbs!!!)Ogledi 726 tis.Pred 2 meseci
17:40Elephant Rifles vs Soda Machine 🥤
Elephant Rifles vs Soda Machine 🥤Ogledi 458 tis.Pred 2 meseci
8:5750 Cal vs ICE ❄
50 Cal vs ICE ❄Ogledi 316 tis.Pred 2 meseci
8:06WHAT SNOW ???
WHAT SNOW ???Ogledi 239 tis.Pred 2 meseci
5:40Granger Smith Goes Full Auto 🔥
Granger Smith Goes Full Auto 🔥Ogledi 174 tis.Pred 3 meseci
THE GATLING GUN !!! 😱Ogledi 584 tis.Pred 3 meseci
IT’S NOT OVER TILL IT’S OVER...Ogledi 215 tis.Pred 3 meseci
9:1350 Cal vs Tractor Weight 🚜
50 Cal vs Tractor Weight 🚜Ogledi 676 tis.Pred 3 meseci
7:3944 SNUBBY 💥
44 SNUBBY 💥Ogledi 236 tis.Pred 3 meseci
13:00Elephant Rifles vs GIANT Gummy Bears 🐻


  • How in the world can anyone give you a 'thumbs' down? Praise Jesus you are still here brother!! He has more work for you to do 8-) I was impressed that your alive and doing so well. I am sure your family is grateful too. I am not really into the big gun deal, but I am a new subscriber to your channel!!

  • My shirt is going to be here on the 17th!

  • I almost prefer this guy but almost i dont prefee him i almost prefer him

  • Wow! God bless you. .... Lesson may be; “don’t use plumbing fittings for hi power rifles.” Just pipe bombs. --- If your numbers are ballpark correct, a Proof rating should have allowed the rifle to withstand at LEAST double the 55k psi standard round, or 110++. Yet the designer said he predicted it could blow in the 90k range. Something is wrong. - I would like to know if the barrel has been examined for signs of blockage after the fact. It is hard or damn near impossible to fill a .50 cal. casing with enough power to blow up a well designed, well manufactured firearm without some other faulty factor such as a blocked barrel.

  • Almost like gun enthusiasts aren’t bad people

  • Who else likes this guy

  • Love u Scot Brandon love you too

  • Its so kool to see real people show real love to a friend and help them back up ... much love and respect ✊

  • Wow SLnumber really wanted me to watch this video

  • Good on ya, Brandon! Scott, get well soon!

  • He needs an mg42 😁


  • Nice work AK GOD. Hope you're doing better Scott!

  • The fridge was leaking it’s life juice

  • Just ordered my "Just Stick a Thumb In IT" T shirt. Happy healing

  • Get well man God bless you

  • Who’s next papa garand thumb

  • That was AWESOME!!!


  • Should send it in for warranty for laughs to see what they say as the response. The response alone be worth it.

  • Looking great big guy

  • Just got my “put a thumb in it” T-shirt yesterday. Love it!

  • Brain is boring, he didn't kick anything.

  • I can’t wait for the dounut operator episode

  • I clicked it with 130k views looked in the comments after the click it was at 170k

  • I like eggplant . What kind of psycho doesn’t like eggplant ?

  • rember. no eggplant

  • What do you think of some viewer submitted videos? Would be an awesome thing that I personally haven't seen on any other channel.

  • GAULL-EE he opened the frig and it looked like 🤮PUKE 🤮 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • I'm glad you're okay.

  • Don't own his guns, but they interest me. It's funny how probably one of the most controversial content on SLnumber ( gun content) has by far the most supportive and wholesome community attached to it. Nothing but love and respect for both Scott and Brandon, a kind of community we can all strive for.👍🏻

  • Yup....The AK guy and Demo Ranch put the dinosaur up to swapping out the SLAP round to a SLAP you in the face round.... They should do a skit to prove it

  • Can’t wait to see what’s next

  • 4:54 - firing from the hip. I love it.

  • Thank you AK god

  • F*** yeah looking good bro

  • Full-auto is going to become a rare sight.

  • herrera is dirty bulking into an early grave

  • Wow that was crazy. Totally worth it tho, that gun is badass!


  • If you shoot an elk through the butthole it’ll come out it’s chest

  • Nice grouping

  • Looking better by the day

  • i seen what you did there , your window had cracks , good idea to use it in a video , props

  • More penetration vs. Bigger hole.... which is better? You decide

  • I'm glad Herrera did a Kentucky Ballistics type video and kept his political whining and demonizing to himself.

  • Some ak goodness

  • I looks like you are healing very nicely, The staples used to hold large incisions do leave a gnarly scar behind. I had a liver transplant and They used them on me too, Almost like a human zipper! LOL keep healing Scott, we all stand behind you!

  • He got scratched by the bullet

  • Wow, your looking good.

  • The old British submachine gun looks a lot like an German MP-18

  • God damm

  • Somebody’s been slowing down on the white claws and speeding up on the shoulder raises


  • Grande!

  • send them the elephant gun Scott... they should all do a refresher on the recoil aspects of said rifle... heal up brother, its tough to see a warrior wounded... God Bless...

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  • dude get better soon we all pray for you to get better

  • Awesome how the other SLnumberrs are helping Scott keep the content going. Have a good weekend and stay safe Jimmy from Massachusetts

  • I love you Scott not the rn50. Were all scared of that rifle.

  • Get well soon, Scott!!

  • Who misses the dinosaur 😭

  • So how much 9mm did Brandon Herrera shoot on Friday? All of it.

  • MAN it's SO KOOL seeing Brandon and Mat here help'n their BIG BROTHER out and just being the best friends man I love it. Y'all are the best

  • hey scott, i noticed it feels like these videos are eulogies as if you had died lol. the way they refer to you is like "in honor of scott" as if you had died, lol. must be a cool feeling? anyway, hope you recovering well!

  • This is super cool! im so glad you guys came together! He came to help!

  • Please sell your RN-50 before pawn shops wont take it anymore.

  • I'm just waiting for Hickok45 to come over and shot the tactical TRex 😂

  • Tactical hydrant time..

  • Love it! Great job. Get well Scott.

  • Feel better fast

  • How many RN-50's does it take to go through a 50bmg?

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  • I'm glad everyone is helping you out Scott, but Oh my goodness! He didn't kick the egg plant, and he's not that funny. Cross fingers you going to to have Hickok45 next.

  • I want to see Kentucky 45 if you know what I mean

  • Gute Besserung weiterhin, Scott. Grüße von Torsten aus Berlin, Germany.

  • Can't wait for Hickok45 and forgotten weapons)

  • Get well soon Scott!! We all love ya!!

  • You are the best