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5:34What's going on with the Rockets? | The Jump


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  • I don’t get how people consider Lillard on Curry’s level. Curry has DOMINATED the head to head matchup especially in the playoffs. Not even close. Stephs numbers are insane against Portland in the playoffs.

  • The spooky salad ecologically twist because alarm supply attack at a hungry ashtray. obscene, malicious brick

  • Funny How Lebron says he is educated when ge keeps sayin retarded things

  • Yes guys curry made the three point line longer

  • Not to mention that his family been calling him that his whole life. No story here.

  • you media idiots are just that, idiots..

  • *How Steph extended the 3 point line & Dame copied him. There I fixed it for you.

  • Bird was an amazing player and no Luka does not compare not just yet.

  • Overrated 🤣 mans plays a few good games in the bubble now he’s getting all the hype cos he can shoot 3s🤣🤣🤣 why about this season hahahaa TRASH

  • false. steph curry extended the line and revolutionized this generation of basketball...not "dame dolla" 😂😂

  • CURRY started this trend only steph

  • He's not serious

  • The bias

  • Naw curry extended it and Dame just followed

  • Not mentioning Klay even though he was on pace to do so in 1 game and also scored 37 points in a quarter.

  • chills

  • The media just twists everything. Disgusting. Not everything is about race you imbeci*e. How can you judge a person when you didn't even know him till a couple of days ago. Shockingly disgusting journalism.

  • *How Steph expanded the 3 point line

  • Seeing steph splash those half court shots was crazy satisfying. Its nice seeing the mutual respect these guys have for each other aswell

  • Is fear the beard harden

  • This is curry legacy get your own Dame .

  • Lethality on Two Chairs......

  • I like Mike T but he is dead wrong on this one. Zach Wilson isn’t even the 2nd best quarterback in this draft. People forget Wilson only had one good season against subpar teams and is not proven. Jets should pass on Wilson.

  • 0:30 "20%" its like 10% smh

  • Yall can hate all u want but, rn Harden is the best player in the NBA.

  • LeBron James is the best at it

  • Shaq had no skill he was all power no finesse in his game

  • Did Max just call Bron an Ape!?

  • Why?...

  • As expected max is a 🤡

  • It was Curry first, Lilard followed his footsteps

  • 1st

  • P

  • Zion

  • Dame doesnt come close to Curry. Thats not a knock on Lillard, but a show of how much better Curry is than anybody in history.

  • How STEPHEN CURRY extended the 3 point line.

  • NO.

  • Least favorite TV personality award goes too....? Moll-e

  • stephen extended it should just be interviewing him tbh logo lillard nah bro logo curry

  • jokic?

  • SAS: fantasizing about JJ watt and chandler jones 👁👄👁

  • I’ve been saying for a long time they need to make the mid court line needs to be 5pts.

  • Of course, Larry Bird was way better!

  • I agree wit melo

  • Who's your favorite 3-point shooter?

  • As a thunder fan don’t we get the top 5 pick from the rockets?

  • When the Sixers blow them out in the playoffs, we need no excuses with sweet Durant and mental Kyrie not being there.

  • Best put together video I’ve seen in a while

  • Dame and Steph respect each other and so should we as the fans

  • Don’t need a dominate WR need a better scheme

  • Let it be known Dame himself considers Steph the best shooter of all time. In his own words, from his own mouth. Thank you.

  • I think you should be rewarded 4 points for the logo shot. It would make the game interesting!

  • Why are there no Trans players, coaches, or executives in the NBA?

    • These men are way too fast/strong for that lol

    • stfu

    • They’re supposed to get a job just because they’re trans?

    • Plus nobody cares that there aren’t any

    • if a girl tried playing in the nba they would average 0 points 0 rebounds and 0 assist.

  • yo eSpn fruds how bucks do they go on run hahahahhahaa stop talk basketball

  • The hate for harden so real the man checking power forwards at 6’5 for Houston but gets no respect for taking them to playoffs 8 straight years with no help really Eric Gordon been washed since clippers days this mane got ok tucker as his center and y’all mad with him 😂

  • Its Tim's for Stephen A to apologise to lonzo ball for calling him a bust first of all hes an amazing defender can guard players very well his shooting had increased significantly but yet I dont see no video talking about lonzo ball increase his game to another level tall just hate on him for his horrific jumpshot 3 years ago it's time to give his credit now

  • 😢😢😢we love u James...

  • Zlatan is getting my respect

  • NBA should consider half court shots 5 points 😁

    • That would literally break the game there would be no point

  • Uncle Drew...

  • Language matters. Larry is still alive, so Luca cannot be a reincarnation. Larry has championship experience, Luca does not. And their games are not similar! Luca is like Larry, but with extra skills?!?! C'mon, man...

  • he seems a little slow. Caller Said he could be like Zion. Zion is very quick. and is very explosive.

  • They're all Prima Donna's except Harden. Especially Durant, with the sniffles, now his leg hurt.

  • This whole situation is getting to much attention. The nuggets are a team that nobody will want to face in the playoffs. The mistake was embarrassing but its not the end of the world or this incident wont define the season!

  • Too many players hitting 3s, so they should actually extend the 3 point line by 2-3 feet. Only real shooters will be going off

    • What's gonna be left of the court😂

    • Curry and dame still making threes with ease

  • Lmao these comments are blessed 🙏🏿🤣💀

  • What kind of stupid topic is this? Zack is the only one that made sense here. It's literally both their names!!!

  • "CURRY STARTED IT" and then the "OTHERS" follow through.

    • @#popcornblast stats curry did it first and im not a bias

    • Sure we definitely agree 👎

    • But Lillard extended the RANGE. He made others do it from deeply

  • Bro it's time espn especially Stephen a Smith to apologise to lonzo ball because hes shooting percentage has increased his jumpshot has improved and not many players can do it hes an elite defender and you cant say he isnt and elite passer time to put more respect on Lonzo ball name and dont scr like u dont see his stats improving yet still hate on this man

  • Talking out of senseless terms, as per usual. Looking forward to when he hangs up his sneakers for good!

  • Best shooters of the 2010’s and so far 2020’s

    • Best shooters (klay and steph)

  • Steph curry is the guy if he plays Adam selfish as them to

  • I fw dame; super confident but humble as well 💯

  • Why doesn’t anyone bring up Yao Ming like he was 7ft plus with everything embiid got AND Yao was a better post player

  • 27 comments and 2 views

  • Stephen A isn't wrong, but he already conceded the point so raising his voice doesn't change anything.

  • Claim your here before curry wins 3 point contest ticket 👇

  • Okay dame you didn't pratice logo shots since college

    • We’re you there with him when he was in college? Did you practice with him on the court?

    • Are you his coach or something?