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3:16Joe Burrow's injury timeline | Get Up
Joe Burrow's injury timeline | Get UpOgledi 35 tis.Pred 4 dnevi


  • Same could be said for the Lions

  • This pos is so stupid .

  • I have just eaten 1 hot dog in my whole life and he Leave it

  • Dallas or San Fransisco

  • If he was the most unguardable he would have won a championship in OKC

  • You guys think it’s bad now this virus is getting worse.....other NFL teams is going to suffer the same fate over the next few weeks.

  • Stockton has the record for both steals and assists by a mile too

  • Let's not forget how LeBron got AD to force a trade/break his contract to come to LA. No AD - No championship! LeBron cried like a baby until he got his new toy. Like they say, the squeaky wheel gets the oil and the grease.

  • Doesn’t look like it!

  • You have just got to like the new Mike, even though we liked the old Mike, you can tell he is a lot happier.

  • Ravens not playoffs NFL RATING GO DROP

  • Jamal dunk was called an offensive foul? Really? Don't agree with RJ often but he has a point here

  • What happens when uve been hosting ‘The Four’ for too long..failed😂

  • "Trey Young and Bogdanovic may be the best scoring backcourt in basketball" Perk is off a perc looooooooool

  • I feel like we forget what the video is all about and roast the panels in the comment section. I think the Mavericks gonna be the second contender in the west behind the Lakers

  • Healthy Warriors definitely take a series with this Lakers team.

  • Stephen is a looser like Don lemon

  • Just checking in to see who hasn't been fired yet by ESPN.

  • I’m surprised there were no peaceful protests and looting after this fight.

  • Maybe they fired Jim because he could not win a playoff game.they needed someone to get them over the hump but as we all know the Lions screwed it up.


  • I truly hope the the Bucks fade away as a year goes on Brady starts declining as a year goes on everybody can shut up with his whole goat debate he was in a system in New England that allowed him to do all the things he was very good at in minimalize what he wasn't good at along with all the other infractions that Billy check was involved with as we know I'll give him the last super bowl against the Rams as a legit one only because the Rams cheated to get there just like they did but other than that the other five I just discount as the league given it to New England! Let's get it real a 43-year-old quarterback is never going to be able to carry a franchise throw the ball consistently down the field with accuracy the armistead going to start to go it'll be erratic one throw will be hard one there will be under he'll be all over the place you should have retired last year set off into the sunset and just be content with what he already accomplished this is just trying to show belichick that he was more responsible for the winning I think they were about 50/50 in their own ways some of the right reasons they won and some of the reasons that they should have never have had a dynasty but it was allowed so at this point doesn't really matter!

  • I am.sorry lady grow your hair...that look doesn't suit you ( i am assuming she doesn't have cancer)

  • SAS just stop saying of better then bron, its just not true

  • MJ overpaid to get a “star” to come to CHA. Hayward is not that guy.

  • Everyone: Westbrook has a massive contract no one is going to want to take on. NY Knicks: hold my beer.

  • 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • “I mean you’re not wrong but you didn’t have to say it”

  • Im not sleeping on the warriors, im just forgetting about them

  • Its not for the everyday football fan, it’s tradition for everyone. Y’all can sniff each others footBalls all season as you do. Leave our traditions alone.

  • Forfeit.

  • He loves Curry, SAS is def over exaggerating.

  • Draymond Green got exposed last season so bad

  • if lemelo Ball maked the league, below average players can

  • I’m from Detroit and I want to apologize To all you football fans all over the world because that was a embarrassment

  • Molly: What food should we ban on Thanksgiving? Max: You're wrong and here's why Damien: BANANA PUDDING IS INCREDIBLE

  • Ravens are done.

  • their opinions are influenced by race

  • stephen one day when the team becomes a super bowl team i can see him preying they lose the super bowl so he can say i told you some how some way they will find a way too foul up a good thing.

  • Take the mike away from all these fools

  • Floyd made it about himself first 10 seconds lol good thing he caught himself

  • I dont get SAS's argument here. He talks about how when the playoffs slow down and get physical it impedes Porzingis, then in the same breath says he expects PG to score 20+ in the playoffs. Porzingis scored 23.7 per game in the playoffs on 63.8% shooting (52.5% from 3) ALL of which is better than his regular season this year. PG scored 20 on 48% shooting, 39% from 3 All of which is worse than his regular season, not to mention the choke job he pulled when they really needed him. At this point Porzingis > PG in the playoffs, dont know how SAS can argue he was slowed down when he outperformed his season stats.

  • The next draft is crazy!!! Cunningham, Green ,And Boston.

  • Glen Rice and Dell Curry Charlotte ... Mullin and Richmond... Stockton and Hornacek???

  • waaaarrioorrrss

  • What a Great humble 💙

  • Espn garbage content. In terms of duo Steph and Klay there has never been a better duo ever. LeBron and AD have only one year and it was not all that great. Stop building LeBrons legacy. He will never be Jordan

  • No one idolises America lol we think your country is a complete mess and this is coming from someone in UK

  • The team who wins the supper bowl should play on thanksgiving v the redskins

  • Wonder how they feel having majority male coaches. That's all I gotta say

  • People are delusional if you think George Paul will help the Clippers in a ring.

  • Luka with Kristap fits better IMO. You got a scorer who can play off-ball and defense extremely well to pair with the best playmaker in the making who can also be an elite scorer. KD and Kyrie might be more talents on the paper. However, this duo will be sus on D, plus pure scorers don't add up on the same team.

  • Max is correct on this one. Kyrie not even in MVP conversations, not even once I think

  • This interview just seems like an SNL skit what a joke 😂

  • People are bitching about Jordan all the time, but there is no chance any player goes there or most of the "small" markets with the same money Lakers, Celtics etc give to players.

  • As an UNBIASED Raven's fan: Herbert or Allen HAD to be first... Then probably Kyler. Then Burrow. LITERALLY at least these 3/4 are interchangeable with one another imo. All above Lamar right now imo. I mean Burror is hurt now, but yeah. Only Kyler is swappable with Lamar for 5th best.

  • For shit’s sake, how long is it going to take for the Redskins to come up with a new name?! Do they have any idea how dumb this indecision makes them look?? They have known FOR DECADES this name-change was going to be forced upon them; you’d think they would have used the time wisely to come up with a new name to have at the ready, but no. That would have been too intelligent. Instead they have to run around looking as dumb as “the singer formerly known as Prince” for an entire season. I guess this proves money doesn’t make you smart.

  • and then he smashed

  • It's on the Ford Family! As long as they own the lions, were screwed.

  • The team that can't play should forfit the game with a loss

  • Bro montrez went missing in the Denver series he was no were to seen. But I actually like him on the lakers

  • Video starts at 1:54

  • Yeah let's get some other teams in there

  • Someone: Vegetables are healthy! Stephen A: You are wrong and here is why

  • Madden curse

  • LeBron the only player I know who can put up amazing numbers in the regular season and be first seed but have people focus on his loses. Win a chip but have people focus on his competition. Can't make good moves in free agency without people saying "he's getting to much help". Can't have teammates who average over 15 points cause"he's getting carried" saying LeBron would get crucified for choking a 3-1 lead is an understatement

  • Max: The Clippers got marginally better. Ibaka and Kennard: Am I a joke to you?

  • This is the classic example of when you tell a lie , you have to tell another lie . The media overrated steph curry , now yall have to act like he can actually be what yall said

  • SLnumber decides to put this in my recommended

  • I can’t wait to see how the Brooklyn nets blow up in everyone’s faces 🤣🤣🤣 two of the hardest people to work with both babies cry over everything, it’s never guna work hhaha


  • "I used to be a figher like you, but then I took some armor to the knee."

  • Fans have said this 100,000 times and have had endless conversation about this. 😂😂😂

  • Lamar Jackson really thought he could beat the Madden curse.


  • Bruh I wanna have molly for thanksgiving

  • Ravens ducking the Steelers. And I'm even supposed to be rooting for them


  • bros before throws.

  • Dennis Rodman is RIGHT! Dennis Rodman can take Green