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1:15100 DAYS TO GO - FIBA Asia Cup 2021
100 DAYS TO GO - FIBA Asia Cup 2021Ogledi 3,7 tis.Pred dnevom


  • Nothing special. Jovic is better and Petrusev is 10 times better. Besides, the actions shown here are actions against bad teams like Holland and Sweden. This is nothing that could be called special. The boy has strength, no question about it, but the Serbs play basketball much, much better. Argentina's fan.

  • 1:07:38見ろ このリバウンドの取る気の無さが日本のCだ

  • 33:40体格差余裕であって負けてんの草 なんなら勝てんの 日本のC使いもんならんすぎww いやC以外もか

  • 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Myweather of basketball

  • Ang bobo naman nung malaking ulo na pointguard ng Philippines yung number (1) boblaks puro turnovers tapos puro strenght lang gamit nya yung diskarte nya pang larong kalye lang hahahah

  • The ref gives the ball to the wrong team smh of course the ref is a woman makes sense

  • Were here to play not to brawl

  • Manganın Eurovision birinciliği alamamasından sonraki en büyük dram

  • Te amo América, Venezuela y Colombia sigan creciendo, los Venezolanos me incluyo somos muy narcisos, los colombianos son muy negatividad y no nunca tantas soluciones, cuando aprendan cambiaran su juego.

  • ハーデン「かっけぇーなそれ」

  • If only the indian team made their free throws......

  • El souriyin le kleb kasaroulna el tabet

  • ViVA Senior santo nino labor ViVA!!! San Isidro Labrador Happy Fiesta Tubigon Bohol

  • 臺上十分钟,臺下十年功。中國隊囬去,還需要扎扎实实练好基本功。如,髙强度,髙对抗下的三分球投篮,髙对抗防守脚步移動,前後场保护卡位拼抢篮板球等等。加油!中國隊!

  • 3:10 I miss you!

  • Jawato dribbling skills 👑👑👑

  • Coach Chot Reyes over acting sa last seconds, panalo na eh

  • Congrats to Japan as I expect them to win.....!

  • USA deserved this loss. So much for them belittling FIBA

  • Is turkey🇹🇷

  • Chor

  • Turkey🇹🇷

  • This is the weakest team usa and still capable lol 😂

  • O encuentro el tapon

  • Hayata karşı içimdeki ukte bu maç

  • a young raw Petrovic

  • Go Fiba World Cup iam from the Philippines Mabuhay

  • Drose: "Breh"

  • todos vinimos por lo mismo tarea

  • pas veriş stili Sabonis gibi.👏

  • Narrator: They lost by 30 points.

  • The level of disrecpect to curry on this game. Kyrie and harden been ball hogs all day

  • Biased Commentators: Greek Experience, Greek Experience Nigeria: Keep Dreaming hahaha

  • James Harden was bouta raise his hand and ask what does this have to do with basketball ?

  • This is a sign of the beginning of a change of the guard. This is going to become a norm and eventually the game may just get away from the US. I'm excited to see Nigerias strong and undeniable path to the top.

  • 我住台灣,好期望中國隊場場勝利!加油!我的祖國!

  • La verdad que el nivel es muy bajo. Yo no sé quiénes los entrenan a estos pibes, pero el chico uruguayo que empezó a jugar hace un año y medio (dicho por el comentarista), juega mejor al basquet que la gran mayoría de los Argentinos. El único que mostró algo de basquet fue Conrradi. Los otros son lentos, sobre todo los altos, y no entienden demasiado el juego. Un equipo serbio de Liga Regional sub 15 les mete 200 a esto pibes. Pero la culpa es de los que los entrenan, no jodamos!!!

  • interested about Germany 🇩🇪 performance

  • Kurang off ball movementnya indonesia, kebanyakan iso jarang ada cut, screen, liat filipin bagus bgt off ball movementnya 5 pemain gerak semua jd enak ditonton, scoring jadi banyak opennya, indo main kaya waktu harden di rocket 1 orang aja yg main yg 4 nonton doang