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0:21Jennifer Lopez - Celebrating 20 Years of J.Lo
2:54Jennifer Lopez - In The Morning (Official Video)
3:06Jennifer Lopez | A Look at 2020
Jennifer Lopez | A Look at 2020Ogledi 410 tis.Pred 25 dnevi
0:16JLO BEAUTY Is Available Now!!!!
JLO BEAUTY Is Available Now!!!!Ogledi 132 tis.Pred 28 dnevi
2:48In The Morning | Jennifer Lopez | Official Audio
1:15Pa' Ti Challenge TikTok Dance Compilation
Pa' Ti Challenge TikTok Dance CompilationOgledi 682 tis.Pred 2 meseci
5:31Chatting w/ VP @Joe Biden and Dr. Biden
Chatting w/ VP @Joe Biden and Dr. BidenOgledi 77 tis.Pred 3 meseci
0:31Celebrating One Year of Promise!
Celebrating One Year of Promise!Ogledi 251 tis.Pred 3 meseci
DANCE TO DONATE!Ogledi 281 tis.Pred 4 meseci
5:5520th Anniversary of The Cell
20th Anniversary of The CellOgledi 310 tis.Pred 5 meseci
11:36Thank You #JLovers for the Birthday Love!
Thank You #JLovers for the Birthday Love!Ogledi 121 tis.Pred 6 meseci
8:55Class of 2020: The Year That Changed Everything
4:03On The 6 - 21st Anniversary Celebration
On The 6 - 21st Anniversary CelebrationOgledi 542 tis.Pred 8 meseci
4:24What You Didn't See During WORLD OF DANCE
What You Didn't See During WORLD OF DANCEOgledi 205 tis.Pred 8 meseci
11:48Dance Party with Alex and Diddy!
Dance Party with Alex and Diddy!Ogledi 361 tis.Pred 9 meseci
2:22JLo's Best Dance Moves
JLo's Best Dance MovesOgledi 731 tis.Pred 9 meseci
0:59Thanks A Million | Official Trailer | Quibi
Thanks A Million | Official Trailer | QuibiOgledi 219 tis.Pred 10 meseci
3:01✨Celebrating Selena 🌹
✨Celebrating Selena 🌹Ogledi 492 tis.Pred 10 meseci
1:39Happy Valentine's Day 2020
Happy Valentine's Day 2020Ogledi 368 tis.Pred 11 meseci
2:34Moments Before My Halftime Performance
11:30A Look Back at 2019
A Look Back at 2019Ogledi 798 tis.Pred letom
10:39iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina Performance
iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina PerformanceOgledi 379 tis.Pred letom
1:26My Projects | Hims & Hers
My Projects | Hims & HersOgledi 430 tis.Pred letom
1:51BTS | Saturday Night Live
BTS | Saturday Night LiveOgledi 110 tis.Pred letom
0:31My New Fragrance: Promise!
My New Fragrance: Promise!Ogledi 245 tis.Pred letom
2:03Hustlers | Surprising an NYC Tour Bus!
0:56Hustlers | Official Trailer 2
Hustlers | Official Trailer 2Ogledi 495 tis.Pred letom
6:24Another Birthday Surprise?!
Another Birthday Surprise?!Ogledi 348 tis.Pred letom
13:11A Day in My Life | My Birthday
A Day in My Life | My BirthdayOgledi 6 mio.Pred letom
9:13Hustlers | Q&A with Keke Palmer!
Hustlers | Q&A with Keke Palmer!Ogledi 516 tis.Pred letom
2:32Hustlers | Official Trailer 1
Hustlers | Official Trailer 1Ogledi 2,6 mio.Pred letom
4:07Celebrating 20 Years! On The 6
Celebrating 20 Years! On The 6Ogledi 173 tis.Pred letom
6:48Fashion Moments | My MET Gala 2019
Fashion Moments | My MET Gala 2019Ogledi 9 mio.Pred letom
5:33I REACT to Monster-In-Law
I REACT to Monster-In-LawOgledi 725 tis.Pred letom
9:23Twin Talk: AMA with Emme and Max
Twin Talk: AMA with Emme and MaxOgledi 8 mio.Pred letom
9:06Fashion Moments | The Versace Dress
Fashion Moments | The Versace DressOgledi 1,7 mio.Pred letom
0:36Limitless Official Music Video - Sneak Peek
4:59Learn To Be Limitless
Learn To Be LimitlessOgledi 242 tis.Pred 2 leti
2:29Second Act - Official Trailer
Second Act - Official TrailerOgledi 220 tis.Pred 2 leti
LIMITLESS - THE SECOND ACT ANTHEM - BTSOgledi 413 tis.Pred 2 leti


  • Him and chewing that gum geez

  • cancion que dura mucho tuimpo xd

  • Je viens de voir le film : vous êtes époustouflante ! Bravo !

  • After listening to Gaga, forget about JLo.

  • Loooooved this movie! ❤️❤️

  • I love how you gave props to QUEEN MADONNA! I wish more females (especially the one that rhymes with raga) would state very publicly how much of an influence she was, is and will always be for female (and some male) artists!

  • Matthew is still charming as shit 🤩😍

  • Can we have a part 2 and 3

  • THIS was wonderful🥰🥰🥰 oh I just love this!!! This was my movie and I really enjoyed them talking about it and seeing them was awesome. Man yall! I know she got new stuff out, but THIS, the old days was my jam. love love love this❤❤

  • U might have had covid girl

  • ageless so gorgeous.

  • #Sensenmann #SLnumber deleter

  • I will love for Jlo to make a movie like the border she did a few years ago suspense + a bit of horror . It went directly to 📀 in that time. But is sooooo GOOD. “THE BORDER”


  • Omg! Wedding Planner is one of my all time favorite movies...IMO..They don't show it enough on television...

  • Hi from ATLANTA ga.

  • She forgot a few verses there... wonder why...

  • You guys should make another movie together! Romantic comedy! I love it!


  • Трудолюбивая красотка!!!

  • Congrats jlo!! Keep up the hard work!!!🥰🥰

  • Miami loves you

  • Waiting for tonite...bye boy life

  • JLo ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Enserio ,la conversación es inglés y voy a poner el subtítulo, y es en inglés 🤔😔

  • Hi,Matthew so handsome,bello

  • Hola,desde Boston,thats one of my favorite movies from you,but enough is the best!!! Boriiicuaaa

  • Jlo really giving us the pop vibes i see this song in many upcoming romcom movies

  • Hi Jennifer gd am iam deng Aquino from macau

  • Good talk......😎😍

  • She’s still got it! She will always have it!!!! And him 😉👏👏👏👏 absolutely

  • They should do a part 2 wedding planner... How amazing would that be?

  • You two are such beautiful GODLY people. I love what you guys stand for and I am buying that book. I would love to share my book as well with you both. My book breaksdown the garden scene of the Bible to reveal that being GODS people was never about any religion but our relationships 1 to another and you 2 wonderful people fit the description perfectly. Thank you for all you do and I am looking forward to what you have next.

  • Let's see who listens to it at home?

  • Seeing this reunion with JLo and MM just made my day... ☺️ Matthew is seriously one of the most real, down to 🌎, present guys out there. Love him! Thx guys for making that now classic romcom together. Bless you both! 🥰🕊🙏🏻🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Oooph- I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched wedding planner and monster-in-law. Love the rom-coms 💕

  • So very proud of you 👏🏼 👏🏼👏🏼!

  • 🤩🤩🤩😎😎😎🥰🥰🥰

  • Was the "Let's get LOUUUUUD!" really necessary?

  • Felicitaciones!! Se te ve muy feliz, grandes triunfos para ti,lo haces increíble!! 💐👏⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🇪🇸

  • Hi! Jennifer , 20 years ago from wedding planner movie! Yes your same so is Matthew too!! Saw on tv channel. Yes! Hi! Too WOW! Awesome! GREAT!! Best to both of you Susan P from Tucson Arizona USA. A fan of both😁🌵🎵🎶🌅⛄

  • Feeling grateful for receiving this rare treat from this two beautiful people who knows how to give love to everybody during this challenging time. Thank you Matthew and Jlo.

  • Ahhh you guys are so cute!!



  • 😭🥰😍❤️🙏💕😚😊 so beautiful 🤩😭 she’s so beautiful y’all beautiful!!!

  • "We put together I think the most extensive inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics" 'Joe Biden'

  • Brooo I literally watched the wedding planner yesterday! It's one of my favorite movies 🤍

  • Hello!! Jlo I'm Lhiak from Oxford City, UK in England i wish you all the on the 20th Anu of The Wedding Planner and on the Album..

  • Awesome #MatthewMcConaughey 😍😍😍!

  • Hi Jennifer from Delaware. Loved this movie so much. I was 8 years old when this came out. One of my favorite romantic comedies ever.

  • This is like putting Ariana grande, lady Gaga, and kim kardashian in 1 shoot

  • Oh so that’s why she had a cage on her head during NYE in New York... I was so confused

  • Congratulations on another milestone 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🥂🥂🥂🥰🥰🥰!!!

  • Hi beautiful!

  • I am drink Brazil and I Love foi perfumes, my favourites. Kisses

  • JLo... Facts... She is inside and out indeed 🌟 glowing. Never aging .

  • roasting s'mores, the intimacy of that scene, beautiful!

  • My moms favorite actress is you. She loves the movie monster mother in law omg what craziness in that movie but my moms favorite is you anything Jennifer Lopez. Moms now in her mid 70's but young as ever, I mean her memory is better then many younger people. Moms happy to see this video.

  • who cares about 20 yrs Anniversary of that stupid movie! get a grip Jennifer lopez!

  • It would be nice for a sequel of the Wedding Planner or a second movie with Matthew and Jennifer.

  • guapo ese maluma 🥰

  • 🥰🥰🥰

  • Love it

  • Hi from Michigan

  • Hi, Jennifer from Montreal ,Canada 😍

  • She looks so beautiful and natural. I swear she doesn’t age.

  • To hear you say that you had to ask your son to give you just two mins to work makes me feel so much better about my life

  • Very beautiful

  • Like si la escuchas en 2021

  • Jlo number 1💯

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  • This <3

  • I loved the entire movie!! Love you both so much!