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There's strong, and then there's Army Strong! There's smooth, and then there's Chris Smoove!


2:26Lakers Get Marc Gasol! 2020 NBA Free Agency
2:22Clippers Get Serge Ibaka! 2020 NBA Free Agency
2:41Anthony Edwards 1st Pick 2020 NBA Draft!
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3:3076ers Want James Harden! 2020 NBA Free Agency
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1:32NBA 2K21 PS5 Kobe Bryant #24 Screenshot!
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2:3076ers Hire Doc Rivers as Head Coach! 2020
3:49Doc Rivers Out As Clippers Head Coach! 2020 NBA
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  • I’ve been a fan for a while

  • I hope the lakers Sign D-Rose

  • Wow

  • Who else tho that was Kobe for a second or am I just trippin

  • Binge watching

  • God damn you mitch!

  • GOD bless🙏🏾💕💕🤍

  • Omfg... 😴 12:25..RIP. But l saw it coming.. Should have tried to cut the ropes on jin but he'd probably be too slow.

  • What is ur shot and build?

  • Nice ☺️ ❤️&✌️

  • Even since Whiteside got that 100mil for 4 years he hasn't really been a factor in games.

  • Lmao luol deng is a THEIF

  • Finally the NBA didn’t unfairly worship the Lakers

  • The NBA can denied us the Salary cap space but they not going denied us repeating lol

  • If its such a problem why dont lebron pay luel deng

  • Imagine the rockets actually getting whiteside... From no center to 2 centers lol

  • Whiteside returning to the kings

  • turn up for smoove b day!!

  • Who da fuq is Jonathan lol

  • Luol Deng sitting on the couch Also Luol Deng: oh wow I’m getting my next paycheck

  • Lonzo request trade unfair to you

  • Lakers already tryna cheese to beat the heat

  • Celtics should have gotten Whiteside 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • 🖤

  • They know that wasn't no 'tea' they were drinking 🤣🙄

  • he was dam neer def player of the yr and portlant aint wantem bacc they chose kanter over him so that sez alot. 🤷🏽‍♂️💯

  • ..... Jonathan Mitchell

  • Luol deng’s agent is the biggest finesser of all time😂😂

  • I remember when Whiteside was having triple doubles with blocks.

  • They shouldn’t of ever signed him to that ridiculous deal. Dude wasn’t nearly worth that shit

  • Can they beat the Celtics 2018 Can they beat the raptors 2019 Can they beat the heat 2020 Can they beat anyone 2021 Answer to all of the above NO they can’t

  • Last time he got a long term contract he stopped playing well so I’m guessing the shorter contract is to make sure he plays well

  • Wasn’t Vlad a Killer

  • What was the Injury ?

  • Lmao lou goat

  • Shot meter looks way better

  • Me: About to do my homework since the due is around the corner. Smoove: What a noob move!

  • Deng’s contract is 4 years why are they going to pay him another 5 million next year?

  • Does anyone know what his jumper is? Its to SMOOVE

  • Whiteside sucks it’s not surprising he only got a 1 year deal

  • All these great games and we cant make the games say the name you enter 🤣

  • Bruh I wonder who be buying those smooth hats or beast shirts? Anyone ever seen someone wearing one those?

  • Thank you NBA, finally LeGM can't cheese the off-season

  • Splash bros+ snake + bad bois

  • Send Whiteside to the Spurs!

  • Why would Whiteside go to the Rockets when they have Wood and Boogie 🤦🏾‍♂️ I’m convinced Smoove doesn’t know basketball

  • The Rockets has Christian Wood so why another Center we would have to overpay for

  • Adam: cmoooooon cuhhhhh

  • isiah thomas to bulls please

  • Luol Deng > LeBron

  • Idk why the league refused!!.. I thought they are babysitting Lebron!! 😂

  • ingram garbage

  • Imagine talking about paying players millions of dollars in the middle of a pandemic where the govt failed to come up with a stimulus plan 😗

  • I remember dubbing with AI dropping 64 on Vlad

  • Normal people: wake up using Coffee Me: Watches Chris smoove

  • Yo happy thanksgiving eat up everybody

  • The smoove hat is now available

  • First Three!

  • lakers are the type of team to sign giannis using 5 million dollars

  • Beverly is a Relentless,Great Defender

  • Rockets have Christian woods

  • *Smoove is the best point guard!*

  • Hawks easily can make the 7th seed they got a slight squad.

  • Everyone: Smoove: OH I DROPPED ‘EM

  • LEGM

  • Happy Thanksgiving

  • 01:00 Smoove had the opportunity to say salary cap cap. That's some cheese

  • 1:59 Kuzma trying to hold a baby

  • HW value went down when he got traded from Miami because of his attidude... sucks to suck HW

  • Whiteside is inflated stats thats why

  • mass getting the freak

  • Lol Deng was an absolute beast on the bulls

  • Happy Thanksgiving Chris Smoove!!!

  • salary cap chesseeee !! :D

  • When Whiteside was on Miami there would be nights when he looked almost dominant. These nights were few and far between mostly due to a lack of effort from Hassan. I was glad to see him go. That's my guess as to why he only got a 1 year deal. Don't give him another bag to sit on for 3 or 4 years. Now he has to show his value if he ever wants another favorable contract.

  • Lmfao wow the NBA some haters

  • Trae and Bogdan without a doubt the best duo in the league right now!


  • Jennie should *SLAP* her brother 5 MILLION TIMES.

  • I just dont see why someone would give dang that much money on steam team of scrubs 🤦🏽‍♂️