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13:12Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Details and More!
20:59Spectating Warzone Solos is too Funny!
Spectating Warzone Solos is too Funny!Ogledi 281 tis.Pred dnevom
4:23Battlefield 6 New Teasers and Secrets!
Battlefield 6 New Teasers and Secrets!Ogledi 614 tis.Pred 8 dnevi
2:43BATTLEFIELD 6 Reveal!
BATTLEFIELD 6 Reveal!Ogledi 636 tis.Pred 8 dnevi
8:40The FFAR in Warzone is still stupid good...
8:23It's nearly time for a new Battlefield...
23:31Rogue Company 2021 - Gameplay and Impressions
8:02Far Cry 6 - Gameplay and First Impressions
Far Cry 6 - Gameplay and First ImpressionsOgledi 909 tis.Pred 15 dnevi
9:45Warzone Nerfed the AMAX again... :(
Warzone Nerfed the AMAX again... :(Ogledi 207 tis.Pred 15 dnevi
9:32Warzone is in a strange place right now...
Warzone is in a strange place right now...Ogledi 396 tis.Pred 15 dnevi
16:41Battlefield 5 makes me crazy...
Battlefield 5 makes me crazy...Ogledi 416 tis.Pred 15 dnevi
13:04STOP using the Kar98... The Swiss K31 is better!
8:56Battlefield 1 will never get boring to me...
13:55I found a No Miss Sniper in COD Warzone...
I found a No Miss Sniper in COD Warzone...Ogledi 391 tis.Pred 15 dnevi
13:26Battlefield 4 has not been beaten... Yet.
Battlefield 4 has not been beaten... Yet.Ogledi 594 tis.Pred 22 dnevi
10:03Warzone what the HELL is this?!
Warzone what the HELL is this?!Ogledi 475 tis.Pred 22 dnevi
8:39Battlefield Firestorm is back...
Battlefield Firestorm is back...Ogledi 555 tis.Pred 22 dnevi
9:03Battlefield 6 Reveal Trailer in June!
Battlefield 6 Reveal Trailer in June!Ogledi 365 tis.Pred mesecem
14:24Using the UNBEATABLE M13 in COD Warzone...


  • I laik betlfeld garls

  • The specialists remind me of the shit cod characters that I hated having to play

  • Just get him into a nursing home and I'll do the rest.

  • Really hyped to dogfight again at more than 20 mph lol

  • Why windturbine? I made it without die on turbine

  • People will farm the shit out of the AI for progression.

  • does anyone think a 1660 super could run 2042 on medium?

  • Some of the skins and player models look kind of whack. But I'm curious.

  • is there a battle royale??

  • Seems like I'm the only one that doesn't care about the specialists lmao.

  • I think you should have mentioned that the new gm was apart of Destiny 2 and COD a few more times.

  • Does dedicated servers mean we will be able to rent and personalize servers again as on BF4?

  • Just give us generic soldiers

  • great! See You tomorrow!

  • I'm going to lose my mind if it's plagued by thermal optics and across-map Doritos. Hopefully they go back to a Battlefield2-style comorose that's more responsive and feature rich. Also 6 or 7 man squads. Hnnnng! Edit: I see a lot of people complaining about the specialists. Just wait and see, imo. Early battlefield games had more classes for better specialization, and it played really well. I was really disappointed to find the pitiful soldier skill tree they put in bf5 after touting about customization. At the very least, being able to take whatever gun you want, it's gonna be a lot more fun not having to deal with objectively inferior weapons just to level a class you've not played before. It's really the least of my concerns right now. I mostly hope they optimize the netcode for low latency, and we get no more "dying in one hit" experiences, or dying behind cover (you know, how they screwed with the time to kill like a dozen times after bf5 release? Yeah, that was netcode causing it, not ttk).

  • Just CauseField 2042

  • It looks great but I find it difficult playing FPS on a flat-screen now. We need a VR section to BF2042. Flat-screen gaming is yesterday's tech.

  • I will sue and demand a refund if the penguins are not actually featured in the game 🐧🐧🐧

  • JACK acting like he's not the owner of dice

  • Number 39 trending, baby!

  • Hyped for tomorrow!

  • You don't sound too excited Jack

  • After many years of playing, yesterday I finally made it to the room myself. Spent hours trying to get a dog tag on operation whiteout. And ended up getting the Hangar 21 dog tag just after leaving the room. Im happy i finally managed to do it all.

  • After many years of playing, yesterday I finally made it to the room myself. Spent hours trying to get a dog tag on operation whiteout. And ended up getting the Hangar 21 dog tag just after leaving the room. Im happy i finally managed to do it all.

  • So all the specialist equipment are just copied from rainbow six siege…

  • The implementation of specialists is just DICE pandering for CoD players. Ironically, Modern Warfare does it better because you could use whatever Specialist ability for any operator (not tied to any classes).

  • This looks like the Galactic Assault mode from Battlefront II but in a small scale form.

  • Just watched Tom's & your's video You guys have really put up some considerable efforts into it. Anyways its 13th June & I am really looking forward to some combine gameplay ✌

  • Why would you even need NPC character names and stories when there is no actual story to the rehashed broken fest. Dice just needs to stand down and hand it over to someone else.

  • Let's go Jack

  • Augh, someone _please_ just tell me the kinds of *mines* I get to use in 2045.

  • All round insaneeeee

  • No campaign? That’s fuckin stupid

  • i cant wait for the easteregg hunt

  • Jack “CEO” Frags

  • I'm quite open to the specialist classes I just hope they have a bit of character to them. I enjoyed the character dialogue in BF3 it had a lot of grit and humour. 'Gonna tear tham a new A hole' etc, before BF got so politically correct and unoffensive.

  • fu k this game 0/1000

  • Whaaaaaack! Why can’t we jus be regular soldiers like before….

  • "No Singleplayer Campaign' Well fuck this game then.

  • 6:56 the US would love that map

  • The chick specialist that you wanted to know about, she is the one with the doggy robot.

  • Lemme guess, you already found the Easter Eggs

  • Wow wow I get to play battlefield again letssssss gooooooooo Dice gg

  • Hopefully they will allow more players in a single squad. Sucks being the odd man out! Especially if your going to increase the player count to 120 players. Squads of 6-8

  • Going back to 'ol days with ChaBoy and Mountain.. maan.. the feels Can't wait to see new content from you Jack! Can-t wait for the memes XD Bf3 feelings

  • You should make a bf4 discord server to play with subs

  • Will it be cross play?? Do we know?

  • Okay so I’ll be able to have a non specialist so I can customize myself hopefully. I’d hate to be locked to a non customizable character

  • I dont know why they insist on giving these demos with a fucking controller! The aiming looks horrendous it just detracts from the immersion of the game

  • BF5: People should be allowed to choose a soldier that they identify with, and if you disagree you're a bigot. BF2042: Everyone da same and if you want to choose a soldier that you identify with, you're a bigot.

  • That saving private ryan reference at the beginning. Thats why Jacks the best

  • I think it will be a good game in its own right, but "Battlefield" isn't what comes to mind when seeing the game play. I do think "Modern Warfare" though..

  • Good luck for the handful of gamers on finding a game on next gen consoles. All the scalpers are sitting on the rest of the consoles. No BR? Boo. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

  • Cant wait for the 35 identical "specialists" to run around😂

  • I will be absolutely revolted if we don't have penguins in the game.

  • We love you Jack ! Can't wait for bf6 content so hyped!

  • i came back to this video after the BF2042 trailer and i feel like the lightning strikes were teasing the tornado :0

  • Stingrays definitely float like that in the Death Stranding trailers. Idk about the game

  • No single player..uses battlepass.."specialists"..time gated lackluster content.. ughhhh..I was so hyped for the trailer. Not going to pre order.

  • No one wants these dumb ass specialist in a battlefield game. Just have the simple classes with their unique guns and call it that. We bf vets don’t need “innovation” for no reason. Don’t mess up a good formula.

  • This was the first battlefield I ever bought and played on release and it made me an instant fan. WW1 has always been my favorite time period in the history of great wars and it was truly magical to have that brought to life in this game.

  • I can already predict next video in Dec:Top tips and tricks in battlefield 2042.

  • Jack has the source code :)

  • with most servers being 165+ ping, ai might be my only way to not rage every few seconds.

  • Been waiting for this moment for so long, I surely thought 2042 would of came way earlier given the last dlc for bf4, glad they waited for the new console though.

  • Specialist idea sounds like a nice addition

  • wait what.. bots? So its 128 Specialists with bots on each side? I just do not want to have 128 players / x amount of the same specialist in there. I am so confused xD

  • Congrats Jack! We’re ready for the real you BATTLEFIELD you

  • PLEASE BE WEAPON SKINS, the only thing bf4 was missing!

  • battlefield 6 gameplay looks great!

  • i hate this whole specialist thing! HATE IT!!!

  • Looks just like battlefront 2 lmao

  • Rather want to be a worthless nameless soldier in a huge ass battlefield than some action movie with main actors

  • wingsuit guy is a specialist likely the first to unlock in the battlepass system as the hook to get people in

  • This looks real fun

  • How did I not notice the damned PENGUINS?!?

  • Can we play as regular soldiers? Or are we just stuck with the specialists???

  • release shooting mechanics were better. the higher recoil and lower ttk were just a good combo.

  • Sliding?? Oh no