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8:20Sounds from the Baseline - S3E4
Sounds from the Baseline - S3E4Ogledi 1,5 tis.Pred dnevom
45:062020 Mavs Tipoff - Entire Show!
2020 Mavs Tipoff - Entire Show!Ogledi 2,5 tis.Pred 6 dnevi
9:18Mavs Practice Report: Rick Carlisle (01/14/21)
9:54Sounds from the Baseline - S3E3
Sounds from the Baseline - S3E3Ogledi 6 tis.Pred 9 dnevi
6:09Mavs PostGame Interview: Trey Burke (01/09/21)
5:22Mavs PostGame Interview: Luka Doncic (01/07/21)
3:28Mavs PostGame Interview: Maxi Kleber (01/07/21)
9:00Mavs Practice Report: Rick Carlisle (01/06/21)
12:27Sounds from the Baseline - S3E2
Sounds from the Baseline - S3E2Ogledi 8 tis.Pred 15 dnevi
4:24Mavs PostGame Interview: Luka Doncic (01/04/21)
2:54Mavs Practice Report: Rick Carlisle (12/31/20)
4:23Mavs PostGame Interview: Luka Doncic (12/30/20)
4:08Mavs PostGame Interview: Rick Carlisle (12/30/20)
8:08Mavs Practice Report: Rick Carlisle (12/26/20)
3:49Mavs Postgame Interview: Trey Burke (12/25/20)


  • Sometimes you win, sometimes you lost

  • Listen, this team right here is going to be one of the greatest of all time. No doubt.

    • @Pravin Madavi Now it's obvious as they are giving much more attention to bench players that there will be bigger trust. Luka and KP will still be the show of mavs but now confidence of bench players is gonna go straight up. So any of bench players will have more confidence to shoot shots they would not take before.

    • @Pravin Madavi mavs suffered from covid protocol and played without 3 of their starters

    • I thing you smoke weed 😁😁😁 . Raptor played bullie game against mavs🤣🤣🤣

  • You hear that? You need to come to Croatia for the summer! It's perfect

  • 2:25 refere celebrate also aahahahahha

  • Really enjoy theses !

  • I demand more maxi

  • Hoping that maxi said that "it's a make or miss league" on his 3 against the denver 😁😁

  • good job hosting in this video.

  • Nothing against Boban, however why the hell they promote that much the Luka-Boban combo? instead of promoting the KP-Luka duo? who are the Mavs faces and leaders...they're not giving KP the respect he deserves

  • Yessir


  • Championship team. #mffl

  • i swear to god if we lose tommrow vs pacers

    • They're in a tough stretch of the schedule and missing 4 of their best guys, it's not that big a deal if they lose. Plus the Pacers are a good team this year. Everyone overreacting early in the season needs to calm down

  • bobiiiii🥺🥺

  • Imma be Pissed if Luka Doncic gets traded I gotta feeling that he won't play for the Mavericks

  • The first two, by definition, are not buzzer beaters. I don't know who runs this channel but that was an elementary mistake.

  • Miss Kobe.. Can't believe he is gone

  • This team needs their roster back,but long term this team also needs another reliable shot creator next to Luka.

    • @bobby smurda Unrealistic addition. Jokić gonna be in Denver for a long,looong time.

    • Jokic?

  • Unicorn is back

  • I just hope the coaching team finally finds a way to get the best out of Kristaps. Talenwise he should guarantee you at least 25-30 points each night. If you find a way to make him defensively better / at his best, he is fantastic.

  • I would have JB starting from the bench, so he could lead the bench mob in the Toronto game. I think he is wasted besides Luka, because Doncic demands the ball most of the time. But that is just me. I remember last season when coach placed JJ Barea besides Luka in the starting line up and it was a waste too. And it was one of the few moments JJ saw any minutes at all. It seemed really unfair to me and misplaced for me.

  • Luka esta muy solo, hace falta un anotador, algún jugador como Zach Lavine tal vez, para el resto de los equipos es predecible la ofensiva de los Mavs, Toronto demostró que presionando con defensiva a Luka le quitan mucho juego a Dallas. Y si Luka carga con toda la ofensiva ya para el último cuarto y los minutos finales estara muy cansado.

  • Top 5player of his generation. 1. Duncan 2. Kobe 3. Nowitskzi 4. Lebron 5. Prime wade

  • Kp should score 25 agame in his sleep with his talent and size he's got get easy shots to many threes and he's needs more dunks

    • Without a doubt he need to be apart of the offense more in a week or two they should move him to the 5 permenatly

  • Ser gut

  • Uhhh maaan if we had the defensive players rn than we would be happy and luka and the other’s would be happy 😞

  • morat

  • THJ was playing injured n u could tell. KP was the only bright spark this game and im glad he is getting back to his best after a few tough games. Need the 4 guys out back & quickly. Luka & KP can score 30-40 each n they still won't win without the others contribution on both sides

  • Let’s relaaax guys, we’re gonna get on a streak we just gotta have our full roster back, get people back in rhythm and we’re good, just be patient

    • I hope your right but there’s more chance that our players have to quarantine again then the chance that they won’t

    • Ok so if we be patient the guys come back then Luka gets covid we’re just digging our self into a deeper hole Luka entered the season not ready which made us lose some games we shouldn’t have now all our guys are out and it won’t be the last time

  • What If he did his dad cross ?

  • Mvp no doubt

  • What was that elbow Luka ? so dissapointed by his dirty play

  • WCS has been TRASH. The dude is only good for lob dunks, and he still manages to mess those up. He also fouls every time he doesn't just let his defender blow by him.

  • I think Tyrell Terry should take the backup PG for now. He dribbles between double teams like a ghost. He has another gear he can go to, unlike J. Green and Iwundu. They both play full-speed the whole time. Give Terry some consistent minutes and his main weapon, the 3, will hit. Also, I might play Johnson at SF so you can let Bey in the game as well. Speaking of bigs, bring Freddie Gillespie back, if possible. Need girth. NBA no-name bigs are coming at the rim like they're launched out of a cannon. How does that happen? Why? Stop it before it happens. Mavs are more reactionary in D, with their best defenders out. Stop reacting soo much and initiate some defensive posturing. This way, they are reacting to you instead. Guess early. It might be wrong, but guess nevertheless. GoMavs!

    • facts he can literally be developed as a sharpshooter, his ceiling is steph but that might be best case scenario 1% chance, if we can develop him into another seth curry then we're good. he was projected to be the 8th pick by some sources. we also havent even been playing tyler bey, who won dpoy in college last year. josh green is simply too raw offensively and not confident in taking shots, which is normal for a rookie and i expect him to take a small jump sophomore year

  • Slowcic

  • Fat

  • Him and green stink

  • if dirk would start his career this year, he would be even better. He really changed the game

  • dudeee Dirk in the thumbnail looks like he's angry

  • Trade LUKA FOR STEPH CURRY watch the difference!!!


  • Physical yall just weak!!!!


    • @DocRaunchy nope Im Here to stay buddy

    • Can we give you away for free or a bag of bad apples?



  • SuperDirk

  • Bad game😭

  • Raptors are champs no cake walk here on to the next!

  • Raptors are legit they only lose when the refs fukem!

  • I wish announcers would stop using the word unselfish when making the right pass. Doesn’t the player want to win? Then that’s the selfish play. Unselfish would be handing the ball to the other team.

  • It s not big that Tim is back if he missed all his shots and wtf is Johnson doing he is just getting stupid turnovers

  • Burke and THJ are playing like trash and we can t win because of that

  • Lol he is more poplular in US than here in Latvia

  • Maverick was the worst performance today!

  • This is the worst performance today! Maverick & Lakers are the worst performance today!

  • I think Maverick was the worst performance today!

  • The mavs getting out played out hustle .

  • Its OK. Win next game💪

  • Just win the game

  • Some day Luka will make 77 pts 20ast 12 Rb. Mark that.

  • Win next game💪

  • Kp your my role model i wouldn't ever tell anyone. The best way to improve yourself your social skills are to talk and talk alot but being always honest.

  • Have yall seen the movie 4 Brothers, thats who we are Now!!

  • As a group baby!! As Brothers!!

  • So inconsistent thou😂 hey balkanic bums what you gonna do about that

  • His burst of speed of the hesitation is unreal. So nasty

  • Porzingis need help!

    • @Jacob Price Exactly. Although that's cap, I've always viewed KP and Luka as somewhat equal. So it hurts to my soul that people say Luka needs help. We don't know anything yet, but maybe Luka will be a James Harden,who is putting up stats but not getting anywhere despite the elite level teammates. We'll see, but I'm glad that people are appreciating KP.

    • @Gabriel Albuquerque doncic played like crap last night though

    • @BTC 1 for real I’m so tired of people saying doncic needs help. KP is literally a top tier player and he’s really underrated everybody sleeps on how amazing he is

    • @Gabriel Albuquerque yeah he needs help to lose some weight lol

    • Doncic Need Help!!

  • Once we get the team back hopefully we can start another streak. Until then with guys we have it looks grim. Especially aganist a monster pacers team coming up next.

  • Why you elbow Stanley Johnson?

    • @Darryl Davis it’s not a foul to hard to opponents closely. It’s not a foul to eliminate space from your opponent. As long as you give him space to land when he shoots. Covering your defender and bodying him isn’t a foul, if it is, then the nba has gotten too soft.

    • cause he was right up on him and that's a foul

  • Kp coming back into his form fast. Good game for him

  • Rough stretch, Luka needs people to step up ASAP

  • Get this man some help

  • Keep fighting Mavs!

  • If he hits the 3 like that he's completely unstoppable!!!

  • Something is up with this mavs team.. idk If it’s defensive IQ or what but goodness, we’re playing terrible as of late

    • When have they even had a full roster all year? I swear most of our important players have missed at least 1 game

    • @jakep1979 no cause they were playing like this even when we had a full roster

    • Maybe its cause they were missing like 5 players?!

  • It's pretty clear something's wrong we needa get more weapons

    • the whole teams out

  • No Comment Molo4ix 🥶😱🌎🎥👍😎

  • Let’s go easy win boys

  • I'm not a fire rick guy like a lot of mavs fans are, but this game was on you rick. How you gonna lose your cool in the first quarter and let the guys play without a coach in a must win game. Cmon now. You have to be there to coach and motivate them even if it's Luka and KP plus the 3rd stringers.

    • They still lost with or with Rick period not blaming Rick on this lost

  • trade THJ !

    • Over reaction, he played terrible tonight but we are missing a lot of guys and he was sporting an injury. Give him time, he’s a great third.