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2:29Space Jam: A New Legacy Trailer #2
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  • Oh yes her daughter.. Of course. What about all the mothers that died of the vaccination. And the children that don't have a mom anymore. This woman has no scruples.

  • 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Legolas is a true warrior Bada*s

  • Irina Run girl !!! RUUUUNNNN !

  • She was killed

  • How the fuck this girl went from Cristiano Ronaldo to Bradley cooper to Kanye west? Why celebrities with lots of money do not last???🤨

  • Thanks Kanye for keeping that old male stereotype alive....like when is the last time you even saw your kids?

  • i feel bad for erica and her having to deal with this publicly

  • A slap on the wrist or anything not too bad isnt a problem but beating a kid with a belt or anything extreme no thats abuse

  • Angelina is an actual witch.

  • There better be a motherfucking third season. Hulu better know what’s good for them and renew it for a third season. You cannot end where they ended on season 2. I refuse to accept it as any form of ending for the show. I need season 3 like now

  • His parents should be arrested for the most severe form of child abuse.

  • Who else would want to keep up with the kids.

  • It's called 'diplomacy'. What she means is: please don't call us, we'll see you when you get back to the UK, which is never.

  • So, KSI is the best fighter in the world? Technically? Idk


  • Imberestment

  • yes for sure they meant that,,if you will act better nobody will moved

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  • The free things she was missing...attention, time, affection, love.....just money isn't a fix...

  • oh Charles please electric cars are not cars and you should take jet and fly to see Lilli ..and stop talking here

  • We learned that if you offer a bribe of $10,000 you can stay. Alyssa couldn’t fight against that because he had more respect for himself. I wonder what Detox did with the $10,000 that he was offered by Alaska to let him stay on the show. We all heard the bribe including the producers and they were all for it. Alyssa should use this as a sign to understand that he is bigger and better for such a show that would allow this

  • I love u Fam 💗

  • Was Penelope the one that was knocked out by the car door?

  • Super

  • Its one of the best scenes ever.

  • Holy banana's how much plastic surgery has Courtney Cox had she looks like the bride of frakenstein

  • I want that prince Harry will be the future King of the United Kingdom

    • And I want a dozen yellow Porsches. Also not gonna happen.

  • I thought Addison Rae's mom lived there too.

  • It’s sad because Catherine has always been Harry’s sister

  • Bro what i voice i would came before she toch it

  • what no gummy bear chandelier?

  • My friend's silver and gold will perish and all the riches and glory of this world 🌎 will perish also but they that do the will of God will last forever. My friend don't live for the temporary pleasure of the world that fades like the grass and withers away but live for that which can last forever. Jesus said I have come so that you may have life in abundance and this is life that you believe on the Son of God who gave himself for your Sins and who also raised from the dead Jesus the Christ if you believe in him you will never be put to shame. My friend's Jesus lives and you can live as well this world is only a mirror to what life really is because TRUE Life is in the Hands of Christ Jesus. Repent and believe in the Gospel 1 Corinthians 15

  • I was very disappointed of what Lori laughlin did as far as getting her daughter or son or whichever she ever wanted was their ways of getting them into a university. Lori loughlin was better than that. Thousands and thousands of students including myself when I was one worked very hard to get to University and yet she took a cheap shot way of trying to get her daughter into a university. I thought she'd have more class than that. And only two months in prison was just a slap on the wrist. I lost all respect for the actress Lori Laughlin. What she did and her husband did just showed me that there are people in this world if they make millions and millions upon dollars can make them into people like that. Maybe others can forgive her and maybe watch her again the future if she ever has a chance of being an actress again but I wouldn't give her my time. I don't know who she thought she was or her husband thought he was but what they did was totally despicable. You only get rewarded when you work hard for something not bribing people to cheat on quizzes and tests and everything just to get their child into a university. She should've been sentenced to at least 5 years in prison and no early parole. There needs to be consequences for your actions whenever you pull something like that.

  • I'm really picky about my roles .... Cut to 15 years later 😂😂😂😂 she's so funny

  • Michael and Kate are global treasures.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • when Floyd hugged Pac around, they call it masterful. When Logan Paul did it to him, they flipped the script!

  • She literally talked at the exact same time he asked the question so what if she didn't hear him?

  • The fact that these stupid magazines still get published it’s ridiculous and they are the foundation that led to the crazy irrational and illogical people that now believe keys will stick to them because of vaccines.

  • Cute

  • It's crazy that north and Penelope are so close to the age Kylie and Kendall were when the show started. Mason is even older! Nuts

  • It wont last on hulu ,they made a mistake .its money .and kourtney married Scott you have false as will ,all this poor guy here is I want this and he knows he done enough this guy she with it's a joke I laugh ugly too. Khloe move on your man never going to change ever he will have a new girl before you put new sheets on your bed. And that my dear every day ,kim you last longer with west never trusted him there something about him not right out for the money for sure .just didnt care for him.chris is happy with her man I think those two should have a show .they travel and no to kids there on there own

  • how is Benji British 😳 I mean he is 101% American on the show... nailed the accent 🤩

  • Why is everyone choosing sides? They're both civil with each other and the split was amicable. Let Kanye be with whomever he wants. I'm glad he's away from the Kardashians lol.

  • The most adorable and loveable thing about Kim is that she doesn't want to be a parent who is only rich and provides money to kids she wants to be there for her kids when they need her most and she wants to give them affection she is really a good mom

  • My apologies, but why the hell should a new born human being be a piece offering and why does that fall on H&M?? It is a human life, a baby not a material possession used for bargaining. Like how entitled are some of you in this comment section to feel Harry, Meghan and their children need to do anything other than live their healthiest, happiest lives free of toxicity, lies and hate. It is border line grotesque the dedication so many put into pushing the negative, childish, hate filled, often racists propaganda toward Harry and his beautiful family just bcuz you are miserable. May be time for serious self reflection....all that energy spent being jealous and hateful toward Meghan could be used to spread positivity, focus on your own families and possibly finding your own purpose in life.

  • She’s real. That’s even better

  • I was so happy that Victor and Rahim were gonna have a platonic friendship because that's would have been amazing to see, but no they had to make another love triangle for the sake of drama when we already had 2 others... I'm a bit annoyed that they made the last few episodes just full of stupid cliches and so much unnecessary drama when the reast of the season, especially first 6 episodes were very well done

  • Jéssica biel mt linda kk💐🌚🥰✌✌💮🎆🌈🌇🔮😀❤

  • So basically after almost 10 years they realised they had nothing in common. I'm glad Kanye is free from this family.

  • It's the little things that counts

  • 1:41 I hope she's smashing that bodyguard behind the scenes hahah

  • They need let Dan be with his love, Charlette Richards.

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  • Kanye the Gemini and Irina the Capricorn? Not compatible but it can still work.

    • They have that kind of commonality even totally different types of people. It's a crazy combination tbh.

  • I loved Khloe & Lamar together❤️❤️❤️

  • boo hoo

  • She’s always so awkward!

    • She is. And she's become dangerously skinny ever since the whole William cheating scandal with Rose hanbury. But I digress. She can only say what she's allowed to say. She can't really be her true authentic self within that machine. That's just how the game goes

  • She has no clue how hard it will be to find someone that will accept her 4 kids like their own. She will come with a lot of baggage.

  • Am I the only one here from the future? she's not yet 24 but she already has a kid

  • Kanye is the THIRD husband Kim has had. NONE of these K women have lasting relationships with men.

  • I cried when Maze fake death. When Dan died. I screamed " No!"

  • Very happy for them , respected couple, I love them. This is the real deal, not some these so-called celebrities jumping from men to men with no respect to themselves

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  • How can people watch this staged crap

  • I'm happy for kanye evn tho thy say yu crazy bipolar people wth tht dsv happiness 2 thy didn't choose to b like tht so people need to stop nxa

  • These are the kind of people who think that England is a city.

  • Kylies face in this trailer is priceless 🤣 Girl looks feckin terrified.... ha ha 😂 I can't believe not 1 person has commented on it thru all these entertainment vids, is so obvious u can't NOT see it

  • Fuck them. Why do beautiful blonde girls always have to face such low level guys. Ugh Kanye looks like garbage

  • In America its supposed to be innocent until proven guilty but tbh sometimes a person can be found guilty but in reality they're innocent

  • "At the end of the day life is about being happy.." NO it is not about being happy Kim. Grow up.

  • Sweetheart, when you marry over status and wealth these things can happen!

  • daddy

  • Olive branch? It's a child ffs. Shows you how narcissist see people. Tokenism